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and second wire ropes 12, 14 by the electrically connecting   Rope end-fastening method, rope with end fastener,
         sheave 22. The controller 44 is not electrically connected to   and end fitting for use in rope end-fastening method
         the first end portions 28 of the third and fourth wire ropes   Pat. 9,869,056 U.S. class D07B 9/00 Int. class F16G 11/05
         16, 18, and as a result, the monitored portions 34 of the third   Inventor: Yasuyuki Fukuda, Tochigi, JP., Noriaki Kose, Tokyo, JP.
         and fourth wire ropes 16, 18 do not form part of the circuit.   Assignee: Toko Bridge Co., Ltd., Tochigi, JP.
         The controller 44 is operable to selectively apply a signal to   This  patent  presents  a  rope  terminal  fixing  method,
         the monitored portions 34 of the first and second wire ropes   which  may  be  used  easily  at  a  construction  site,  causing
         12, 14 and determine the electrical resistance thereof.  less  shearing  load,  and  may  reliably  prevent  the  falling-
                                                              off of the rope. The rope terminal fixing method comprises
                                                              the following steps. A tubular terminal metal fitting which
                                                              comprises a proximal opening, a distal opening, and a
                                                              through hole communicating the proximal and distal open-
                                                              ings is prepared. A terminal of a rope is inserted through
                                                              the proximal opening into the through hole, a portion of
                                                              the terminal of the rope extended from the distal opening
                                                              is loosened, and a diameter-enlarging member is fixed to
                                                              a core wire of the rope. Then, the terminal of the rope is
                                                              brought back into the through hole. A fixed width portion
                                                              extending in an axial direction of the terminal metal fitting
                                                              is pressed from the outside in a circumferential direction
                                                              by swaging, such that a protrusion constraining the rope so
                                                              as to reduce its diameter is formed in the through hole. The
                                                              diameter-enlarging member cooperates with an end of the
                                                              protrusion located on the distal opening side to constrain
                                                              surrounding wires other than the core wire in a sandwich-
                                                              ing manner. A rope with terminal fixing tools, which com-
                                                              prises  the  terminal  fixing  tools  attached  thereto  by  this
                                                              method, is also provided.
                                                               With reference to figures 16-20, the carbon fiber compos-
                                                              ite cable 1 of this embodiment is formed by: impregnating
         Figure 15: Schematically  illustrates an electrical connection   carbon fibers with epoxy resin to form composites, winding
         configuration of the system for positioning wire rope.                               continued on next page

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