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         Wirop_WRE_Aug2018H.indd   1                                                                   7/20/18   8:14 AM
         a loop which could be grabbed. A knot, bend, or kink in the   tually any cross-sectional shape including round, oval, tri-
         cable  leads to destruction  of  the  cable.  As  such,  the  cable   angular, square, rectangular, hexagonal, and virtually any
         must be replaced frequently.                         polygon. Further, in some embodiments the cable puller 100
           Figure 2 is a perspective view of a cable puller in one em-  is not hollow but instead offers sufficient recesses to receive
         bodiment. As depicted the cable puller 100 comprises a hol-  the cable 101 and the button 106.
         low cylinder. This is for illustrative purposes and should not   In one embodiment, and as depicted, the cable puller 100
         be deemed limiting. The cable puller 100 can comprise vir-  has an open downstream end. As depicted, the cable puller
                                                              100 has a partially closed upstream end which prevents up-
                                                              stream movement of the button 106.
                                                               Figure 2 shows the cable 101 nested within a cable puller
                                                              100. A cable puller 100 as used herein refers to a device which
                                                              couples to a button on a cable. As depicted, the cable puller 100
                                                              comprises a sleeve 103 which has a slot 104. In one embodi-
                                                              ment, and as depicted, the slot 104 extends the entire length
                                                              of the sleeve 103. The slot 104 provides an area in which the
                                                              sleeve 103 can receive the cable 101. Thus, the cable 101 can
                                                              extend within the void created by the slot 104. In one embodi-
                                                              ment the slot 104 is sufficiently large to allow the button 106 to
                                                              be placed and removed through the slot 104. In other embodi-
                                                              ments, however, the button 104 must be inserted through the
                                                              open downstream end of the cable puller 100.
                                                               The  sleeve  103  can  comprise  virtually  any  material. In
                                                              one embodiment the sleeve 103 comprises metal whereas in
                                                              other embodiments the sleeve 103 comprises a plastic. The
                                                              sleeve 103 can comprise any material which can tolerate and
                                                              withstand the tension applied to the cable 101. The sleeve
                                                              103 can comprise steel, cast iron, cast steel, forged steel, and
                                                              combinations thereof.
                                                               The sleeve  103 has an upstream end  107 and a down-
                                                              stream end 108. The upstream end 107 is the end furthest
                                                              away from the anchor, and the downstream end 108 is the
         Figure 2: Perspective view of a cable puller.                                         continued on next page

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