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construction  safety veteran,  to bring
         together safety, health and risk profes-
         sionals with OSHA, universities  and
         colleges, attorneys, and safety vendors
         to develop best practices for improving
         workplace safety.
           Wessin is employed by Sims Crane,
         Florida’s premier crane and equipment
         provider, as the company’s South Flor-
         ida Safety Director.
           The  South  Florida SAFE chapter
         now  has nearly  500 members, with
         that success  spurring  the opening  of
         additional chapters throughout Florida
         and beyond, according to Wessin.
           “As  SAFE  celebrates  its  five-year
         anniversary  this  year, we  are add-
         ing chapters in Tampa,  Orlando and
         Jacksonville, as well as opening Texas
         chapters  in  Dallas,  Houston  and San
         Antonio,” said Wessin, who also is
         SAFE’s President. “In 2018, we plan to
         open an additional 20 chapters across
         the United States, and in 2019 another
         20 chapters.”
           The Tampa and Orlando SAFE chap-
         ters opened in June and the Jackson-
         ville SAFE chapter opened July 10.
         The Texas chapters are expected  to
         come online later this year.
           Wessin attributes SAFE’s success to
         several key factors:
           • SAFE meetings are free to attend
         each  month  and are  open  to the  pub-
         lic, allowing the organization to include
         smaller  companies who  may not  em-
         ploy a full-time safety person.
           • SAFE’s monthly meetings feature
         dynamic presentations  about current,
         relevant safety topics. SAFE members
         also receive a weekly newsletter, the
         SAFE Weekly Review, free of charge.
           • SAFE works  closely with the fed-
         eral government and area OSHA of-
         fices to promote workplace safety and
         best practices. SAFE signed an alliance
         with OSHA in 2013 that was renewed
         in 2015. In 2017, OSHA announced
         that SAFE  was  one  of  the  most  suc-
         cessful alliances in the nation and that
         OSHA wanted to renew the alliance for
         five more years.
           SAFE also focuses on giving back
         to the  communities  the  organization
         serves. SAFE’s Change4Change Pro-
         gram collects cash donations in a hard
         hat at every monthly meeting, with the
         funds collected donated quarterly to a
         local charity.  In addition, SAFE sup-
         ports and promotes local food banks
         throughout  the  year and conducts  a
         November food drive. In December,
         SAFE conducts a toy drive, delivering
         toys to a local children’s hospital.
           For more information about SAFE, vis-
         it the website at

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