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further apparent only upon visiting the
                                                                               headquarters and meeting more repre-
                                                                               sentatives was the team spirit and pas-
                                                                               sion behind the operation. It’s a people
                                                                               centric environment and everyone was
                                                                               happy  to be in the workplace,  which
                                                                               was refreshing.”
                                                                                 He added: “It was also clearer how the
                                                                               ownership and management structure
                                                                               at the business allows SP to respond
                                                                               to trends and industry demand. Where
                                                                               product enhancement is concerned, it is
                                                                               advantageous to have a culture where
                                                                               game-changing innovations can be
                                                                               brought to market in a timely fashion.”
                                                                                 A consequence of this is SP’s increas-
                                                                               ingly diverse range of equipment that
                                                                               Milne is enthused about representing
                                                                               in his market. He pointed to the newly
                                                                               launched Wireless Linear Displacement
                                                                               Transducer (WLDT),  which accurately
                                Ross Moloney and Paul Fulcher                  measures displacement or movement;
                                                                               and the Clamp On Line Tensionmeter
         pleased to be working alongside a tal-  newables,  construction,  break bulk,   (or COLT), used for measuring tension
         ented, united and strong Board of Di-  shipping, marine and other industries.  on static lines, as two examples.
         rectors,  also to be working  with Ross   David Ayling, Director at  SP, said:   Milne added: “I was impressed by SP’s
         in his new role as CEO of LEEA. Ross   “Upon hearing of Kyle’s availability, I   in-house manufacturing and machining
         brings a wealth of experience in skills   was keen to explore the possibility of   capability to which these innovations
         development,  senior leadership and   him leading our endeavours to raise   can be attributed. We can deliver cus-
         employer representation.”          our  profile,  and  market  share,  in  the   tom solutions, like load pins, on a tight
           The Board has been hugely impressed   important Aberdeen marketplace. I   deadline. I am confident that I can le-
         by Ross’ strategic approach and com-  was already familiar with Kyle, having   verage existing expertise on force mea-
         mitment  to supporting our members.   spent time with him at numerous busi-  surement  technology  to  successfully
         We look forward to working with him   ness  events over the years, and have   promote the full range of SP products.”
         in championing the role of LEEA over   been a long-time admirer of his passion   Warming market conditions in Aber-
         the coming years.”                 for his customers and this industry. He   deen also encourages Milne. He said:
           Dr.  Moloney  said,  “I  am  honored  to   was receptive to my approach and we’re   “We  can  forget  about  the  oil  price  re-
         be leading LEEA into its next phase of   both equally excited about the mutual   turning to $100-a-barrel any time soon,
         growth and excited to be working with   opportunity that’s presented itself.”  but  we’re  seeing  all  the  indicators  of
         the Board and the Association’s dedicat-  Milne said: “I have been well aware   improving conditions, including ma-
         ed staff. I look forward to meeting our   of  the  SP  range  for  a long  time and   jor projects coming online, redundancy
                                            know the products to be well renowned   rates slowing and businesses recruiting.
         valued members over the coming weeks
         and months.”                       in industry. However,  what became   Next year looks altogether brighter.” n
           LEEA  is also pleased  to announce
         the  appointment of  board member
         Kat Moss, from Catena  Inspection as
         Chairperson of the Association’s Learn-
         ing and Development Committee. Kat
         has been a Board member for 2 years
         and will add invaluable experience and
         guidance to the ongoing L&D strategy
         delivered to our members.
         SP Names Scotland-Based
         Technical Sales Engineer
           Straightpoint (SP) has recruited load
         cell expert Kyle Milne from Scotload;
         he  joins  as  technical  sales  engineer
         based in  Aberdeen, Scotland.  Milne
         brings a wealth of relevant experience,
         having joined the lifting industry as an
         apprentice almost a decade ago.
           Milne,  who started his new role in
         December, will be responsible for sell-
         ing SP’s extensive range of equipment   David Ayling, director at SP (left), welcomes Kyle Milne, who joins as technical sales engineer
         to professionals in the oil and gas, re-  based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
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