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DSM appoints Wilfrid               nical committees, such  as ME-025
         Gambade as President DSM           Lifting Tackle,  by bringing together   Neil H. Selinsky, Founder
         Dyneema                            relevant  parties  and  stakeholders.   of Canton Erectors, Passes
           Royal  DSM, a global science-based   Through a process of consensus, these   Neil H. Selinsky, founder of Can-
         company active in health, nutrition,   committees develop standards for Aus-  ton Erectors, Inc., passed away Jan-
         and materials, announces that Wilfrid   tralia’s net benefit.          uary 12, 2018 after a period of de-
         Gambade  is appointed  as President   Lifting,  rigging  and safety equip-  clining health. Neil began his career
         DSM Dyneema as of January 15, 2018.  ment supplier Ranger became Austra-  at Henry A. Selinsky, Inc., the busi-
           Wilfrid Gambade  is an experienced   lia’s first full member of LEEA in 2011   ness started by his father. In 1964
         senior leader who joined DSM in 2009   and Thacker  became the association’s   he began his own company, Canton
         and was responsible for the Composite   youngest ever board member a year   Erectors, Inc. He started with just
         Resins business in Europe and then   later. AS is Australia’s member at the   one crane, the first hydraulic crane
         from 2011 moved into the role of Presi-  International Organization for  Stan-  in Stark County, which was just the
                                            dardization (ISO)  and, through  the   first of many of his innovative ideas,
                                            Australian National Committee of the   and the company quickly grew.
                                            International Electrotechnical  Com-
                                            mission (IEC), standards are prepared
                                            on the basic principle of one country,
                                            one vote. Involvement with ISO and
                                            IEC  takes place at two levels—policy
                                            and technical participation.
                                              Thacker said: “I have been interest-
                                            ed in joining the AS committee for at
                                            least  five  years  now.  Helping  to  raise
                                            industry standards and safety is a ma-
                                            jor  factor  in  wanting  to  do  this.  It is
                                            paramount that we keep the standards
                                            updated  with the ever-changing  and
                                            updated  products that are out in the
                                            marketplace. The AS role complements
                                            Ranger’s ongoing endeavors to this end        Neil H. Selinsky
                                            through LEEA and other bodies.
                                              “Additionally,” he  continued,  “I am   were other driving factors [in joining].
                   Wilfrid Gambade          not in 100%  agreement with some of   Getting involved at the standards’

         dent Composite Resins & Synres. For   the previous standards and not always   source  will help me understand how
         the past three years, he was very suc-  being aware when draft  standards   certain decisions are reached and bet-
         cessful  in turning around DSM’s Per-  were  released for industry comment   ter relay that information to customers
         sonal  Care business  and integrating                                 and the wider lifting equipment indus-
         DSM’s  Aroma Ingredients business                                     try,  which  have become disillusioned
         into a comprehensive Personal Care &                                  by such documentation in the past.”
         Aroma Ingredients organization, which                                   Committee members are representa-
         will allow synergies and is prepared for                              tives of their industry, consumer associa-
         future growth.                                                        tions, government, scientific or academic
           Mr. Gambade, a French national,                                     institutions. They are typically nominat-
         holds a BSc in Polymer Chemistry from                                 ed  by  their  organizations  to  represent
         ITECH, Lyon and brings nearly 25                                      their interests. Their contributions to
         years of international experience in gen-                             standards  development  are  essential;
         eral management and sales and mar-                                    they are the lifeblood of Standards Aus-
         keting in the cosmetics and chemicals                                 tralia. A technical committee will work
                                                                               on a few projects each year. These proj-
         industries (such as textile and coatings).
                                                                               ects might include revising existing stan-
         Ranger General Manager                                                dards and technical documents, assess-
         Joins Australian Standards                                            ing international standards for adoption
                                                                               in Australia, or drafting new standards
         Committee                                                             for emerging industries.
           Ashley Thacker, General Manager at                                    Thacker  said:  “The  role  represents
         Ranger  Lifting,  has  joined  Australian                             a combined personal and company
         Standards (AS) Committee ME-025 Lift-                                 commitment. I anticipate that it will
         ing Tackle, as a representative of the Lift-                          involve  looking  at standards that sit
         ing Equipment Engineers Association                                   within  the  committee’s remit,  review-
         (LEEA), where he is a board member.                                   ing content and agreeing on priority ac-
           Standards Australia is the nation’s   Ashley  Thacker, general manager  at Ranger   tions. To change and update a standard
         peak  non-government,  not-for-profit   Lifting, has joined  Australian Standards   involves an intensive,  formal process
         standards organization. It forms tech-  Committee ME-025 Lifting Tackle.              continued on next page
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