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         tour 140, so that the cable distribution assembly 100 adapts
         to different bore 410 sizes and to different cable 440 thick-
         nesses.  The  invention  contemplates alternative embodi-
         ments in which the shaft and roller are adjustable only hori-
         zontally or only vertically. In the present embodiment, as
         shown in figure 11, the shaft 150 passes through respective
         slots 200 on each sidewall 130. The position of the shaft 150
         along the slots 200 is adjustable. Having a shaft 150 adjust-
         ably connected along opposite slots provides a mechanically-
         and cost-effective solution for providing adjustability of the
         shaft 150 and roller 160 in relation to the base 120.

         Tensioning device
         Pat. 9,776,550  U.S. class F16M 7/00  Int. class B60P 7/08
         Inventor: Jay Lawrence Mahaffey, Buhl, ID.
         Assignee: Pacific States Manufacturing, Inc., Buhl, ID
           A tensioning device uses two perpendicular gears so that   Figure 15: Exploded view of an embodiment adapted for operating in
         common hand tool such as wrenches or socket wrenches can   compression as a lifting jack.
         be used to drive the gears to rotate a barrel having two op-  that the barrel is able to rotate along its rotational axis. The
         positely threaded apertures. Shafts having complementary   guide also has two holes on its own sides, with the first hole
         threads inserted into the threaded apertures and means for   is opposite from the second hole and sized to allow the barrel
         connecting chain, wire rope, cable, or straps will be extended   to pass through the guide holes as well, with the barrel able
         or retracted when tools rotate the driving gear. End effectors   to rotate freely along the barrel’s rotational axis.
         on the shafts include hooks or clevises for securing cargo,   The  gear  box is  assembled such  that the  barrel  passes
         pads for use as a jack, and ball ends for use as an adjustable
                                                              through the two holes in the gear box and the two holes of
                                                              the guide with the barrel gear located inside the gear box
                                                              but outside the guide. The barrel gear 30 is attached to the
                                                              barrel by means of a roll pin 40. A drive gear 32 has a socket
                                                              wrench receptacle placed over the stub, and the drive gear
                                                              engaged with the barrel gear forms a bevel gear.
                                                               The guide has a stub 41 that extends out one side of the
                                                              guide. The gear drive and socket wrench receptacle sit over
                                                              the stub and are rotatably coupled to it, and the stub is lo-
                                                              cated such that when the gear box is assembled the drive
                                                              gear and barrel gear are engaged and the gears’ teeth are
                                                              mutually meshed for transmission of torque from the drive
                                                              gear to the barrel gear. A cover 37 encloses the drive gear
                                                              inside the gear box, and the cover has a hole through which
                                                              the socket wrench receptacle can pass through for rotating
                                                              the socket wrench receptacle. A cover 37 and four screws 38

         Figure 14: Exploded view of an assembly.

         mechanical linkage such as the top link of a three-point ag-
         ricultural hitch. Load locks can secure the threaded shafts
         from unwanted rotation while in transit or in other service.
           The  introductory description  is  presented in  the parent
         application in its description of figures 14-16 of that applica-
         tion. In this application figure 14 also shows a specific de-
         scription of the invention. It is a tensioning device comprised
         of: a gear box 21, a barrel 22 which is tubular shaped having
         an external diameter and a rotational axis along a length of
         the tube, a barrel gear 30 affixed to the exterior of said bar-
         rel with the barrel gear encircling the barrel perpendicular
         to the axis of the barrel’s length, and guide 33 inside of said
         gear box with a stub extending out of the guide. The gear
         box has two holes of which the first hole is situated opposite
         from the second hole, and these two holes are sized to allow   Figure 16:  Assembly  of an embodiment  adapted  for operating in
         the barrel to pass through the gear box and are sized such   compression as a lifting jack.

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