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         front section 12 is conventional in that it includes an attach-  and the term “transverse” refers to any direction orthogonal
         ment opening  14 extending therethrough, and has a front   or substantially orthogonal to the longitudinal direction.
         sheave 16 rotatably journalled thereon. Cable hoist apparatus   Adapter 30 also comprises an attachment portion 38 cou-
         10 also comprises a cable 18 including a cable end 20 having a   pled to arms  32,  34 and spaced longitudinally from bridge
         swage button end fitting 22. Adapter 30 is useful to releasably   36 to define an internal space 40. Attachment portion 38 is
         attach cable end 20 to frame 12 in a manner that simplifies and   configured for attachment to frame 12 at attachment opening
         expedites replacement of cable 18. In the context of the present   14. For example, attachment portion 38 may include a pair of
         invention, frame 12 may be considered a “grounding structure”   aligned fastener holes 42, 44 extending transversely through
         to which cable end 20 is attached.                   the pair of arms  32,  34, such that the attachment portion
           Attention is directed also now to figures 14-17 illustrating   38 of adapter 30 may be attached to frame 12 by a threaded
         adapter 30 in greater detail. In the depicted embodiment,   fastener 46 as shown in figure 13. As shown in the figures,
         adapter 30 comprises pair of longitudinal arms 32, 34 and a   the pair of arms 32, 34 extend parallel to one another from
         transverse bridge 36 connecting the pair of arms 32, 34. In   bridge 36 and then converge toward one another as they ap-
         the context of the present specification, the term “longitudi-  proach attachment portion 38. Advantageously, a distance D
         nal” refers to a direction of tensioned cable 18 (see figure 13),   between respective end portions of arms 32, 34 is chosen to be
                                                              approximately the same as a thickness of frame 12 adjacent
                                                              attachment opening 14, such that the adapter 30 is held in
                                                              place on frame 12 as it is being installed. Threaded fastener
                                                              46 may include a nut (not shown) and a mating bolt.
                                                               Bridge 36 has an inner face 48, an outer face 50, and a side
                                                              face 52 connecting inner face 48 and outer face 50. Bridge
                                                              further has a longitudinal cable passageway  54 extending
                                                              through inner face 48 and outer face 50, and a cable insertion
                                                              slot  56 communicating with cable passageway  54. As best
                                                              seen in figures 14-16, cable insertion slot 56 is open through
                                                              inner face 48, outer face 50, and side face 52. Cable passage-
                                                              way 54 may be embodied as a cylindrical passageway having
                                                              a diameter that is less than a diameter of swage button end
                                                              fitting 22. Cable insertion slot 56 may be arc-shaped from side
                                                              face 52 to cable passageway 54, although cable insertion slot
                                                              56 is not limited to an arc-shaped configuration.
          Figure 14: Exploded perspective view of the adapter.                                continued on next page

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