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         ing opportunities that we take full ad-
         vantage of to better prepare our team to
         promote and sell the benefits of the Har-
         rington Hoists brand. Certified Slings &
         Supply® and Harrington Hoists’ part-
         nership has grown over the years due to
         our commitment to service, quality, and
         team and making sure our customers
         get the right Harrington Hoists product
         to get the job done safely.”
           Carlo Lonardi, President and CEO
         of  Harrington  Hoists,  congratulated
         Certified Slings & Supply® for anoth-
         er  outstanding  year.  “In  today’s  fast-
         paced  world, it is refreshing  to share
         a true partnership with a quality com-
         pany like Certified Slings & Supply®.
         Loyalty and support are key elements
         in developing partnerships to this level
         which is proven by the success we have
         shared,” explained Lonardi.        Certified Slings wins Harrington Hoists’ Distributor Excellence Award for the third time.
           Certified  Slings  &  Supply®  is  head-  tries. With 120 team members, an active   (PCCA) Commission and the U.S. Army
         quartered in Casselberry, FL and is   online presence, and fabrication facilities   Corps of Engineers (USACE) have exe-
         the largest sling manufacturer and rig-  in every location, Certified Slings & Sup-  cuted a Project Partnership Agreement
         ging supplier in the Southeast. Certified   ply®  is poised for  continued  growth—  (PPA) for the deepening and widening
         Slings & Supply® specializes in slings,   and more awards from suppliers.  of the  Corpus  Christi  Ship Channel
         rigging, overhead lifting, load secure-                               (CC Ship  Channel).  The  PPA,  effec-
         ment, safety products, and contractor   Port of Corpus Christi        tive September 9, 2017 was signed by
         supplies.  In  addition  to  its  six  service   and U.S. Army Corps of   John  LaRue, PCCA Executive Direc-
         centers across the state in Orlando, Jack-                            tor,  and Colonel  Lars  N.  Zetterstrom,
         sonville, Tampa, Fort Myers, Miami,  Engineers ready to deepen        Commander,  USACE  Galveston Dis-
         and West Palm Beach, Certified Slings  and widen the Corpus           trict.  The CC Ship Channel Improve-
         &  Supply®  has  an  active  international  Christi Ship Channel      ment Project (CIP) will widen the CC
         sales team and exports to over 50 coun-  The Port of Corpus Christi Authority   Ship Channel to 530 feet, plus plus ad-

                                                        In 1924, Germany’s ‘Adolf Bleichert & Co.’ celebrated
                                                        its 50th Anniversary. By the time of this occasion,
                                                        the company had designed and built the world’s
                                                        record holding wire ropeways: Longest and highest
                                                        elevation (Argentina); Length of system over water
                                                        (New Caledonia); Steepest (Tanzania); Highest
                                                        capacity (France); Northernmost (Norway); and,
                                                        Southernmost (Chile).

                                                        Written by the great-great grandson of the
                                                        company’s founder, this book includes over 100
                                                        pictures and detailed engineering drawings that
                                                        explore the legendary company’s history, and
                                                        several of its record-holding systems.

                                                                      Available at for your
                                                                      Kindle or in paperback.

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                                                                          in paperback.
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