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Pacilio, President of Lift-All. “We have   types of Wire Rope Warning Tags and
         spent a lot of time and testing to un-  Labels; and Groove Gauge Sets.
         derstand and differentiate cutting from   For more information and a copy of
         abrasion and their effects on slings and   the order form visit the WRTB website
         we have developed patented solutions   at or
         to these problems. Our goal is to help   by contacting WRTB Fulfillment at 816-
         educate our consumers and help them   676-0811 or
         to be as safe as possible”.
           The new Lift-All catalog contains an  Larson Electronics Releases
         entire section devoted to sling protec-  9000-watt Air Cooled
         tion including the newly patented line   Gas Powered Portable
         of Cut Protection Products designed   Generator with Electric
         for a variety of applications and sling   Start                             With USA load chain,
         types. The Edge Defender is construct-  Larson Electronics, industrial grade    assembled &
         ed of multiple layers of protection ma-  lighting leader, released an air cooled   tested in the USA
         terial with a Kevlar binding. The Edge   15 horsepower 9000-watt generator,   Optional self-locking hooks
         Defender Flex-Plus is made  with a   powered by gasoline that operates
         double layer of Dyneema and is offered   on  120/240 volts AC with optional
         in  a  flat  and  tubular  style.  The  Sling   12 volts DC. This generator features
         Shield, made from aluminum, offers a   seven outlets including four 3-prong
         magnetic attachment that holds posi-  outlets, two twist locks and one car
         tion against steel loads for easier rig-  charger, and is mounted on a wheeled
         ging.  These  styles all  have Velcro  at-  base  for  easy  movement  throughout
         tachments which allow for removal, so   industrial worksites.
         the slings can be inspected.         The ACGE-9000-WC-120.240 from
           Lift-All Co. has been manufacturing   Larson Electronics is a portable 9000-
         quality lifting and load securement   watt generator with an electric start
         products  for  over  50  years.  With  five   that  features  quiet  operation  and  up
         manufacturing plants found across the   to 9 hours of run time on a single tank
         USA, a leading Customer Service De-  of  gasoline  from  a  420  OHV  engine.
         partment,  highly  qualified  Engineers,   This 15-horsepower generator is air
         and a solution oriented Field Sales De-  cooled and includes four 120V 20A
         partment, the support you need with   three-prong outlets, one 120/240V
         the safety you deserve is only a phone   30A twist-lock (L14-30), one 120V 30A
         call away.                         twist lock, and one car-charger-style
           For  information  please  call  800-  12V DC outlet for accessory attach-
         909-1964 or visit our website at www.  ments. These outlets allow operators
                                            to  run  tools  and  other  equipment  in
         Warning Labels Now                 addition to lights.
                                              “The most notable feature of this por-
         Available In Spanish               table generator is the variety of outlets
           The Wire Rope Technical Board has   and  combination  of  high-voltage and
         published Warning Tags in Spanish.
         The product is the FLAT tag, printed
         in English on one side and Spanish on
         the other.  These warning  labels were
         designed by the Wire Rope  Techni-
         cal Board for use with all wire rope
         products. A warning label should ac-
         company all wire ropes and wire rope
         slings provided to the user. The labels                                  ONE STOP SHOP
         are  available in  packages  of  250 at
         $60/package.  The  flat  version  is  ide-                                       HOISTS
         ally suited for stapling to the flanges of
         wood reels.                                                                      RIGGING
           In addition, the WRTB is in the pro-  9000-watt air cooled generator from Larson   HARDWARE
         cess of translating the Wire Rope and   Electronics                              SLINGS
         Wire  Rope Sling  Safety Bulletin  into   12VDC,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of
         Spanish. We hope to have this product   Larson  Electronics  LLC.  “The  flexible
         available soon.                    options allow operators to run multiple
           Other materials from the WRTB in-  pieces of equipment from a single pow-  877-LIFT AMH
         clude ASTM standards related to wire   er source.”
         rope;  Wire  Rope  User’s  Manual,  Wire   For further information go to their
         Rope Sling User’s Manual; Wire Rope   website  at
         Inspection Guidelines; Wire Rope and   or e-mail
         Wire Rope Sling Safety Bulletin; other          more products on next page

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