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continued from previous page                         spective fastener holes 37 and 59, wherein fastener hole 59
                                                              of gate member 58 is aligned with fastener hole 37 of bridge
                                                              36 when gate member 58 is received by cable insertion slot
                                                              56 such that gate member 58 may be releasably secured in
                                                              cable insertion slot 56 by a threaded fastener 64 extending
                                                              through the aligned holes 37, 59. Threaded fastener 64 may
                                                              comprise a nut  64A and a mating  bolt  64B. As shown in
                                                              figures 14-16, gate member 58 may be arc-shaped to com-
                                                              plement the shape of cable insertion slot 56, such that the
                                                              proper orientation of gate member 58 is readily apparent to
                                                              a user.  In the depicted embodiment, gate member  58 has
                                                              a cylindrical end surface 61 complementary to a cylindrical
                                                              surface of cable passageway 54 to accommodate a portion of
                                                              cable end 20 leading to swage button end fitting 22.
         Figure 15: Perspective view of the adapter.          Mechanical rope wedge
                                                              Pat. 9,719,577 U.S. class F16G 11/04 Int. class F16G 11/04
           Adapter 30 further comprises a gate member 58 remov-  Inventor: Michael Robert Stolz, Franklin, WI.
         ably received by cable insertion slot 56. Gate member 58 is   Assignee: CATERPILLAR INC., Peoria, IL.
         selectively removable from cable insertion slot 56 to permit   This patent presents a wedge assembly for holding a rope
         transversely directed insertion of a portion of cable end 20   in a socket including an inner wedge. The inner wedge in-
         through cable insertion slot 56 and into cable passageway   cludes a tapered body and a threaded hole. The inner wedge
         54. The arc shape of cable insertion slot 56 is advantageous   includes  a  first  guide  feature  and  a  second  guide  feature.
         because it helps retain the inserted portion of cable end 20   The wedge assembly includes a first outer wedge and a sec-
         through bridge 36 while gate member 58 is installed in slot   ond  outer  wedge,  each  outer  wedge including  a receiving
         56, and it avoids a sharp right-angle turn as slot 56 leads to
                                                              feature. The receiving features of the first outer wedge and
                                                              the  second  outer  wedge  are  configured  to  receive  the  first
                                                              guide feature and second guide feature. The wedge assembly
                                                              includes  a  fastener  configured  to  actuate  the  inner  wedge
                                                              between the two outer wedges.
                                                               Figure 18 is a perspective view of a hoist assembly 500
                                                              according to an embodiment of the present disclosure. Hoist
                                                              assembly 500 may include a pair of sockets 502, a pair of

         Figure 16: Another perspective view of the adapter.

         cable passageway 54 to facilitate cable insertion and prevent
         damage to the cable from a sharp edge. As may be seen in
         figure 17, such transversely directed insertion allows swage
         button end fitting 22 to be received within internal space 40
         such that a proximal end face 60 of swage button end fitting
         22 opposes inner face 48 of bridge 36, thereby preventing
         the swage button end fitting from being withdrawn in a lon-
         gitudinal direction from internal space 40. A distal end face
         62 of swage button end fitting 22 faces toward attachment
         portion 38. Bridge 36 and gate member 58 may include re-

                                                              Figure 18: Perspective view of a hoist assembly.

                                                              ropes 504, and a pair of wedge assemblies 100. Each rope
                                                              504 may be a wire rope. Each socket 502 may be pivotally
                                                              connected to an equalizer 506. Each wedge assembly 100,
                                                              in an expanded state, may be assembled into a cavity 510
                                                              of one of the sockets 502. Cavity 510 may be a narrowing
                                                              cavity in which one end is narrower than an opposite end.
                                                              Each rope 504 may extend through an aperture 508 of one
         Figure 17: Side elevation view of the adapter, wherein a swage button
         end fitting of a cable end is shown being held by the adapter.  of  the  sockets  502,  loop around  an  outer  periphery  of  the
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