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to using LINE-X on their new vehicles,   all of its industrial clients.
         Curry  Supply has  also  incorporated   For more information, contact LINE-
         LINE-X protective coatings into their   X  public  relations  at 310-374-6177  or
         commercial vehicle reconditioning and
         restoration service.
           “Curry  Supply  manufactures  some   Trelleborg demonstrates
         of the very best construction and ser-  excellence in tire solutions
         vice vehicles available anywhere – and   for construction and
         we believe that the addition of extreme   extreme environments
         protection from the elements and harsh   Trelleborg Wheel Systems industrial
         conditions – makes them an even more   and construction tire operation showed   The latest great Value by
         formidable force in the construction,   the ground-breaking  quality and reli-
         maintenance and service industries,”   ability of its solid and pneumatic tires
         said Dennis Weese, president of LINE-  at Steinexpo from August 30th to Sep-
         X. “Add in truly unique style and cus-  tember 2nd  2017. Amongst the  prod-
         tomization  options –  including color-  ucts were the company’s latest radial   Universal Plate
         matching capabilities through a ‘hot   and diagonal pneumatic tires for con-   Lifting Clamps
         process’ – and Curry vehicles can now   struction loaders and graders, and its
         even better serve clients’ needs and   solid tires for extreme environments.
         preferences, while keeping each vehicle   For  extreme  environments  such  as
         looking and performing like new for   scrap metal recycling, waste transfer
         years to come. We’re excited that LINE-  stations and underground mining op-
         X can be such a big part of taking Curry   erations, Trelleborg’s solid tires deliver
         Supply products to the next level.”  durable, cut resistant solutions that
           “When I was introduced to the LINE-  eliminate downtime caused by flats and
         X product, the opportunity to make our   sidewall cuts. These solid tires also offer
         vehicles more resilient to tough condi-  excellent ride comfort due to the patent-
         tions and elements, immediately came   ed elliptical aperture design. This helps
         to mind,” said Jason Ritchey, president   reduce equipment wear and operator fa-
         and  owner  of  Curry  Supply.  “We  are   tigue, for safer, longer operation.
         thrilled with what LINE-X coatings do   Trelleborg also highlighted its premi-
         to make our products even more com-  um pneumatic tires for use by loaders
         pelling  –  including  extended vehicle   and graders. These all steel radial con-
         life and the ability for us to customize   struction tires deliver optimum  dura-
         colors and surfaces.  Even more, the   bility and maximum productivity. Pro-
         continued  support, training  and cus-  viding enhanced traction on sand, mud
         tomer service that LINE-X has provid-  and gravel while reducing vibration on
         ed us has been second-to-none.”    concrete and asphalt, they offer trusted
           As a leading manufacturer of the   quality and reliability regardless of ter-
         industry’s  most resilient  protective   rain or weather conditions.
         coatings,  LINE-X offers  its industrial   “Trelleborg  has  always  stood  for  the
         and manufacturing customers an ex-  best quality products, especially our solu-
         tremely wide variety of different poly-  tions for the Construction industry”, said
         urethanes, and polyureas to ensure the   James Pick, Marketing Communications
         perfect coating is used for each individ-  Director at Trelleborg Wheel Systems.
         ual industrial application. LINE-X is   “We believe that Excellence begins here”.
         also a leader in providing state-of-the-  For more information, go to www.
         art training and world-class support to  n

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