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         of positioning the replica jet under-
         neath the Tattoo stand structure.  In-
         tegral to the suspension  phase of the
         project were  four Modulift spreader
         beams—three MOD 24s and a MOD
         50—sourced from Bernard Hunter’s
         below-the-hook equipment stock.
           The MOD 24 offers 24t capacity at 5m
         / 17 ft. and lower capacities up to 8m /
         26 ft., while the MOD 50 provides 50t
         capacity at 8m / 26 ft. and lower capaci-
         ties up to 13m / 42 ft. The beams were
         configured so the largest was beneath
         two smaller ones above the back of the
         plane that were rigged into the ceiling,
         and  the  final  MOD  24  suspended  the
         front  of  the  plane.  Nylon  slings  were
         each rated at 10t working load limit.
           The rig was installed the night before
         the lift using a Palfinger loader crane,
         also from Bernard Hunter’s fleet. The
         following day, a 50t capacity Liebherr   The 50t capacity Liebherr LTM1050-3.1 in the foreground and the 20t capacity Kato
         LTM1050-3.1 mobile crane and 20t ca-  CR200Ri behind.
         pacity Kato CR200Ri  city crane were
         selected for the lift, based on the space   level, directly upwards to its final po-  Mark Rafferty, Managing Director at
         restrictions  and lifting capacity re-  sition. An aerial working platform was   Bernard  Hunter,  said:  “The  plane  had
         quired. The F35 was lifted from ground   used to access the rig.      three lifting eyes manufactured into its
                                                                               design, one at the front and two at the
                                                                               back. Both cranes were rigged with slings
                                                                               below-the-hook; the Kato crane lifted the
                                                                               front and the Liebherr the back.”
                                                                                 Rafferty  explained  that  with  only
                                                                               two weeks between receiving the con-
                                                                               tract and the lift taking place, it was
                                                                               important to gather as much informa-
                                                                               tion as possible to facilitate lift plan-
                                                                               ning, with height restrictions associ-
                                                                               ated with working underneath the
                                                                               stand the primary focus. He said: “We
                                                                               were working with only millimetres
                                                                               to spare above the cranes.”
                                                                                 Various  on-site  meetings took  place
                                                                               with Interserve and two engineering
                                                                               firms,  Arup  Engineering  and  George
                                                                               Brown Engineering.  Arup provided
                                                                               important details about the roof struc-
                                                                               ture, which was erected especially for
                                                                               the REMT. Upon further consultation
                                                                               with Lockheed Martin, the manufac-
                                                                               turer  of  the  F35 model, the  spreader
                                                                               beam concept was devised.
                                                                                 Rafferty  said:  “We  wanted  to  find  a
                                                                               suspension solution that didn’t involve
                                                                               using  heavy  steel  beams.  Considering
                                                                               the  Modulift  spreaders  was  a  game-
                                                                               changer; I’m not sure the concept would
                                                                               have been possible without them.”
                                                                                 Bernard Hunter chairman, Jim Raf-
                                                                               ferty, conducted lift plans and oversaw
                                                                               execution of the project. He combined
                                                                               with a total of six Bernard Hunter per-
                                                                               sonnel over 12 hours, from 6pm to 6am
                                                                               the following morning. Once the plane
                                                                               was suspended, George Brown Engi-
         The beams were configured so the largest was beneath two smaller ones above the back of
         the F35. It was then lifted from ground level, directly upwards to its final position.  neering completed tests on the rigging
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