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                                            for workshops, and mobile and outdoor
                                            use. Corrosion resistance is suitable for
                                            the  food, chemical  and pharmaceuti-
                                            cal industries, as well as waste water
                                            treatment plants and for outdoor use.
                   LIFETIME                 An electric chain hoist with frequency
                   WARRANTY                 inverter allows applications with high
                                            duty cycles  and high  switching fre-  Crane Light
                                            quency  (multiple shift  operation).  For   from Larson
                                            the wind power industry, GP1000 is an   Electronics
                                            electric chain hoist that offers extreme
                                            lifting heights and high lifting speed.   to flat surfaces and vertically adjusted
                                              To match high demand for the new   up to 240º.
                                            GP series of electric chain hoists, GIS   “Cranes  are  dangerous  equipment
                                            AG increased its production capacity   as is,  so  it’s important to have reli-
                                            by 20% in 2017 and will increase it   able and durable lighting to illuminate
                                            further in 2018.                   the areas around operation,” said Rob
                                                                               Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics
                                            Larson Electronics LLC             LLC. “This LED crane light is robustly
               5X                           Releases 110,000 Lumen             constructed  and produces 110,000 lu-
             DESIGN                         LED Crane Light                    mens with just a 1,000 watt draw. This
             FACTOR                                                            means it will provide the high output
                                              Industrial lighting leader, Larson
                                            Electronics LLC, has added  a new   you need, and maintain that output for
                                            LED crane light to their product line,   about 50,000 hours.”
                                            ideal for mounting to indoor and out-  For more information go to www.lar-
                                            door cranes with heights of 50 feet and
                                            above. This crane light features an in-
                                            tense 110,000 lumen output, 347-480V
                                            volt compatibility and an IP65 water-
                                            proof rating, ideal for rugged use and
                                            abusive conditions.
                                              The GAU-HB-1000W-LED-SS-480V
                                            LED universal voltage crane light con-
                                            tains  high  output  Cree®  XTE  LEDs
                   USA Tested               and can  be operated on  347-480V  AC
                  and Assembled             without modifications. This crane light
                   from imported            uses  just  1,000 watts  at 3  amps, and
                    Components              contains  drivers that automatically
                                            monitor and adjust input current to
                                            main correct voltage levels. The LEDs
                                            are paired with a high purity, polished
                                            aluminum  reflector  to  produce  a  fo-
                                            cused  10º  spot beam, perfect  for  high
                                            elevation mounting  for  distance.  An
                                            additional reflector is offered for a 60º
                                            beam spread, ideal for dedicated work
             ONE STOP SHOP                  and area lighting.
                                              The GAU-HB-1000W-LED-SS-480V
                     HOISTS                 provides operators with a powerful
                                            alternative to 2500 watt metal halide
                    RIGGING                 lamps. This crane light is equipped
                   HARDWARE                 with a heat sink to maintain ample
                                            air flow for unparalleled heat control.
                     SLINGS                 This allows the LEDs to be driven at
                                            up to 90% capacity without overheat-
                                            ing or visible loss of light output. IP65
             877-LIFT AMH                   rated constructed, die cast aluminum
                                            and a polycarbonate lens protect this
                                            LED light from impact, water and the
           ingress of dust, dirt and humidity. A
                                            stainless  steel  trunnion  style  back
                                            mount allow the light to be attached

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