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         attached to a bottom portion 22 along first and second angle   the drive mechanism 44 is shown in figure 6 operatively con-
         flanges 24. The top portion 20 is removable for permitting ac-  nected to the lower shaft 38, the drive mechanism 44 may
         cess to the interior of the upper housing 12 for inspection and   alternatively be operatively connected to the upper shaft 34.
         maintenance, and defines an outlet opening 28 through which   Continuing to refer to figure 6, the conveyor 10 also includes a
         particulate matter can exit the conveyor 10. The upper hous-  tensioning assembly 200 which is configured to maintain a pre-
         ing 12 may optionally include a discharge chute.     selected amount of tension on the rope assembly 40. While the
           The infeed housing 14 of conveyor 10 includes an inlet hop-  tensioning assembly 200 is shown in figure 6 in use on a vertical
         per 30 for storing particulate matter “P.” A tail pulley assem-  aero-mechanical conveyor, the tensioning assembly 200 may be
         bly 36 is mounted on a lower shaft 38 that is positioned in the   used on an angled or horizontal conveyor, or on a conveyor hav-
         infeed housing 14. A continuous rope assembly 40 upon which   ing interconnected vertical and horizontal sections.
         multiple  identical  disks  42  are  carried  is  disposed  around   In one embodiment, tensioning assembly 200 includes flang-
         the head and tail pulley assemblies 32 and 36, and extends   es 202A, 202B that are attached to opposite ends of extendable
         through the respective inflow and outflow conveyor tubes 16   tubes 220A, 220B and a pneumatic actuator 262 configured to
         and  18.  Inflow  conveyor  tube  16 includes an inlet tube  48   extend and contract extendable tubes 220A, 220B by apply-
         having a lower end 50 which is connected to infeed housing   ing force to flanges 202A, 202B. Each flange 202A, 202B is
         14. The inlet tube 48 also includes an upper end 52. Tubular   an elongated bar having an opening formed through each end.
         portion 54 is connected to the upper housing 12 at the bot-  Referring to figures 7, 8 and 9, each extendable tube 220A,
         tom portion 22 at an upper end 56. Outflow conveyor tube 18   220B includes an outer sleeve 222A, 222B, that are each at-
         similarly includes an outlet tube 62 having a lower end 64   tached at one end to a flange 202A. In this regard, the bore of
         connected to infeed housing 14 and an upper end 66. A second   the outer sleeve 222A, 222B is aligned with an opening formed
         upper tubular portion 68 of outflow conveyor tube 18 has an   through flange 202A. Tensioning assembly 200 also includes
         upper end 70 connected to the housing 12 and a lower end 69.  a pair of inner sleeves 242A, 242B that are attached at one
           A drive mechanism  44 is positioned adjacent the infeed   end to a flange 202B and are slidably received within the out-
         housing 14 and is operatively connected to the lower shaft   er sleeves 222A, 222B at the other end. Inner sleeves 242A,
         38.  The drive mechanism  44 drives the lower  shaft  38,   242B are each a cylindrical tube that has a bore that together
         causing the head pulley assembly 32 to rotate. This in turn   with the bore through the associated outer sleeve 222A, 222B
         drives the tail pulley assembly 36, and causes the rope as-  forms a passageway for conveying particulate. A pair of seals
         sembly 40 to travel in the direction “D” shown. As the rope   244A and 244B are positioned around each of the inner sleeves
         assembly travels, the disks 42 carry particulate matter from   242A, 242B for engaging outer sleeve 222A, 222B.
         the inlet hopper 30 through the inflow conveyor tube 16, and   An  air  purge  passageway  245  is  formed  through  outer
         into the upper housing 12, where the particulate matter ex-  sleeves 222A, 222B that connects a space defined between
         its the conveyor 10 through the outlet opening 28. Although                           continued on next page

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