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industry and a variety of selected sta-
         tistical data on the Canadian, Mexican   These are the reasons we’ve
         and world steel industries. It features
         extensive charts  and graphs,  includ-
         ing selected statistical highlights  on   been around since 1928
         shipments,  apparent supply,  imports,
         employment and raw steel data over a
         10-year period; selected financial high-  POC 3500-94
         lights; shipments by products and mar-  3 /2" capacity, power-operated
         kets  over  a  10-year period;  raw  steel   Cuts 3 /2" wire rope in 40 seconds!
         production (including  selected state-  Also available in 2 /2", 1 /4"
         level production data)  and capability   and 1 1 /8" capacity.
         utilization; and detailed  imports and
         exports data. The report also includes
         an executive summary that highlights
         recent  and historical  trends  in  the
         North American steel industry.
           “The ASR is an indispensable tool for
         the industry,  media, academia, steel     Model 1
                                                   3 /4" capacity
         analysts and others who are interested                                        POC 2500-80
         in tracking steel industry trends,” said                                      2 /2" capacity, power operated
         Thomas J. Gibson, president and CEO,                  Model 1A
         AISI. “The 135 page report includes   Model 2         1 /16" capacity
         numerous charts, graphs and other     1 /2" capacity
         detailed industry information. We are
         proud that the ASR continues to serve                            POC 1125-80            C-1750
         as the industry standard for reporting                           1 /8" capacity, power-operated  1 /4" capacity
         on steel. I encourage anyone who is in-
         terested in industry data to purchase a                 Morse-Starrett Products Company
         copy of the ASR.”                                        184 NW 10th St, Meridian, Idaho 83642
                                                                PH: (208) 888-7571  •  FAX: (208) 888-2092
           A copy of  the  2016 Annual  Statisti-              sales@  •
         cal  Report can  be purchased  by visit-
         ing the Platts Steel Data and Analysis
         website    (
         steel-data-analysis) or by calling
         1-800-PLATTS-8.                         SLINGUARD PROTECTORS
         Certex uses Modulift Beams
         for helipad lifts
           Certex (UK) used two modified spread-                     “Clutch Action”
         er beams from Modulift’s heavy, off-
         the-shelf range to lift two nonidentical
         halves of a helipad onto a vessel from a               “The Only Proven Protection
         gas rig in the Dutch Sector of the North
         Sea recently. The site was approximately              For Your Products and Slings”
         70 miles off the Danish coast.
           Certex, a supplier of steel wire ropes,              Extends Sling Life - Reduces cost
         lifting products and services to the oil,
         gas, industrial and renewable markets,
         accepted a scope of work to design and                   Sleeves, Wraps, Pads
         supply a below-the-hook  solution  for
         loading the helipad using a 300t capac-                            & Blankets
         ity crane aboard a barge.
           The heavier piece of the pad weighed
         89t, while the smaller was less than half                             Available From:
         the weight at 35t; it was hexagonal in
         shape and measured 44m sq. when as-                      THE VERNON CORPORATION
         sembled.  Interestingly,  each  piece  was
         removed from the site one at a time (the                   P.O. Box 246 • 400 N. Yankeetown Road
         smallest first) along with its correspond-                        Boonville, Indiana 47601
         ing spreader beam and rigging.
           Certex used a MOD 110H at 6m (19
         ft.) for the heavier section and a MOD            (800) 897-5584
         110 at 6.5m (21 ft.) for the other. The
         former can lift up to 170t at 11.5m (37
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