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         landmark project.
           Worsley said: “Breaking the sound    SLINGUARD PROTECTORS
         barrier does not constitute a record, but
         imagine the headline—‘school children
         break sound barrier!’ And we’re not
         stopping there; how much further could                      “Clutch Action”
         we go? Could we emulate the magnifi-
         cent Bloodhound car, at 1,000mph?”
           The sound barrier attempt is slated                 “The Only Proven Protection
         for summer 2018, where the latest                    For Your Products and Slings”
         version of the car will likely go faster
         than it has travelled before. The rock-               Extends Sling Life - Reduces cost
         et cars are powered by ammonium
         perchlorate, a frequently used oxidizer
         in most modern composite rocket pro-                    Sleeves, Wraps, Pads
         pellant formulations.
           Worsley said: “We have so far of-                               & Blankets
         ficially  achieved  628mph.  This  is  not
         the maximum speed that this car can
         go, as just as the car passed the time
         trap it abruptly broke up and turned                                 Available From:
         over. We have completely redesigned
         it to have a lower and longer rear sta-                 THE VERNON CORPORATION
         biliser  with  a  much  stronger  chassis                  P.O. Box 246 • 400 N. Yankeetown Road
         design. The cable guide system has                                Boonville, Indiana 47601
         also  had  a  huge  upgrade;  we  will  be
         using a 6mm guide cable and loading
         it with the optimal tension to reduce            (800) 897-5584
         any whip that might be occurring.”
           The first car (Mach 1) was 740mm long,
         100mm high and the main chassis was
         only 60mm in width. The rear wheels
         were 280mm apart to reduce the possi-
         bility of the car overturning. The weight
         of  the car  was  approximately  1100g
         without the rocket motor, which weighs
         868g, giving a total weight of 1,968g. The
         second edition (Mach 2 or ‘Big Mac’) is
         the same length and width but due to the
         double rocket capacity, is 130mm high. It
         weighs approximately 1,300g, while the
         rocket weight will be up to a maximum
         of 2 x 868g, giving a maximum full load
         of just over 3kg (3,036g).
           Worsley  concluded:  “We could  not
         be where  we are now without this
         load cell and Straightpoint’s generos-
         ity.  STEM  is  difficult  to  learn  from  a
         book. It has to be experienced through
         some medium that allows students to
         see, hear and feel something and have
         ownership over changes that they cre-
         ate. STEM is best understood through
         discovery learning.” n

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