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 Sea  Link  Wooden  Shell                                     Sleeve 10 can be extruded, drawn, or machined. The sleeve
           While an external form of the diameter-enlarging mem-
         ber  31 is a cone  in  the illustrated example, it  may be a
                                                              can be made from a range of materials, such as metal, cop-
 Construction  &  Fishing  Blocks                             per, aluminum steel, titanium, etc. Specifically, the sleeve is
         hemisphere, or a column having a rounded tip, as neces-
         sary.  The  diameter-enlarging  member  31  may  be  com-
                                                              a trilobular sleeve; that is, the sleeve has a body 11 provid-
         prised of halved diameter-enlarging members each having   ing three internal channels 12, 14, 16 for gripping a rope. As
         a halved through hole such that, in use, the halved diame-  shown in figure 22, the channels 12, 14, 16 are preferably
 S Siinnggllees  •  Ds  •  Doouubblleess • •   T Trriipplleess • •   R Reegguullaar  ar  annd  Hd  Heeaavvy  Wy  Wooooddeen  Bn  Blloocckkss  equally spaced about 120 degrees apart. However, other con-
         ter-enlarging members may be coupled. While the diame-
         ter-enlarging member 31 is generally formed from a metal   figurations are contemplated by the disclosure. Wire rope 30
         such as a steel-based, stainless steel-based, or aluminum-  itself can be a synthetic rope. Alternatively, the rope can be
         based metal, it may be formed from another material such   a coated galvanized wire rope or other rope.
         as hard synthetic resin.                              Referring now to figures 23 and 24, in accordance with one
                                                              aspect of the disclosure, one end 38 of the wire rope has a tra-
         Connector for synthetic and coated wire rope         ditional eye splice 40 and thimble 42 for attachment within
         Pat. 9,869,368 U.S. class F16G 11/02 Int. class F16G 11/00  the eye splice which is surrounded by the eye splice. This par-
         Inventor: Raymond Disantis, Willoughby Hills, OH.                                     continued on next page
         Assignee: The National Telephone Supply Company, Cleve-
         land, OH.
           This  patent presents a sleeve for terminating synthetic
         rope and coated wire rope which has a body and a first chan-
         nel, a second channel, and a third channel formed within the
         body. Each of the first, second, and third channels form a
         trilobular opening within the sleeve for receiving and crimp-
         ing wire rope. The wire rope can have an eye splice formed at
 All  Material  Factory  Certified
         one end. A method of crimping the trilobular sleeve includes
 Wooden  Shell  Blocks  3”  to  16”
         feeding the rope through the first channel of the trilobular
         sleeve, looping the rope through the second channel of the
 For  more  Associated  Wire  Rope  &  Rigging,  Inc. Waterman  Supply  Co.,  Inc.
         sleeve and then through the third channel of the trilobular
 information,  8125  Saran  Drive,  Playa  Del  Rey,  CA  90293  910  Mahar  Ave.,  Wilmington,  CA  90748
         sleeve, inserting the sleeve between upper and lower crimp
 contact:  Ph:  1-800-901-1135  Fax:  310-448-5446 dies,  and pressing  the sleeve  between the dies,  thereby
                    Ph:  1-800-322-3131  Fax:  310-522-1043
 Email:  crimping the sleeve to the rope.
           Referring now to figure 22, a sleeve 10 is shown in accor-
         dance with a preferred embodiment of the present disclosure.   Figure 22: Perspective view of a basic trilobular sleeve.
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