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continued from previous page       ship is suspended above an area where   viding  IP67 /  NEMA6 environmental
         equipment after 12 months is testament   pedestrians view the exhibit. It was a   protection even with the battery cover
         to the hard work that has been put in by   landmark,  custom  project,  befitting  of   plate missing. End users benefit from
         the now five-strong team at the site and   the cultural significance of the event.”  a range of 700m or 2,300 ft, he added.
         the positive response we have received   The hull of the ship was lifted by mo-
         from the market.”                  bile crane in one piece; the three masts  Rope and Sling Installs
           Terry Quinn is currently in charge of   were raised individually and then at-  Goalpost Runway Systems
         external sales, while Geoff Clay looks   tached to the  structure.  Connection   for Radiator Manufacturer
         after internal  sales.  Both can  be con-  points (orange in colour in the photos)   Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS) has
         tacted at 01925 817 848.           on the ship form the main rigging areas   installed three identical goalpost runway
                                            for the complex suspension project. The   systems to eliminate the need for man-
         Straightpoint Load                 load shackles were rigged strategically   ual  handling  of  heavy  parts  at  Stelrad
         Shackles Monitor Weight of         to communicate data via SP’s Multiple   Radiator Group, the leading UK-based
         Flying Ship                        Wireless  Load Cell  Controller  (SW-  manufacturer of domestic radiators.
           A series of 12t and 25t capacity wire-  MWLC) software package, designed for   The 500kg safe working load (SWL)
         less  Straightpoint (SP)  load shackles   use on a multitude of platforms.  goalpost runway systems span packag-
         are  monitoring  loads on  wire  ropes   David Mullard, business development   ing lines at Stelrad’s Rotherham facili-
         supporting a 2t  steel  ship,  suspended   manager at SP, explained that the op-  ty, which is only a short distance to the
         above the city of Linz  in  Austria, to   erator reads the data on a laptop in a   north of RSS’s site in the same South
         symbolise  the  water-themed  Höhen-  central  control  station. “SW-MWLC   Yorkshire  town.  The systems were
         rausch  cultural  project, which  runs   software is used to monitor the load   each installed with push travel trollies,
         from May to October this year.     shackles for overloads in the rigging   lifting  beams, and hand  chain  blocks
           Six 12t capacity and six 25t capacity   wires for safety reasons as visitors are   that will be used to lift items during
         load shackles were supplied by SP dis-  able to walk directly underneath the fly-  the radiator packaging process.
         tributor Pfeifer, which partnered with   ing boat,” he said. “The load isn’t neces-  They measure 3,606mm  across,
         a local engineering company to create   sarily dynamic but with wind shear the   while 3,655mm separates the footings
         the spectacle atop a parking area in the   loads would certainly change. Unlike   on each side of the conveyor belt than
         country’s  culture-centric  region.  The   many scenarios, here the load shackles   runs underneath the lifting beams and
         ship is 21m long, 18m wide and “flies”   are monitoring the in-situ rigging ten-  hoists. The freestanding structures
         at around 81m, suspended in part by a   sions during the exhibition rather than   were originally manufactured to stand
         wooden tower that was originally erect-  for the lifting operation itself.”  at  2,200mm  high.  However,  upon  in-
         ed in 2009 for this exhibition.      Mullard  highlighted key  features  of   stallation, it was decided to raise them
           Pfeifer, a specialist in the provision of   SP’s  wireless  load  shackles  including   a further 200mm to allow more head-
         ropes for construction, entertainment,   their suitability to limited headroom   room for personnel, which required 16
         and other projects, said: “The load   applications. Each load shackle is proof   stools to be sourced at the 11th hour.
         shackles constantly monitor and pro-  tested  and equipped  with a hard an-  Mick  Gill,  Senior  Testing  Engineer
         vide information about the loads. Safety   odised aluminium electronics enclosure   at RSS, explained that once the stools
         is of paramount importance because the   containing a new internal chassis pro-  were  fabricated, it was a case of lift-

                                                           The load shackles
                                                             were rigged
                                                            strategically to
         Connection points (orange in colour in the photos) on the ship   communicate   Six 12ton capacity and six 25ton capacity
         form the main rigging areas for the complex suspension project.   data via SP’s   load shackles were supplied by Straightpoint
         The ship is 21m long, 18m wide and “flies” at around 81m.   software package.  distributor Pfeifer.
         50     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2018
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