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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products is according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims and any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.

                                            metric tons). Under the process of devel-  nior Global Product Manager – Manual
                                            oping an unique and customized swaging   Hoist Products. “With the addition of 3
                                            machine, WIROP team discussed with   and  6  ton units to our initial 3/4 and
                                            the buyer, President Mr. Tetsuya Na-  1-1/2 ton offering, we have rounded out
                                            kamura  many times. It’s including the   our product portfolio and given custom-
                                            convenience of usage, operation height,   ers even more options for their lifting,
                                            factory building plans, wire rope fabrica-  positioning and pulling applications.”
                                            tion needs, etc.                     The  CM  Tornado  360°  redefines
                                              When the machine’s in commission-  ratchet  lever  hoists  with  its  unique
                                            ing  in  May  2017, the  pressure  capac-  Sidewinder lever handle. The Side-
                                            ity of WIROP WP-6000, has incredibly   winder lever handle features a 360°
                                            reached  6,112 Metric  Tons  (6,737 US   rotating lever and a fold-out revolving
                                            Tons).  On the buyer’s grand opening   handle. Working  in unison,  these in-
                                            ceremony in Kobe, Japan, the clients   tegrated components allow  the opera-
                                            were amazed by the machine capacity   tor to realize the full potential of 360°
                                            and quality very much.             rotation while  working  in  a safe and
                                              Wirop Industrial Co.,  Ltd has  built   ergonomic position. This helps reduce
                                            up a new  milestone in the wire  rope   repetitive wrist  action experienced
                                            fabrication technology, and will contin-  with traditional lever hoists, letting
                                            uously exceed clients’ expectations to   the operator utilize a full 360° range of
                                            provide the great services for the wire   motion to work up to 12 times faster.
                                            rope industry.
                                            Columbus McKinnon
                                            Expands CM Tornado 360°
                                            Hoist offering to include 3

         Mr. Nakamura  next to the WIROP  WP-6000   and 6 ton units
         Swaging Machine                    Innovative ergonomic hoist
         A new milestone in wire            features unique Sidewinder™ lever
                                            handle for safe and efficient use
         rope fabrication field:              Columbus McKinnon  Corporation,
         WIROP WP-6000 swaging              a leading designer, manufacturer and
         machine                            marketer of material handling prod-
           Wirop Industrial Co.,  Ltd (WIROP)   ucts,  systems  and  services,  has  ex-
         was established in 1979  and was the   panded its CM Tornado 360° ratchet
         first company to manufacture the swag-  lever hoist product line to include new
         ing machine in Taiwan. We’ve been   3 and 6 ton capacity units. Ergonomi-
         supplying wide range of machines, wire   cally designed for increased safety, the
         rope fabrication equipment and acces-  patent-pending CM Tornado 360° al-
         sories  to  more  than  one  thousand  cli-  lows the operator to be more productive
         ents in more than 80 countries.    with significantly less effort compared
           In 2016, considering the market needs   to conventional ratchet lever tools.
         of wire ropes in the biggest sizes as well   “Since the initial launch  of the CM
         as bridge cables production, Nakamura   Tornado 360° late last year,  we  have
         Industry Co., Ltd. in Kobe, Japan, placed   continued to look for ways to make this
         an order of swaging machine with the   innovative hoist even more versatile for
         biggest capacity (WP-6000 with 6000   our customers,” said Andre Schon, Se-
                                                                                 Columbus McKinnon
                                                                                   Tornado 360°
                                                                                  ratchet lever hoist

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