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available as an option on some of Co-  The  new  GEARWRENCH® logo
         lumbus  McKinnon’s  most popular   was designed to reflect the power and
         hoists, including the new CM Shop-  personality  of  the  brand.  The  logo  it
         Star VS variable speed  electric chain   replaces  has  represented  the  brand
         hoist.  The Rocket is also available as   since  it  first  appeared  in  1996  when
         an after-market product that can  be   GEARWRENCH  introduced  the  first
         used  for  momentary operation of nu-  professional grade ratcheting com-
         merous types of industrial equipment,   bination  wrench.  Its high-strength
         including conveyors, lift elevators, mill   forged  construction,  fine-tooth  ratchet
         drives, actuators and winches.     mechanism, and compact head design
           The  CM Rocket is  available in four   provided  improved  access  in  confined
         configurations, including single speed,   workspaces,  allowing  users  to  finish
         single speed with emergency stop, two   jobs with unprecedented speed.
         speed, and two speed with emergency   The  new  FORGE  AHEAD tagline
         stop. It comes with a lifetime warranty   connotes  the strength and power  of
         and is cCSAus & UL certified. To learn   the forging process combined with the
         more  about  the  versatile  CM  Rocket   forward-looking vision that has pro-
         pendant control, or any of our products,   pelled the growth of the brand. “GEAR-
         call Columbus McKinnon Channel Ser-  WRENCH has had a reputation for in-
         vices at 800-888-0985  or visit www.  novation  since  the  beginning,”  added                       Smith. “The new FORGE AHEAD ta-
                                            gline will resonate with users in every
         GEARWRENCH®                        market we serve, whether it’s automo-
         introduces new brand               tive, industrial,  commercial, or one of
         identity                           the many other places where you’ll find
         New identity embodies the brand’s   GEARWRENCH tools at work.”
         renewed commitment to customers      Since its introduction, the GEAR-
         and better represents its expanded   WRENCH brand has grown to include
         line of quality tools              not only wrenches, but a wide assort-
           GEARWRENCH®,  a premier hand     ment  of  automotive  and  industrial
         tool brand from Apex Tool Group,   hand tools, including ratchets and
         known  for tools that deliver speed,   sockets, tool storage, torque wrenches,
         strength, and access, today unveiled a   striking and struck tools, screwdriv-
         new logo and brand identity. The roll-  ers and nut drivers, pliers, and im-
         out encompasses every aspect of the   pact sockets. By the end of 2017, there
         GEARWRENCH brand, including  its   will  be  over  4,100  different  GEAR-
         logo, tagline, color palette, typography,   WRENCH products.
         and product design.                  A substantial marketing investment
           “The  GEARWRENCH  brand  has     in the GEARWRENCH brand is being
         grown remarkably over the past 20   made this year. It includes a partner-
         years,” said Ray Smith, VP Market-  ship with NASCAR and Chip Ganassi
         ing, North American Hand Tools.    Racing and a comprehensive multi-me-
         “We’ve  undertaken  this  comprehen-  dia advertising campaign. Both have
         sive new brand identity program to   been  extremely  successful.  “Our  2017
         reflect that progress. This new visual   marketing initiatives have all exceed-
         identity will help communicate the   ed our expectations,” said Curt Weber,
         high quality of our products, our cus-  Senior  Director,  Brand Management.
         tomer-focused culture, and our com-  “Brand  awareness,  social  media  en-
         mitment to innovation.”                            continued on next page

                                                                                  One STOp SHOp
           The new GEARWRENCH®
           brand identity will                                                             HOISTS
           influence everything from
           the logo treatment to                                                          RIGGInG
           product design.

                                                                                  877-LIFT AMH


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