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                                                                           EASY LIFT.

                                                                When it comes to rigging, lifting, or hoisting,
                                                                quality speaks for itself.  At Alps  we’ve been
                                                                delivering quality with better, stronger, and
                                                                efficient wire rope since 1968.  Quality rings true
                                                                in our products and people – making your job
                                                                easier.  That’s why Alps is...

                                                              “ T he P innacle of Q ualit y ”

                                                                We’ve expanded our locations to better serve you!
                                                                      Chicago, IL • Los Angeles, CA
                                                                      Houston, TX  • Harrisburg, PA

                    •  800-424-9984  •

         to be an exciting opportunity for Bar  Lift & Move USA Sets Sights    partners to make that happen.”
         Products  and Services  to  offer  their   on 2018                      If your company is interested in host-
         glimpse into the future  to the world!   Lift & Move USA is proud to announce   ing a Lift & Move USA event in the fu-
         From a small workshop in Bradford in   two scheduled events for 2018 and seeks   ture, point your browser to www.liftand-
         1992 to the world market in 2018 – Bar   a host for a third event in either spring
         Products  and Services  epitomises the   or early fall. SC&RA members Ness-  html or contact Bennett for more infor-
         future of the industry – expansion, ac-  Campbell Crane + Rigging, Portland   mation:
         quisition  of  increasingly  sophisticated   OR., and Southwest Industrial Rigging,   SP Load Cell Helps School
         machinery and a network  of industry   Phoenix,  AZ,  will  host  the  events  Oct.
         experts – they look forward to present-  11  and  Nov.  8,  respectively.  Building   STEM Club Attempt to
         ing their innovative products on THE   on the momentum of the program’s suc-  Break Sound Barrier
         international wire and cable stage.  cess, Tracy Bennett was recently named   Straightpoint  (SP)  has  donated  a  5t
           As a trailblazer for this booming in-  as director. She replaces Brett Melvin,   capacity  Radiolink  plus  wireless  load
         dustry, The WIRE provides experts   who led the program since its inception   cell, which is being used as a key compo-
         with answers  to challenges of the fu-  and  is now  looking  to  develop similar   nent in a Nottinghamshire, UK school
         ture – and Bar Products and Services   initiatives in other industries.  STEM club’s outlandish, but entirely
         are excited to present themselves as a   Bennett has spent her entire career   plausible, attempt to send a rocket car
         team of highly trained experts ready to   in  business-to-business  marketing  through the sound barrier next year.
         offer those solutions!             in the crane,  rigging, and specialized   The  science,  technology,  engineering
           Bar Products  and Services  Ltd are   transport sector, initially as a journal-  and mathematics group at The Joseph
         proud to be major suppliers in the field   ist and more recently through her mar-  Whitaker School meet for three hours
         of Wire Rope Compaction. Along with   keting company. Recent projects have   every night. And the dedication to extra
         the supply of ‘Compaction  Units’ and   included assisting the Steel Erectors   curricular studies is paying off. Send-
         rollers to cover a range of Strand di-  Association of America in marketing   ing a car hurtling along a wire rope, it
         ameters from 2mm to 40mm they also   its  Ironworker  Training  and Appren-  already has a Guinness World Record—
         supply numerous other high quality   ticeship programs.               set at 533.1mph—but has realistic ambi-
         tooling and offer a rapid service on a   “The opportunity to lead Lift & Move   tions to smash the sound barrier, which
         worldwide basis.                   USA represents the culmination of   is approximately 765mph, in 2018.
           You can read more about Bar Prod-  both personal and professional endeav-  The young engineers rig a 5t electric
         ucts and Services in a full profile which   ors for me, and I’m thrilled to be work-  winch  to a 3t Land Rover that is,  in
         will be featured in the 2018 WIRE Dus-  ing  with  generous,  dedicated crane,   turn,  rigged to  the  load cell  and  onto
         seldorf Show issue of the magazine.  rigging,  and transportation industry             continued on page 53

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