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         securing said cover to the gear box are shown as well.  attachment points of ponderous objects to the shaft for op-
           In  a  preferred  embodiment,  the  first  end  of  the  barrel  in-  eration in tension. In the embodiment shown in figure 14,
         cludes right-hand threads within the first end of the barrel,   the shaft ends not threadably inserted into the barrel ter-
         while the second end of the barrel includes left-hand threads.   minate with eyes 28. A link 36 and hook 39 are attached to
         Threadably coupled to these threaded members are two shafts,   each eye bolt for attaching to chain, cable, or attachment
         with the first shaft 25 having right-hand threads at one end,   points on machinery to be secures, such as lifting rings or
         and the second shaft 26 having left-hand threads at one end.   tow points on vehicle frames.
         The first shaft is threaded coupled to the end of the barrel hav-  Other end effectors are designed to withstand and trans-
         ing the right-hand threads, and the second shaft is threadably   mit compression forces into the shafts. An embodiment ac-
         coupled into the end of the barrel having the left-hand threads.  cording to this aspect of the invention and adapted for jack-
           It is known that unwanted rotation between a mated pair   ing or lifting a load is shown in an exploded view in figure
         of threadably coupled components (one having internal and   15. The aforementioned cover 37 and four screws 38 secur-
         the other having external threads) can be arrested by driving   ing said cover to the gear box 33 are seen here, as are the
         an additional internally threaded component to bear against   drive gear 32 and barrel gear 30 driven by it. The barrel gear
         the first internally threaded component. A simple example of   is affixed to the barrel by a roll pin 40.
         this is that a nut located at a predetermined location along a   The barrel  22  of  this  embodiment  has  a  first  end  hav-
         threaded shaft can be locked into that position by driving a   ing external threads 50 and second end opposite the first
         second nut into it from either axial direction. Double-nutting   having a lifting pad 51 which in a best mode is knurled,
         as this is sometimes called, is often employed in environments   grooved, cross-cut, or waffled to provide a positive, non-slip
         having moderate vibration such as in transport or shipping.  contact with the load to be raised. Although in this embodi-
           Threaded load tighteners similar to nuts or threaded   ment the lifting pad is integral to the barrel and may be
         washers, often having an eccentric perimeter or lobe or tab   a single forged part for strength, other preferred embodi-
         extending radially away from its internally threaded hole,   ments contemplated within the scope of the invention in-
         are they used in the same manner as doubled nuts to lock   clude those having the lifting pad as a separate component
         turnbuckles  and  load  binders  against  unwanted  rotation   swivelably coupled to the barrel end or threadably coupled
         after the device has taken up a tensile, axial load. It is simi-  to the barrel for fine height adjustment and mate-up of the
         larly contemplated within the scope of the invention to in-  lifting pad to the load. The rotational coupling between the
         clude load tighteners threaded onto the threaded sections   barrel and the lifting pad allows barrel rotation during lift-
         of shafts 25 and 26.                                 ing or lowering without deleteriously forcing the lifting pad
           The other ends of the first and second shafts have end   to rotate at its contact interface with the load in its lifting
         effectors, which is a term including any of various means   or lowering motion.
         for connecting chain, cable, strap or similar material, or                  more patents continued on next page

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