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should be applauded for their pioneer-
         ing utilization of the equipment. We see
         our equipment providing great potential   SLINGUARD PROTECTORS
         for cost savings and increased efficiency
         in future TBM projects.”
           The HT300 skid system and TT900
         turntable are a cost-effective, accurate                     “Clutch Action”
         and safe method for moving, loading,
         unloading or rotating all types of heavy
         loads.  Engineered  ‘ratchet track’  de-                “The Only Proven Protection
         signs enable continuous movement and                  For Your Products and Slings”
         automatic resetting of push cylinders
         without personnel being nearby during                   Extends Sling Life - Reduces cost
         a move. The HT300 has a total height
         of only 7in. (180mm) and the TT900 is
         only 6in. (150mm). This saves jacking                    Sleeves, Wraps, Pads
         time and is  ideal for  working in  con-
         fined spaces.                                                       & Blankets
           The tunnel boring is scheduled to
         complete by end of 2017.
         Steel Group presents                                                   Available From:
         Rep. Walberg with “Steel
         Champion Award”                                          THE VERNON CORPORATION
           The  American  Iron  and Steel  Insti-                    P.O. Box 246 • 400 N. Yankeetown Road
         tute (AISI) presented Rep. Tim Walberg                             Boonville, Indiana 47601
         (R-MI), member of  the  Congressional
         Steel Caucus, the “2016 Congressional
         Steel Champion Award” for his unwav-              (800) 897-5584
         ering dedication to the American steel
         industry and its workers.
           Walberg received the award in recog-
         nition of his continuous support of the
         steel industry, both in his home state
         of Michigan and across the nation. The
         award  was  presented  in  Monroe,  MI
         today  by Roger Newport, CEO of AK
         Steel and vice-chairman of the Board
         of Directors of AISI.
           “Congressman  Walberg  is  a  recog-
         nized leader on behalf of our industry.
         He is a reliable advocate in Washing-
         ton for the men and women working
         in  Michigan’s  steel  mills  and mills
         all  across  the  country.  He  is  a  strong
         supporter of addressing unfair foreign
         trade, enforcing the trade laws, and en-
         couraging cooperative efforts for work-
         place safety -- and is much-deserving
         of this award. All of us in the North
         American steel industry are grateful
         for his leadership,” said Newport.
           “The good-paying manufacturing jobs
         and economic contributions from the
         steel  industry  are  essential  to  Michi-
         gan’s 7th District. As a former steel
         worker at U.S. Steel South Works, I
         appreciate all the hardworking men
         and women in the industry and I know
         firsthand how they support our econo-
         my,” said Congressman Walberg. “It’s a
         privilege to receive the Steel Champion
         Award and I’ll continue working in Con-
         gress to combat illegal trade practices,
         level  the  playing  field,  and  promote
         American-made steel products.”  n
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