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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products is according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims and any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
         AMH introduces new                 than the conventional method. For ex-
         CDFXA shortening hook              ample, let’s look at a 2-leg adjustable
         assemblies from Cartec             chain  sling  bridle:  the  CDFXA2,  for
           All  Material  Handling  is  excited  to   instance,  will  reduce the number of
         introduce the new CARTEC Grab-IT   fittings  at  the  top  of  the  sling  from  7
         clevis shortening hook line. The CDFXA   pieces down to just 3. That assembly of-
         is available in one single hook piece,   fers the functionality of a master link,
         but also with an integrated master link   connecting link and grab hook. There is
         for one, two, and four leg chain slings.   no need for an adjuster leg. Having less
         This a great addition to a quality line of   hardware typically means less weight,
         Grade 100 chain fittings from CARTEC.   which is another plus.
         Sizes range from 9/32” to 5/8”, giving the   Fewer components also means there
         CFDXA a more complete offering than   is  less  hardware  to inspect  for  wear
         the competition. CDFX individual hooks   or damage. Get the job done more ef-
         are available down to 7/32”.       ficiently by spending less time on pre-
           Adjustable chain  slings  are  quite   lift inspections. Riggers can now have
         common, but the conventional way of   these  benefits  while  maintaining  the   CM® Rocket™
         constructing  those is changing. The   versatility of an adjustable  sling for   from Columbus McKinnon
         Grab-IT offers  the  ability to  have  an   a variety of loads. There is benefit for
         adjustable sling, with less components   those assembling adjustable slings, as   wrist  flexion  for  operation.  And,  the
                                            there are less fittings to mechanically   ribbed grip helps ensure the operator
                                            attach, potentially saving time and la-  maintains  a secure  and comfortable
                                            bor costs as a result.             hold in all environments.
                                              High  quality  Italian  forged  chain   “At Columbus McKinnon, we are al-
                                            fittings,  competitively  priced,  and   ways looking for ways to increase pro-
                                            readily  available  from  stock  in  the   ductivity while  decreasing the risk  of
                                            US makes for a winning combination.   workplace  injury,”  said John  Vander
                                            Please contact your local representa-  Linden,  Global Product  Manager -
                                            tive  or  the  AMH  office  in  Chicago  at   Powered Chain Hoists. “After a series
                                            312.698.8658 with any questions.   of  voice-of-customer  interviews  and
                                          beta tests with Channel Partners and
                                                                               end users, we engineered the CM Rock-
                                            Columbus McKinnon                  et pendant control to provide ultimate
                                            introduces CM® Rocket™             safety and ease of operation in an ergo-
                                            Universal Pendant Control          nomic and economical design.”
                                            Comfort-fit design and responsive    The  CM Rocket pendant control  is
                                            rocker switch give operators
                                            maximum control with minimal
                                              Engineered for operator comfort, the
           CARTEC Grab-IT clevis shortening hooks
                from All Material Handling  new CM® Rocket™ universal pendant
                                            control from Columbus McKinnon Cor-
                                            poration, a leading designer, manufac-
                                            turer  and marketer  of material han-
                                            dling products,  systems and services,
                                            delivers precision control and accuracy.
                                              Compared to competitors’ traditional
                                            straight-grip and push-button configu-
                                            rations,  the  CM  Rocket  pendant  con-
                                            trol’s unique rocker  switch and com-
                                            fort-fit  design  give  operators  ultimate
                                            load control while reducing hand strain
                                            and fatigue. This allows for safer and
                                            more  efficient  operation  of  hoists  and
                                            industrial equipment with momentary
                                            operation. The wide shape of the rocker
                                            switch,  along  with  its  rugged,  no-slip
                                            directional indicators, allows for easy
                                            operation with or without gloves.
                                              The CM Rocket’s curved, well-bal-
                                            anced  shape  fits  comfortably  in  the
                                            palm of your hand, requiring minimal

         68     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2017
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