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           Capacities available are 500, 1000
         and 2000 lbs. The beam height is 8, 10,
         12, 16 and 20 feet. The power options
         are 110 volts single phase, 240-480
         volts  3 phase  as  well  as  air  powered
         hoist and mast lift for hazardous envi-
           The  construction  of this  special jib
         crane is heavy duty steel welded con-
         struction for rugged industrial use. Cor-                   Harrington Hoists, Inc. Model HFPSL
                                                                        Four Point Sack Lifter Beam
         rosive or marine environment stainless
         steel construction is also available.  Harrington Hoists, Inc.
           The mast rotation and forearm rota-                                 the  bulk  container  sack  and  allows
         tion are featured with precision bear-  introduces Model HFPSL        for a straight-line connection to lifting
         ings to enable easy and smooth opera-  Four Point Sack Lifter Beams   slings.  Additional features include:  a
         tion. The Portable Jib Crane Articularm   Harrington Hoists, Inc. introduces   Standard  Sling Keeper design to im-
         is an ergonomically designed tool to help   their HFPSL, Four Point Sack Lifter   prove  sling  containment  during  the
         in multiple tasks to increase efficiency,   Beam designed  to lift bulk  container   lift, a machined radius cut into the top
         save time, make the job easier, and im-  sacks. The HFPSL is available in 1 and   inside edge of the bail to ensure a bet-
         prove the morale of the work force the   2 Metric Ton capacities with outside   ter connection  between the saddle of
         smart way – by having the worker use   spreads of 36 and 48 inches.   the hook and the upper radius  of the
         more brain than muscle.              The HFPSL Four Point Sack Lifter   bail, smooth edge cross-beams to re-
           For more information, contact ATI on   Beam features an X-Style design that   duce wear  on lifting straps, and can
         their website:  provides  a  natural  fit  over  the  top  of   be ordered in Stainless Steel and Low

         BOOK REVIEW                      by Barbara Spencer

              American Manufacturing 2.0: What Went Wrong and How to Make It Right by Steven L. Blue
           “For  America’s manufacturers,  the                                 hind us. The huge manufacturing exo-
         time to incite change is now.”                                        dus to China is beginning to equalize
           That’s the rallying  cry  from Steven                               itself; the Chinese are finding that suc-
         Blue to all manufacturers,  including                                 cess  has its own  inevitable costs,  and
         wire  rope,  chain,  synthetic  rope,  and                            American manufacturers are realizing
         webbing.                                                              that shipping their manufacturing to
           “…the time is now or never.”                                        China and other developing nations
           CEO of Miller Ingenuity in Winona,                                  may be a false economy.”
         Minnesota, he has just authored a new                                   Blue sites a 2013 study by Boston
         book, American Manufacturing 2.0: What                                Consulting Group that shows that more
         Went Wrong and How to Make It Right.                                  leading  U.S.  companies are interested
           Blue argues that the conditions that                                in bringing production facilities back
         existed for viable manufacturing in the                               to the U.S. from China. One reason is
         20th century are going to return. “The                                that China’s laborers are in shorter sup-
         question is, when they return – which                                 ply and demanding higher wages. And
         it seems as though they will – is Ameri-                              there are many advantages to manu-
         can business going to be ready to reas-  War II. But, confirming what most of   facturing here, including better quality
         sert its primacy in manufacturing?”  us already know, statistics show a fast   control and customer proximity.
           He speaks particularly to small-and   decline  over  the  last  40 years  or  so.   But it’s manufacturing’s leaders that
         mid-sized companies.  “Whether  you   U.S.  manufacturing  employment fell   must reset the culture. And the key to
         are a CEO, executive,  employee…no   from 19.6 million in 1979 to 13.7 mil-  success is ingenuity.
         one will do it for us. Not the govern-  lion in 2007.                   “Ingenuity is the art of applying in-
         ment and certainly not our competi-  Yet, says  the  author,  “the environ-  ventiveness and originality to conquer
         tors.  As American  manufacturers,  we   ment is ripe for U.S. manufacturing to   challenges…No matter what business
         need to do it ourselves.”          become bigger than ever. I am on a cru-  you are in, but especially if you are in the
           From the turn of the 20th  century,   sade to revive American manufactur-  business of manufacturing, ingenuity, in
         Blue reminds us, America was a manu-  ing and save American jobs.”    all of its many forms, is the one personal
         facturing world leader “by a fortuitous   Why the positive outlook?   characteristic you and every member of
         convergence” of factors – plenty of raw   “U.S. manufacturing is at a major   your team absolutely must have.”
         materials, a skilled and willing labor   turning  point.  The  battles of  quality   Employing experience from his many
         pool and cheap  energy.  That success   and cost we had to fight in the 1980s   years in manufacturing as well as sto-
         grew exponentially following World   against “Japan, Inc.” are largely be-  ries  about  other  companies,  Blue  de-

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