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A Century of Wire Rope Excellence

               Union Wire Rope is proud to announce its 100th
               year as the industry leader in the design and
               manufacturing of wire ropes  and assemblies.
               Since 1917,  Union products  have delivered
               exceptional service and unmatched support.

               Today, Union remains an industry leader in oil and
               gas, mining, crane and general-purpose ropes.



         Bishop Lifting Products,           vices  include:  Oilfield  Wireline  Spool-  tributor of the Year and the Gold Club
         Inc. finalizes acquisition of      ing Services, Electromechanical Cable   Award, and this year marks the third
         Matex Wire Rope                    Splicing,  Wireline  Sheave  repair,  in-  time they have been awarded Distrib-
           SBP Holdings, through its wholly   spection and recertification.    utor Excellence.
         owned subsidiary Bishop Lifting Prod-    “The  acquisition  of  Matex  comple-  “We work closely with our key suppli-
         ucts, is pleased to announce the recent   ments our overall wire rope and rigging   ers and choose new vendors carefully,”
         acquisition  of  Matex  Wire  Rope,  Inc.   offering so we can now provide addition-  explains Nicole Parkerson, Vice Presi-
         headquartered  in  Kilgore,  TX.  This   al services to the oil and gas industry.   dent of Administration. “By having great
         bolt  on  acquisition  fits  into  Bishop   This investment represents an impor-  relationships, we are able to offer high
         Lifting  Products  growth  strategy  to   tant strategic opportunity to offer high   quality products to our customers and
         accelerate its position in Texas and   quality products and service operations   still  be  competitive.  Harrington  Hoists
         Louisiana markets.                 in  and  around  Texas  and  Louisiana,”   is a perfect example of the success that
           Along with Delta Rigging & Tools   said Harold King, President of Bishop   comes from a strong partnership.
         and Morgan City Rentals, Matex Wire   Lifting  Products.  “The  acquisition  also   Parkerson credits some of the success
         Rope is a quality addition to the SBP   adds to our capacity and geographic   to Harrington Hoists’ reliability and the
         Holdings group of companies. For over   presence to key market customers.”   durability of the product. “Some of our
         50 years,  Matex has  been  a premier   For more information about Bishop   customers who own other hoist brands
         supplier of lifting solutions  including:   Lifting Products, Inc.:  complain about having to replace brakes
         sling  fabrication,  wire  rope  &  rigging   For  more  information  about Matex   every year or two,” says Parkerson. “We
         hardware, fall protection, cable service,   Wire Rope:   love being able to sell them a product
         recertification and custom lifting solu-  Certified Slings wins Har-  with a 10 year brake warranty, and our
         tions.  With branches  in Shreveport,                                 strong stocking commitment means it’s
         LA, Pleasanton, TX, Alice, TX, and  rington Hoists’ Distributor       available right away.”
         Midland, TX, the combined companies  Excellence Award . . . again       The products aren’t the only reason
         will  now  operate 20 branch  locations   Certified Slings & Supply® is proud   for  success,  however:  Certified  Slings
         throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklaho-  to again be named a recipient of the   & Supply® is an authorized repair
         ma, Kansas, and Colorado.          Distributor Excellence Award by Har-  center and is committed to building a
           Matex provides sales, service and re-  rington Hoists, Inc. This award is   knowledgeable sales force. “Knowledge
         pair for all types of wire rope and cable,   given to outstanding distributors with   is power and comes from education,”
         including,  drill lines,  sandlines, elec-  strong sales growth and supplier part-  explains  Doug  Worswick,  CEO.  “Har-
         tromechanical cable (EWL), and other   nership.  Certified  Slings  &  Supply®   rington Hoists offers outstanding train-
         specialty cables. Matex’s specialty ser-  has previously won Outstanding Dis-         continued on next page

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