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Headroom designs.                        Belt-Tech USA sling webbing
           The HFPSL is engineered and man-
         ufactured to ASME B30.20  & BTH-1
         Design Category B Service Class 2 and
         has a specified fatigue life of 100,001 to
         500,000 load cycles.  All HFPSL, Four
         Point Sack Lifter Beams are Proof-
         Tested to 125% capacity.
           Harrington  Hoists,  Inc.  is  a  KITO                                       LIFETIME
         Group Company located in Manheim,                                              WARRANTY
         PA, Elizabethtown, PA, South Holland,
         IL and Corona, CA and is a leading
         manufacturer of electric and air powered
         chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists,
         lever hoists, manual hand chain hoists,
         push  and  geared  trolleys,  overhead
         cranes, crane accessories, below-the-
         hook and material handling equipment.
         Nylon-like sling webbing -         a yarn in a class of its own, while also
         new to the industry                offering superior webbing performance
           Belt-Tech USA Inc. is extremely ex-  and a cost advantage.  Offering a UV
         cited to announce  the introduction of   resistance 9x superior to the industry’s   5X
         their new sling webbing NYLON-LIKE.   average. Excellent in all chemicals. Of-  DESIGN
         This  new  sling  webbing is  produced   fered in widths1 thru 6 inches.  FACTOR
         from  a  new  polyester  fiber  that  com-  For more information please contact
         bines the benefits of Nylon and PET for   Della Picken, 1-877-932-6455 ext: 308.

         tails his “7 Values of Ingenuity™.” All   Steven L. Blue is the President &
         seven, he says, hinge on what he calls   CEO of Miller  Ingenuity, a global
         leadership credibility.            supplier of mission-critical solutions
           1.  Respect for employees  as well as   in the transportation industry. Blue
         customers                          is a nationally recognized expert in
           2. Integrity, which means telling the   transforming business  into global
         truth and trusting that your people can   powerhouses  by showing  how to      USA Tested
         deal with it                       double and even quadruple growth.          and Assembled
           3.  Teamwork which  embraces dis-  He regularly provides insight for         from imported
         agreement and conflict             leading media  and industry out-             Components
           4.  Community – strengthening the   lets, including FOX, BusinessWeek,
         internal organization and reaching out   Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entre-
         to help the wider community        preneur, AMA, Europe Business Re-
           5.  Commitment by leaders as evi-  view, and The Wall Street Journal.
         denced by their motivation, leadership   He is also Founder and monthly con-
         and ambition                       tributor to American City Business
           6. Excellence, which requires revisit-  Journal’s popular “The League of
         ing company goals, i.e., what is the cost   Extraordinary CEOs,” where he in-
         and what are the gains?            terviews fellow CEOs responsible for   ONE STOP SHOP
           7.  Innovation – meaning not just   generating rates of growth from 200
         product changes but a review of “every   to 2,000% in less than three years.      HOISTS
         aspect of the process used to make your   Through his keynote addresses to
         product”                           audiences, ranging from CEO Clubs             RIGGING
           “American Manufacturing  2.0 lays   International to Harvard Univer-         HARDWARE
         out a road map for a renewal of this vi-  sity, Blue provides insights for the
         tal industry,” says Blue. “I believe there   business community on how to out-    SLINGS
         is no reason why we should accept our   do, out-innovate,  and out-perform
         current state of affairs. To think of a re-  the competition.
         surgence of manufacturing in America   For more informatino, visit www.  877-LIFT AMH
         is not science fiction. It is reality, and,  or
         this book will show you how and where  American  Man-
         it is happening today and how  it can   facturing 2.0 is available from Ama-
         grow stronger in the future.”      zon and most major booksellers.

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