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the extent of the diversification of the   lated  industries which  require clients   tel in San Diego, California.
         SP  range,  which  now  serves  so  many   meet stringent  regulatory require-  “Jennifer has contributed countless
         niche industries and applications, but   ments. Whether it is meeting require-  hours to educating others about using
         all our innovation and expansion stems   ments  for  FDA,  EPA,  or  projects  in-  cold-formed steel in building construc-
         from the same core set of values and   volving  hazardous  locations,  Huffman   tion through her work at CFSEI,” said
         Kizzie has already shown  a great ap-  Engineering builds robust reliable au-  Maribeth Rizzuto, LEED AP – BD+C,
         titude to that culture  so the learning   tomation systems.           managing director of the Cold-Formed
         curve will be that much smoother.”   For  more information,  visit huff-  Steel Engineers Institute. “She has
                                                          taken  on  everything we offer, from
         Huffman Engineering Hires                                             presenting webinars to leading CFSEI
         Mechanical Engineer, Nick          CFSEI Names Recipient              Expo sessions to leading the Florida
         Hein, for Colorado Office          of the 2018 CFSEI John             chapter to being president of our Na-
         Nebraska-based Huffman             P. Matsen Award for                tional Executive Committee. Her tre-
         Engineering, Inc., hires Nick Hein   Distinguished Service            mendous  efforts  have  advanced  the
         to support growing demand for        The  Cold-Formed  Steel  Engineers   use of cold-formed steel framing in
         the company’s control systems      Institute (CFSEI) has named Jen-   the  marketplace.  Jennifer  is  valued
         integration and engineering services  nifer  Zabik,  P.E.,  S.E.,  president  of   and respected by her peers at CFSEI,
           Huffman Engineering, Inc., a leader   Zabik-Turner Engineering, LLC as   and we are honored to present her
         in control systems integration with   the recipient of the 2018 CFSEI John   with our highest award for individual
         offices in Nebraska and Colorado, to-  P. Matsen Award for Distinguished   achievement.”
         day  announced  the  recent  hiring  of   Service. The award recognizes the sig-  Jennifer Zabik, P.E., S.E. oversees all
         Mechanical Engineer Nick Hein. Hein   nificant contributions of an individual   engineering and drafting for the design
         will  join  the  company’s  Colorado  en-  who has volunteered time, talent and   of structural  engineering  projects  for
                                            resources to the cold-formed steel in-  Zabik-Turner Engineering, LLC. She is
                                            dustry. It was renamed in 2016 to   based in Winter Garden, Florida and is
                                            honor John P. Matsen, P.E., founder   licensed in multiple states and Puerto
                                            and principal of Matsen Ford Design   Rico. She has served in multiple lead-
                                            Associates  in  Waukesha,  Wisconsin,   ership positions with CFSEI, including
                                            who passed away in June 2015. Jen-  membership  on  the  Florida  Chapter’s
                                            nifer Zabik was recognized during the   Board of  Directors  from 2009-2013
                                            2018 CFSEI Expo held May 15-16 at   and  as  its  president  from  2010-2011,
                                            the Wyndham San Diego Bayside Ho-                  continued on next page

                      Nick Hein
         gineering  team  to  support  the  devel-
         opment and execution of turnkey au-
         tomation  projects  for  manufacturing
         and utility customers.
           Hein  graduated  from  the  Univer-
         sity  of  Wyoming in  May  2017 with
         a Bachelor of Science  in Mechanical
         Engineering  where  he  was  a member
         of Tau Beta Pi National Engineering
         Honor  Society  and  graduated  with
         honors.  He  passed  the  Fundamentals
         of Engineering Exam  (FE) and holds
         his  Engineer-In-Training  certification
         (EIT) in Colorado. Prior to joining Huff-
         man  Engineering,  Inc.,  Hein  worked
         at Gilbane Federal: Fuels Division in
         Denver, Colorado as a Mechanical En-
         gineering intern.
           Huffman Engineering has a 30-year
         history of delivering large-scale system   Jennifer Zabik, P.E., S.E. of Zabik-Turner Engineering, LLC received the 2018 CFSEI John P. Matsen
         integration projects for highly regu-  Award for Distinguished Service. Photo by CFSEI.
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