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         Figure 7: Elevation view of the bumper housing a winch-cable system.

         or  14, guides  13 and  15 are positioned about the pulleys,
         respectively. From winch drum 16, cable 26 extends across
         the axial length of bumper 2 to pulley 12, further extend-
         ing to pulley 14, and then to swivel-sheave 25 from which
         cable 26 with hook 24 attached hangs free for use. In the
         embodiment illustrated, the winch system is powered by hy-
         draulics, but could just as well be powered using mechani-
         cal, electric, pneumatic, or internal combustion drives. The
         type of power chosen does not change the principles of the
         invention and all such power sources, including solar and
         others not so identified, but suitable, are contemplated for
         use with the invention.
           When a vehicle requires recovering, the recovery vehicle fit-
         ted with a remotely controlled, hydraulically-powered winch   Do you want a
         system following the principles of the present invention is po-
         sitioned with respect to the vehicle being recovered and the   tool or do you
         remotely controlled, hydraulically-powered retractable recov-
         ery stabilizing system 40 is put into place to level and stabi-  want a toy?
         lize the recovery vehicle. This step increases operator safety
         and protects against unwanted motion of the recovery vehicle.
         Even if the recovery vehicle can not be oriented in all possible   When you face a tough job, you don’t
         positions with respect to the vehicle to be recovered, swivel   want to mess around. You need a tool
         sheave pulley 25 can be swiveled so that the vehicles are ef-  that works every time, every day. The
         fectively oriented with respect to each other.           Harrington LB lever hoist is built for
           In order to attach the recovery winch cable to the object   those demanding applications, strong
         being recovered, cable 26 is played out from the winch drum   and reliable to get real jobs done right.
         so that it first is wound around pulley 12 and then about
         pulley 14. The pulleys change the direction of the applied   Harrington’s lever hoist is rated the best in the industry
         force, transmit rotational motions, and/or realize a mechani-  because it can take whatever you dish out. With a compact
         cal advantage in either or both linear and rotational motion   low-headroom design and a short steel handle, this mighty
         to provide for an even winding of the cable on the drum. The   hoist will easily fit anywhere your work demands. This is
         use of more than one pulley provides for maximum redirec-  the tool that works every day to finish the job — faster and
         tion of the pulling force to enhance even-winding of the cable   easier, every time.
         on the drum. Moreover, the positioning of the pulleys and
         the winch relative to one another provides the cable length   •  Heavy-duty, all steel construction
         required for maximum control of cable movement and ori-   •  Nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant load chain
         entation.  Cable  26 is  then  oriented about horizontal-axis,   •  Easy to operate, transport and store
         grooved, swivel-able sheave 24 providing direction-changing
         freedom of motion to the sheave. Thus, the swivel-able con-  •  Revolutionary freewheeling for one-handed operation
         nection provides for the recovery vehicle to use the winch to   •  Capacity range ¾ – 9 Ton
         recover an object regardless of the position of that object in
         relation to the recovery vehicle.                               Join the Revolution and visit us at
           This means that the previously required positioning and
         repositioning  of the recovery  vehicle  in  order to maintain
         the object to be recovered in perfect perpendicular alignment
         with the recovery bumper is no longer required. Protecting
         the bumper from damage when it is used to push an object
         being recovered is rubber padding 60 permanently attached
         to the bumper. To provide access to the winch hook and ca-
         ble, the rubber padding is provided with an opening over the        Manheim, PA/800•233•3010
         cavity that is housing the cable hook, cable end, and sheave.        Corona, CA/800•317•7111
         Optional cover plate 35, which is this example is hingedly             A Kito Group Company
         attached  to bumper  2 using hinges  32 for easy and rapid
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