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Sims Crane Appoints Bill
         Titus General Manager for
         West Palm Beach Office
           Sims Crane, Florida’s premier crane
         rental and rigging service company,
         has named Bill Titus General Manager
         of the West Palm Beach location. Ti-
         tus, a 28-year crane-industry veteran,
         brings  extensive  management experi-
         ence and knowledge of lifting and mov-
         ing solutions to the Sims team.
           A native of West Palm Beach, Titus’
         experience in cranes, rigging and heavy
         haul trucking began in 1988 with Gen-
         eral Crane in Pompano Beach. After
         that he joined Hunter Crane Merchant
         Transport  &  Rigging  in  West  Palm
         Beach where  he  moved up the ranks
         to his most recent position of field su-
         pervisor. Titus is skilled in administra-
         tive/management, contracts,  compli-
         ance, customer relations, training and
         transportation logistics.
           Opened in 2014, Sims Crane’s West
         Palm Beach branch  is  located at 363
         Tall  Pines  Road and comprises  ap-
         proximately 2,000 square feet of office   David Ayling, director at Straightpoint, welcomes Kizzie Cordwell to the company.
         space, with an additional 4,000 square
         feet of  workshop space.  The  property  Straightpoint Names New      with overseeing workshop workloads
         boasts more than three acres of park-  Inside Salesperson             and was the designated person  for
         ing,  with  room  to  lease  an  additional   Straightpoint (SP) has appointed   troubleshooting in a number of depart-
         five acres as growth demands.      Kizzie Cordwell to the role of inside   ments. In a multifaceted role, she also
           “I have always been impressed with   sales, as the load cell manufacturer   oversaw production of marketing mate-
         Sims  and  knew  this  general  manager   continues to grow its team at Havant   rials, media releases, and managed so-
         position would be a great opportunity   headquarters in the UK.       cial media. It is a diverse skillset she’s
         for me,” said Titus. “Sims runs a pro-  Cordwell brings a wealth of experi-  looking forward to leveraging at SP.
                                            ence to the position, having previously   She  explained:  “Essentially,  my
                                            worked in sales and customer service   new role involves working with cus-
                                            roles.  Most recently, she  worked in   tomers, primarily on the telephone
                                            the  construction  sector  selling  heavy-  and over email, to generate quotes
                                            duty machinery such  as diggers and   and maximise the sales of the busi-
                                            wheeled loaders.                   ness.  However,  I  am  confident  that
                                              Cordwell said: “The position was rec-  the position will diversify over time
                                            ommended to me by a current employee   and there will be great opportunities
                                            at the company, so I was aware of the   for career development. In my early
                                            ethos of the business, which seemed to   days  here  I’ve  detected  a  relaxed
                                            fit well with my own approach to work-  culture where staff are encouraged
                                            ing practices and ambitions. I enjoyed   to express themselves and put their
                                            my previous role but the timing of the   ideas forward for discussion.”
                                            opening at SP was good and I’m excited   Cordwell continued: “SP is a growing
                                            to be given the opportunity.”      business but it’s clear they haven’t lost
                                              David Ayling, Director at Straight-  that all-important personal touch and
                                            point, said: “As I’ve said before, we al-  they clearly  care  about their  custom-
                                            ways look for certain DNA traits when   ers. It’s evident already that David and
                                            searching for personnel to join our team.   the team work hard to preserve a sup-
                       Bill Titus           We had 18 strong applications for the   portive culture and everyone has been
         active operation, keeping pace with in-  recently vacated position and Kizzie   very  welcoming.  I’m  picking  up  the
         dustry standards and always focusing   was  the  standout  candidate;  we’re  all   systems and am gradually learning the
         on safety. I am excited to join the team   excited about working with her in the   vast array of products we can provide.
         and serve my many long-standing cus-  immediate and long-term future.”  Of  course  the task of learning  them
         tomers in West Palm Beach.”          In her previous position, in addition   all is slightly daunting but I intend to
           For more information visit their web-  to the aforementioned core areas of re-  tackle that challenge head-on.”
         site at         sponsibility, Cordwell was also charged   Ayling concluded: “It’s easy to forget

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