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Figure 3:. Transverse section of the vessel, showing the first sequence
                                                                  PULLEYS & SHEAVESVES
         completed.                                               PULLEYS & SHEA
         The hang-off cradle has a vertical cut in the side plate, al-
         lowing the rope 4 to enter sideways into the hang-off cradle
         2 and the roundel 3 to be lowered into the cradle for support.
         The ropes 4 are connected to the roundel 3 by a thimble 5,
         and the crane hook 11 is connected to the same by a grom-
         met 6 and shackle 7. The hang-off cradle 2 is supported on
         the edge of the vessel deck 8 by a structural grillage 9 canti-
         levered on the vessel side 10.
           Figure 2 is showing the execution of the first sequence of de-
         ployment operation, with the object 14 with slings 15 and asso-

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         Figure 4: Transverse section of the vessel, showing  the second for a quote today.
         sequence of the deployment operation.
         ciated first roundel 3a being lowered down the first 1000 meter
         of the water depth on the crane wire 16 with the crane hook 11
         and the crane boom 12, while the first 1000 meter of rope sec-
         tion 4a connected to the first roundel 3a is freely run out from
         the storage reel 13 located on the vessel deck 8. The object 14,
         being a structure or process unit, is suspended from the roun-
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