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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products is according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims and any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
         Campbell® Introduces New           factor and the various sizes offered   the capacity of the loadlink range to
         Eye Hoist Hooks                    have a working load limit range of 3/4   500t (up from 300t), while the lowest
         Redesigned latch assembly          ton to 15 tons. They are available in   unit remains 1t. It is recommended
         features extra-thick steel         carbon steel (blue or galvanized) or   that users only apply the products
         construction                       alloy steel (orange).              down to 3% of their working load limit
           Campbell®, a premier brand of      Along with Rated Capacity and Made   (WLL), so a 100t capacity Radiolink
         chain  and  fittings  from  Apex  Tool   in USA markings, two new hallmarks   plus, for example, can be safely ap-
         Group, announced its new Eye Hoist   are forged into each hook: the Latch   plied to a 3t load test.
         Hooks.  The  hooks  feature  a  heavy-  Code and, on both sides of the hook,   A final improvement has been made
         duty latch and spring assembly and   45-degree Guide  Markings.  For  more   to smaller loadlink models to improve
         other improvements.                information about Campbell Eye Hoist   their waterproof sealing, giving offshore
           The new latch and spring assem-  Hooks,  visit  www.campbellchainand-  and other purchasing decision makers
         bly is designed for durability. The                   even greater confidence in the load cells’
         heavy-gauge, high-strength steel latch                                performance. Ayling explained that the
                                            Straightpoint Matches              cavity in which the chassis and front
                                            Loadlink Range to Industry         plate fits into was the focal point of this
                                            Shackle Sizes                      particular enhancement.
                                              Straightpoint (SP) has made a series   He concluded: “Matching up with the
                                            of enhancements to its range of loadlink   industry’s  shackles  and  adding  even
           Campbell®                        products that includes matching the ca-  more differentiating factors to the load-
            Cat. No.                        pacity of its previous 5t and 50t capacity   link range was a rewarding but pains-
           3914705PL                        units to industry standard shackle sizes   taking  process.  Replacing the  5t and
          3-Ton Carbon                      of 6.5t and 55t respectively.      50t units involved a complete redesign
          Steel Eye Hoist                                                      of  the  products,  FEA  [finite  element
           Hook with                          SP  manufactures  the  Loadlink  plus   analysis], extensive testing, and more
                                                                               before we could put this popular evolu-
                                                                               tion to market.”
                                                                                 For further  information visit www.
                                                                               Lift-All Co. Launches New
                                                                               Line of Sling Protection
                                                                                 Lift-All Co. has developed  a fam-
                                                                               ily of sling protection which is divided
                                                                               into two categories, Cut Protection and
                                                                               Wear Protection. Cut Protection Prod-
                                                                               ucts are designed to improve workplace
                                                                               safety. When placed between slings
                                                                               and edges, cut protection products act
         with reinforcing rib provides rigid-                                  as a buffer to help prevent sling cutting
         ity and bending resistance and has a                                  and to reduce bearing pressure  levels
         yellow  chromate  finish  for  corrosion                              against contact areas. Wear Protection
         resistance. A double-strength spring                                  Products  serve  to extend sling  life  by
         ensures  the  latch  is  held  against  the                           reducing  abrasive wear  and prevent
         hook to securely retain slings and                                    marring of load surfaces.
         other  components.  For  added  dura-                                   “I am proud  to  introduce  our  new
         bility,  the  hooks  are  designed  with                              family of sling  protection,” said Steve
         dual forged support bosses, providing
         lateral support for precise latch/hook   SP’s 55t capacity Radiolink plus is part of the
         engagement.                        manufacturer’s new range of loadlink products.
           “These U.S.-made hooks have been
         completely redesigned, but the new latch   digital tension load cell, or dynamom-  Edge Defender
         and spring assembly is what users will   eter, but the word ‘loadlink’ is used ge-  Flex Plus
         appreciate the most,” said Lyn Bethea,   nerically, also in reference to the com-  from Lift-All
         Campbell product manager. “Extra-  pany’s best-selling Radiolink plus and
         thick steel latch, double-strength spring,   Wirelink plus products. David Ayling,
         stainless steel latch bolt, two support   Director at SP, explained that the ter-
         bosses … and if a  latch gets damaged,   minology is widely applied throughout
         a forged-in code, so knowing the correct   the lifting and other industries to de-
         part is easy. Also, the new replacement   scribe tensile links that are rigged us-
         procedure is much simpler.”        ing shackles.                          Tubular Edge Defender Flex Plus
           The new hooks have a 5:1 design    In addition, SP has also increased          from Lift-All
         68     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2018
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