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Figure 3: Cross-sectional side view of a buttress assembly of the net
         barrier system.
           Referring  to  figure  2,  the  portable  barrier  system  10 is
         shown in an open position allowing vehicle access between
                                                                  PULLEYS & SHEA
         the pair of buttress assemblies 50 of the system 10. In the   PULLEYS & SHEAVESVES
         open position, cables 30 are stacked vertically (orthogonally
         with respect to longitudinal axis 25 of net 20) on the surface
         12 of the ground 14. Although not shown in figure 2, in the
         open position net 20 is folded lengthwise along longitudinal
         axis 25, thus minimizing the footprint of net 20 on the sur-
         face 12. In this arrangement, the amount of wear and tear
         produced on net 20 from vehicle traffic traversing between
         buttress assemblies 50 and over folded net 30 is reduced due
         to the relatively small footprint of the net 20 and cables 30
         on the surface 12 provided by the stacked arrangement of
         cables 30 and the lengthwise folded arrangement of net 20.
           Each buttress  assembly  50 generally  includes  a hinged
         link  assembly  52,  an  actuation  assembly  70,  and an  an-
         choring assembly 90. Buttress assembly 50 is configured to   Military Specification Pulleys
         provide for the actuation of the portable barrier system 10
         between  the  closed  and  open  positions  shown  in  figures  1   & Commercial Sheaves.
         and 2, respectively. Specifically, buttress assembly 50 is con-
         figured to vertically (orthogonally with respect to longitudi-  Loos & Co., Inc. is proud to off er a
         nal axis 25) raise and lower cables 30 and net 20 between
         the closed position shown in figure 1 and the open position   wide variety of military specifi cation
         shown in figure 2. Further, buttress assembly 50 is config-  and commercial pulleys and sheaves.
         ured to transfer the energy and force transmitted to the net   These products are the perfect
         20 from the decelerating vehicle to the ground 14 via cables   compliment to the specialized wire
         30 and anchoring assembly 90.
           Hinged link assembly 52 is generally configured to couple   and wire ropes used in the markets
         the pair of cables 30 to the actuation assembly 70, thereby   that we have supported for years.
         allowing the cables 30 and net 20 to be actuated between
         the closed and open positions. Link assembly 52 generally
         includes  a pair of link  members  54 pivotably or  rotatably   Pair these products with our wide
         coupled at a hinged joint 62 disposed therebetween, where   range of wire rope and cable products
         each link member 54 includes a first end 54a distal joint 62   and you’ll get the performance you
         and a second end 54b proximal hinged joint 62. Hinged joint   need, when you need it.
         62 is configured to allow link members 54 to rotate or pivot
         about joint 62, where the axis of rotation of joint 62 is dis-
         posed generally parallel with longitudinal axis 25 of net 20.
         A curved stop member 64 that extends arcuately about joint   Call 800-533-5667 or email
         62 restricts absolute rotation (i.e., 360 degree free rotation) for a quote today.
         of links 54 about joint 62, limiting an angle .sigma. formed
         between links 54 to less than 90°, and thereby preventing
         links  54 from being disposed parallel relative a common
         longitudinal axis. Stop member 64 includes a first or upper
         end 64a and a second or lower end 64b, where upper end
         64a physically engages upper link member 54 (as shown in
         figure 3) and lower end 64b physically engages lower link 
         member 54 (as shown in figure 3) proximal the second end
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