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ditional barge shelves, to allow for two way vessel and barge
         traffic, and deepen the CC Ship Channel to 54 feet MLLW      Join The  RevoluT ion
         (Mean Lower Low Water) to allow for safe passage of deep
         draft vessels.
           The PPA was recently approved unanimously at a special
         meeting of the Port of Corpus Christi Commission upon which
         Port  Commissioners  also  approved  the  acceleration  of  $32
         million in Port funds to the USACE to expedite initial con-
         struction phase of the Project.
           “The Corpus Christi Ship Channel Improvement Project is
         of critical importance for the Texas energy sector and for the
         nation’s move toward energy independence.  The Port of Cor-
         pus Christi has designated this project its number one prior-
         ity.  With the signing of this agreement its merit is proven
         as a national infrastructure priority as well,” said Charles
         W. Zahn, Chairman of the Port Corpus Christi Commission.
           The CC Ship Channel Improvement Project was initially
         authorized by Congress under the Water Resources Devel-
         opment Act  (WRDA)  of  2007. Congress  re-authorized  the
         CC Ship Channel Improvement Project in WRDA 2014, and
         reaffirmed its commitment to the Project under the WIIN
         2016 Act (Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Na-
         tion Act).
            “Our team has worked towards this momentous project
         for a very long time.  It feels great to have co-signed this
         important  agreement  with  Colonel  Zetterstrom  and  the   Do you want a
         U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  With our port’s accelerated
         funding we can get started on the deepening and widening   tool or do you
         of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel because of this impor-
         tant agreement, and look forward to future funding and
         construction of the remaining phases for this nationally   want a toy?
         critical  infrastructure  project,”  said  Port  Corpus  Christi
         Executive Director John LaRue.                           When you face a tough job, you don’t
           The entire Project is estimated to cost $327 million with   want to mess around. You need a tool
         the USACE proportionate cost-share projected to be $225   that works every time, every day. The
         million  and the PCCA proportionate cost-share  projected
         at $102 million. The PPA allows the PCCA to accelerate its   Harrington LB lever hoist is built for
         portion of the Project cost-share, thereby allowing construc-  those demanding applications, strong
         tion to commence ahead of federal appropriations up to $102   and reliable to get real jobs done right.
         million. These funds are intended for use in the design and   Harrington’s lever hoist is rated the best in the industry
         construction of the deepening of the CC Ship Channel from   because it can take whatever you dish out. With a compact
         the Gulf of Mexico to Harbor Island.                     low-headroom design and a short steel handle, this mighty
           This  PPA  is  the  first  one  to  include  several  modernized
         agreement provisions following a comprehensive review and   hoist will easily fit anywhere your work demands. This is
         updating of partnership language by the USACE.  The PPA   the tool that works every day to finish the job — faster and
         was negotiated and approved on an expedited basis through   easier, every time.
         a team effort between PCCA Staff and the USACE Galves-    •  Heavy-duty, all steel construction
         ton District, USACE Southwest Region Division Staff, and
         USACE Headquarters.                                       •  Nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant load chain
         For more information go to their  website at www.         •  Easy to operate, transport and store                                     •  Revolutionary freewheeling for one-handed operation
         Modulift Beams suspend full scale model                   •  Capacity range ¾ – 9 Ton
         fighter jet                                                      Join the Revolution and visit us at
           Four Modulift spreader beams were used to suspend a full
         scale,  10t  model  of  an  F35  Lightning  II  jet  fighter,  which
         was hung at the entrance to Edinburgh Castle’s esplanade
         at this year’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (REMT).
           The F35 featured alongside a Lynx Mk III helicopter and a
         CGI projection onto the castle walls of an aircraft taking off
         from the deck. The annual celebration of music and enter-
         tainment took place this year from August 4-26.
           Edinburgh-based  rental  firm  Bernard  Hunter  Mobile            Manheim, PA/800•233•3010
                                                                              Corona, CA/800•317•7111
         Cranes received a scope of work from construction company               A Kito Group Company
         Interserve, which was given the task by REMT organizers
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