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         of our Community, State and the Oceans   toral environments with Bedford’s deep   exports are to Canada  and Mexico,”
         that give us our livelihoods.”     expertise engineering  and producing   Gibson said. He added  that, “since
           Bedford Technology  LLC  President   extremely durable marine products.   NAFTA went into force U.S. steel ex-
         & CEO, Jeff Breitzman, stated: “WCS   The  partnership  also  leverages WCS   ports to Canada and Mexico increased
         has over 60 years of expertise in manu-  connections  to industry  in  Western   nearly threefold, and the United States
         facturing and distributing dock & deck   Canada . We expect this arrangement   moved from a large steel trade deficit
         marine equipment in the Pacific North-  will help grow the market for quality,   with Canada and Mexico to a relatively
         west and we believe that this partner-  low-total-cost-of-ownership,  healthy,  balanced trade relationship.”
         ship will not only help both our com-  clean & green port facilities.”  Gibson  outlined  the  industry’s  rec-
         panies grow but also provide our Ports   For more information go to their web-  ommendations to modernize NAFTA,
         huge  savings in  maintenance costs.   site at       which  includes  strengthening  rules  of
         Coastal  communities will save money                                  origin, more effectively promoting trade
         through these non-polluting, long-last-  AISI testifies at USTR       enforcement cooperation and coordina-
         ing, structural materials with extraor-  NAFTA hearing                tion, establishing disciplines on the con-
         dinarily low total-cost-of-ownership.”  Thomas J. Gibson,  President  and   duct of state-owned enterprises, estab-
           Steve Row, WCS VP of Sales added:   CEO of the American Iron and Steel   lishing enforceable currency disciplines,
         “Bedford is  one  of  the  country’s  most   Institute (AISI), said that the steel in-  and streamlining customs procedures
         experienced  and  reliable  commercial   dustry sees NAFTA as a generally suc-  and upgrading border infrastructure.
         manufacturers  in non-polluting,  re-  cessful  agreement, but that it should   “While the Agreement has been ben-
         cycled plastic products. This gives us a   be modernized and strengthened.  eficial,  these  approaches  would  im-
         high degree of confidence that we will   In testimony before an inter-agency   prove it to make the American steel in-
         be able to provide our  Ports  facilities   hearing of the U.S. Trade Representa-  dustry stronger, and create jobs in the
         customers, in a timely manner, the ad-  tive (USTR) on NAFTA Modernization,   process,” Gibson concluded.
         vanced composite building  materials   Gibson said that NAFTA has “strength-
         they need for their facilities to with-  ened manufacturing supply chains,  Load Cells keep offshore
         stand the relentless abuse received by   contributed to increases in intra-NAF-  mooring project afloat
         port infrastructure in ocean and ripar-  TA trade and investment, and enabled   French  maritime engineering spe-
         ian environments.”                 a stronger  relationship  with  Canada   cialist Iroise Mer, based in Brest on the
           Jesse Hooge, Sales Director at Bed-  and Mexico” for the steel industry.  country’s northwestern  coast, used a
         ford, “This partnership brings together   “NAFTA is the steel industry’s most   50t Straightpoint Radiolink plus (RLP)
         the long experience of WCS in selling   important free trade agreement, as 90   load cell during a refit of a tanker moor-
         and distributing equipment used in lit-  percent of all U.S.  steel mill product      continued on next page

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