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The CM Tornado is available in 3/4,   load balancer making the load weight-
         1-1/2, 3 and 6 ton capacities with stan-  less. It is an ideal ergonomic tool to
         dard lifts up to 20 feet. Additional lifts   help lift and place any component with
         are also available. The hoist features   precise positioning for assembly.
         an industry-leading lifetime warranty   It can be used for many industrial
         and meets ASME B30.21 manually op-  applications such as: machine loading,
         erated hoist standard.             lifting, transferring, stacking, packing,
           Outside of the North American mar-  holding parts for inspection, assembly,
         ket, this hoist is available to customers   maintenance, etc.
         under the Yale brand as the Yale Ergo   The Portable Jib Crane Articularm is
         360°™ ratchet lever hoist.  To learn   available in three versions:
         more about the CM Tornado 360 or any   • Stationary, permanent floor mount-
         of our products, call Columbus McKin-  ed arm.                               With USA load chain,
         non Channel Services at 800-888-0985   •  Portable, self-supporting  counter-   assembled &
         or visit          weight jib crane with 4-way fork pockets.  tested in the USA
                                              • Combination unit with unique tele-
         Portable Jib Crane                 scopic mast.                           Optional self-locking hooks
         Articularm                           Experience a new dimension of ver-
         Complete Portable Workstation      satility. You can operate at different
         Offers New Dimensions of           heights  to  reach  over,  above and  be-
         Versatility                        yond to reach around obstacles.
           Air Technical  Industries (ATI) an-  The  telescoping mast can  be used
         nounces the development of a new, one   for actual load lifting without use of a
         of a kind Portable Jib Crane with Ar-  hoist.  It’s  versatility comes  into play
         ticulating Forearm,  360° rotation and   where  limited overhead space as well
         telescopic mast.                   as higher ceiling heights exist. The tele-
           The main benefit is portability which   scoping mast feature is also useful for
         enables the portable jib crane to be   reducing the overall height of the crane
         used anywhere, anytime for indoor and   for storage or transportation, and then
         outdoor use without permanent instal-  extend it to full working height during
         lation.  The  unit  provides on  the  spot   operation. The lifting action is hydrau-
         handling and it can operate in harmo-  lically actuated.
         ny with big and bulky overhead cranes.  The combination of any version or op-
           The most exciting new feature is the   tions can be selected to meet the user’s
         6 ft long  articulating  forearm feature   need. Other options available are pow-
         that rotates 360° providing 100% cov-  ered mast rotation and powered fore-
         erage within the work area. The 10 ft   arm rotation.  Any  selected  combina-
         main beam also rotates 360° for a total   tion can be used with optional electric
         work area of 16 ft radius.         hoist or load balancer.
           The unit is equipped with an optional            continued on next page

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                                                      ATI’s Portable Jib Crane
                                                     with Articulating Forearm

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