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tables, conveyor  tops, pneumatic ball
                                            NEW PRODUCTS                       transfer  tops,  special  fixtures,  v-cra-
                                            continued from previous page       dles,  powered traverse,  bellows  skirt-
                                                                               ing, larger motors, corrosion resistant
                                            Extreme Capacity                   finishes,  weatherproof  controls  and
                                            Hydraulic Lift Tables              many more.
                                                                                 For more information, call (508) 952-
                                              MLT Series heavy-duty hydrau-    4000, or Toll Free: (800) 343-9322, or vis-
                  LIFETIME                  lic lift tables from Presto ECOA are   it their website at
                                            designed to handle extreme high ca-
                  WARRANTY                  pacity  loads  of up  to 120,000  pounds   SP Upgrades Bluetooth
                                            (96,000  pounds  end/side  capacity).   Offering
                                            Over 45 different models are available
                                            with lifting heights from 52” to 92”.   Straightpoint (SP) has updated its
                                            Each can be outfitted with a range of   Bluetooth capability and launched  an
                                            standard  platforms  from  4’x  6’  up  to   enhanced version of its popular app, as
                                            10’x 22’ with larger/custom sizes avail-  the load cell manufacturer continues to
                                            able, allowing them to be configured to   pioneer  technological  advancement of
                                            suit virtually any high capacity lifting   force  measurement  in  below-the-hook
                                            requirement.                       and other applications.
                                              MLT  Series  lifts  are  outfitted  with   Bluetooth-enabled SP  equipment
                                            rectangular  structural  tube  scissor   includes  its wireless  load links,  load
                                            legs  and  torque  tubes  for  maximum   shackles, and compression load cells, in
               5X                           stability and minimal deflection even   addition to products from its running
            DESIGN                          under extreme load conditions. De-  line tensionmeter range. The upgrade
            FACTOR                          pending on the capacity and platform   from Bluetooth 4.1 to 4.2 facilitates two
                                            requirements,  they  are  outfitted  in   standout improvements over the origi-
                                            one  of  four  scissor  leg  configurations   nal version,  namely increased range
                                            including: one set of scissor legs; two   and the volume of smart devices that
                                            sets of scissor legs in a side-by-side   can be connected to a load cell.
                                            configuration; two sets of scissor legs   Previously,  a  load cell  could  use
                                            in an end-to-end configuration; or four   Bluetooth (wireless  technology  for  ex-
                                            sets of scissor legs in a two-by-two con-  changing data over short distances) to
                                            figuration.                        communicate with one smartphone or
                                              Standard MLT  features  include  a   device carrying the app up to 50m (164
                                            hand pendant or foot switch control for   ft.) away. That range has now been in-
                                            lifting and lowering,  an upper travel   creased to 100m (328 ft.), while up to
                                            limit switch  plus  eight  mechanical   eight devices can now receive load data
                                                                               from a single load cell. As before, col-
                  USA Tested                back-up stops, dual safety restraint   lected data can be sent onto other re-
                  and Assembled             maintenance  bars,  cylinder  rod end   cipients in the form of an Excel spread-
                  from imported             protectors, a flow limiter valve at cylin-  sheet or .pdf report.
                   Components               der bases, and double wire braid pres-  David Ayling, director at SP, said:
                                            sure hoses.
                                              MLT Lifts can be customized with a   “We were confident that the Bluetooth
                                            wide  variety of  options  including  cus-  option would be popular, with distribu-
                                            tom platforms, tilt tops, powered turn-  tors and partners immediately  noting
                                                                               the capability to send reports from the

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             877-LIFT AMH

             MLT Series heavy-duty
                                               hydraulic lift tables
                                               from Presto ECOA

                Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2018
         70     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2018
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