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Chant Engineering                  and our Calibration team. Chant now
         welcomes Nick Bruck as             has the largest service and calibration
         Service Manager                    team in the marketplace for testing
           Chant Engineering Co. Inc. is excit-  machinery.
         ed to welcome Nick Bruck. Bruck will   Chant  has  also  introduced  a  new
         lead Chant Engineering’s  Calibration   remote  service  option  using  “Team
         and Service Department as its Service   Viewer”. This feature will allow Chant
         Manager. Bruck brings twenty+ years   service technicians to remotely connect
         of experience from Siemens where  he   to our customer’s system and diagnose
         started a Service Department from the   potential issues as well as provide tech-
         ground up and turned it into a $20M   nical support for service, training, and
         profit center. He will be based in New   upgrades.  This  “Exclusive  Service”  is
         Britain, Pennsylvania at Chant head-  only offered by Chant at this time.
         quarters. Nick enjoys fishing and rid-  Sharon Mathis who previously led
         ing motorcycles in his spare time.   the Calibration team at Chant, has
           “We  are  excited  to  have  Nick  join   moved into a new role of Customer Re-
         Chant’s team. His expertise will help   lations Manager. Mathis will be work-
         us build a full-service Calibration and   ing directly with customers traveling to
                                            their sites to help Chant better under-
                                            stand their needs.                            Jeff Campbell

                                            Apex Tool Group names              American Hand Tools  product lines,
                                                                               such as GEARWRENCH®, Crescent®,
                                            Jeff Campbell VP, Sales and        Lufkin®, and Wiss®.
                                            Channel Marketing, North             Campbell reports  to  John  Constan-
                                            American Hand Tools                tine, SVP and President, North Ameri-
                                              It was announced that Jeff Campbell   can Hand Tools. “We are very pleased
                                            recently joined Apex Tool Group (ATG)   to welcome Jeff to the ATG team,” said
                                            as VP, Sales and Channel Marketing,   Constantine.  “He  brings  a  wealth  of
                                            North American Hand Tools. He is re-  experience to this key role.  We look
                                            sponsible for sales and channel  mar-  forward to Jeff’s continued success  in
                                            keting efforts in ATG’s Industrial, Con-  building  brands  and helping  our  cus-
                                            struction, and Automotive distribution   tomers win.”
                                            channels which  include all North    Most recently with Werner Co., Jeff

                                               The Lift-It family mourns the loss of Edna May Quintero

                                                Edna was born July 5, 1927 in East
                                              Los Angeles, CA and married the
         Nick Bruck (L), Chant’s new Service Manager   love of her life, Peter Quintero dur-
         shaking hands with Jules DiRienzo (R), Vice
         President of Operations at Chant.    ing the tumultuous  years of WWII.
                                              During the following years they were
                                              blessed with three children: Robert,
         Service  program for  Chant  customers
         worldwide.  We have never really had   Michael and Yolanda.
         a true service department and are ex-  Edna was one of the four original,
         cited to bring Nick’s vast knowledge to   Lift-It employees with a 39 year career
         our organization to help us build a sol-  in the synthetic sling fabrication. Mi-
         id service  platform.” said Phil  Chant,   chael J. Gelskey, Sr., CEO and Found-
         President of Chant Engineering.      er remarked, “Edna was an invaluable
           “Nick will be a great asset to take   part of our company for her entire ca-
         Chant’s service to the next level for   reer and was our first retiree. She led
         our customers. We see him as an in-  by example and always challenged us
         tegral player to help  us  streamline   to be the best version of who we could
         our Service and Calibration depart-  be. We were  blessed by  her years  of
         ment and processes, enhance cus-     mentoring and by her kind and loving
         tomer relationships, and position    ways, which truly were the heart and   entiousness  and zest for  life  were
         Chant’s  service  team to  be  industry   soul of our organization.”  incredible and heaven will never be
         leading. We welcome Nick and his       Michael J. Gelskey, Jr., Vice-Pres-  the same!”
         years of expertise to our expanding   ident and General Manager, Lift-It   Edna was predeceased by her hus-
         team.” said Jules DiRienzo, Vice     Mfg.  Company,  Inc.,  stated, ”Edna   band, Peter and by her co-workers: Da-
         President of Operations.             was truly inspirational to the many   vid Barthule and Wolfgang Keil. She is
           Bruck will work closely with our new   adopted “sons” and “daughters” she   survived by her 3 children, who lost a
         Service  Coordinator, Amanda Taylor,   took under  her  wings.  Her  consci-  mother and their best friend.

         72     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2017
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