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manent lifting fixtures of both halves of   panies. They were asked to do a 30 min-
                                            the helipad.                       utes presentation to three judges, from
                                              Griffen added:  “We worked closely   the category sponsor Meachers Global
                                            with the client’s engineering  depart-  Logistics; award sponsors Santander
                                            ment to calculate  the capacity, type   and  overall  sponsors  Trethowans.  The
                                            and length of slings required, to com-  judges visited the DLM offices in Nurs-
                                            plement the spreader beams. We also   ling,  where  DLM  were  able  to  expand
                                            extracted additional  information from   on answers given in the first application
                                            the design plans for the helipad, such   and demonstrate examples of their sus-
                                            as centre of gravity.”             tainable habits within the workplace.
                                              The rig is among a number of smaller   Jeff Halford, Director at DLM, com-
                                            satellite platforms in the area. The rig   ments ‘We are thrilled to have won this
                                            remains operational but personnel will   award. It really is a great achievement
                                            now access it only by marine transport,   for us. We have recently expanded our
                                            not helicopter.                    business  to encompass a brand new
                                                                               office  space,  showcasing  the  latest  in
                                            DLM sweep up another               sustainable  equipment such  as  LED
                                            award                              lights, motion censored lighting system
                                              It was a night to remember for Dy-  and eco-friendly  air  conditioning.  We
                                            namic Load Monitoring (DLM) at this   also enlisted the help of Sustrans, na-
                                            year’s South Coast Business Awards,   tional sustainability charity to promote
                                            where DLM won the Sustainable      cycling to work which helped us to sup-
                                            Business of the year at the glitzy   port the staff who wanted to cycle. We
                                            black tie event held at the Hilton at   now have over half the staff cycling to
         The heavier piece of the pad, lifted by the                           work on a daily basis.’
         MOD 110H, weighed 89t.             the Ageas Bowl in Southampton at
                                            the start of the month.              ‘We are passionate about the envi-
         continued from previous page         The  Daily  Echo  awards  aim  to  re-  ronment and always looking at ways
         ft.) and lower capacities up to 18m (59   ward the best in local business and   we can improve, so to be regonized as
         ft.), while the latter provides 110t ca-  recognize the achievements of com-  sustainable business of the year is fan-
         pacity at 14m (46 ft.) and lower capaci-  panies and individuals across Hamp-  tastic. I’m very proud of the team here
         ties up to 18m (59 ft.). The beams com-  shire and the Isle of Wight. The Sus-  at DLM, lets keep up the good work!”
         bined with other rigging gear, such as   tainable  business  of  the  year  award   For  more  information about DLM,
         wire rope slings and shackles, also sup-  sponsored by Meacher’s Global Lo-  visit their website:
         plied by Certex, to lift the pieces onto   gistics were looking  for  a  company
         a separate supply vessel that shipped   who  achieved  a  sustainable  business   Safety Alliance for Excellence
         them back to port.                 growth model, embrace sustainability   expands in Florida with new
           Different  rigging equipment was   and embedded it within their company   chapters in Tampa, Orlando
         used with each spreader beam. Above   culture, demonstrated how customers   and Jacksonville
         the MOD 110H was a two-leg, 7m-long   have engaged with the sustainability   The  Safety Alliance  for  Excellence
         sling made from 90mm diameter wire   policy and demonstrated an innovate   (SAFE), a resource  for safety, health
         rope, while beneath the beam were two   sustainability model.         and risk professionals to address work-
         two-leg, 16m-long slings  made from   DLM entered the awards back in   place safety issues,  is expanding by
         64mm diameter wire  rope. Above the   April by submitting an application to   opening  new  chapters  in  Tampa, Or-
         MOD  110, a two-leg, 8m-long, 64mm   the Daily Echo’s online portal. DLM   lando and Jacksonville.
         sling combined with a pair of two-leg,   were delighted to hear they had been   SAFE was founded in South Florida
         16m-long, 56mm  slings. All were uti-  shortlisted along with three other com-  in 2012 by David Wessin,  a 30-year
         lised at 30 degrees.
           The beams were sourced from Modu-
         lift after modification of the end units.
         Jason Griffen, technical sales at Certex
         (UK), explained: “Pad-eyes  were re-
         quired on the side of the end units so
         they could be connected to winches on
         the barge crane to control manoeuvring
         of the helideck during positioning into
         place. We provided calculations in ad-
         vance of the project so Modulift could
         weld the modifications accordingly.”
           The  modifications  were  required  to
         eliminate the use  of guide ropes and
         the requirement for personnel to work
         in proximity of the loads as they were
         landed on the supply vessel. Further,
         there was not a lot of margin for error
         and the modified beams simplified the   DLM at the South Coast Business Awards
         process. Certex was able to utilise per-

         54     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2017
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