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                       ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE

                                                       Terminal Tuners™
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                                                      Stainless Turnbuckles    Above each beam, a sling was rigged at either
                                                                               end at a 55-degree angle to an 18t SWL tie-
                                                                               plate. Modulift sent two rigs for on- and off-
                                                                               load in Korea and Thailand respectively.
                                                                               steered  towards  the  eight-beam  solu-
                                                                               tion; we added another layer to the rig.
                                                                               Above each beam, a sling was rigged at
                                                                               either end at a 55-degree angle to a [18t
                                                                               SWL] tie-plate; between the plates, a 17t
              Are you considering entering the lucrative                       [SWL] tie grommet sling provided stabil-
            architectural cable railing market? Johnson                        ity and attached our rig to their beam.”
            Architectural Hardware is your source for the highest              Schwab recalls that from the top of the
            quality stainless cable rail fittings.                             MOD beam to the load was approx. 1.6m.
                                                                               “Once we knew the specs of the load and
              High quality Cable Fittings, made in the USA,  have              the location of the pick points, we were
            been our specialty for over 50 years. Johnson does
            not make cable assemblies — we refer jobs to you!                  able to visualize the rig,” he added.
                                                                                 Steam is an essential element in the
              Give us a call today to find out how we can make                 energy supply system. As a primary en-
            your business more profitable by providing Wire   Full line of     ergy source, it fulfills many important
            Rope Cable Railings to the commercial and home   electro-mechanical and   functions, whether it’s used to operate
            construction trade.                          hydraulics swagers.   a turbine, as process steam for use in
             CABLE RAILING FITTINGS  •  FULL-STRENGTH RIGGING FITTINGS         industry, or for district heating. There-
                                                                               fore, HRSGs are important components
              FULL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  •  FIELD INSTALLABLE AND SWAGE            of many power plants: they substantial-
               FITTINGS  •  S/S TURNBUCKLES FOR MOST ANY APPLICATION           ly  increase  a  plant’s  overall  efficiency,
                                                                               and help to minimize the fuel costs.
                ALL 316 STAINLESS  •  1 X 19 STRAND CABLE BY THE SPOOL
                                                                               Rope and Sling Installs
               Learn more at                                 Lifting Gear Testing
                                                                               Equipment at Warrington
                                                                                 Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS) has
                            C. SHERMAN JOHNSON CO., INC.                       installed  two  new  testing  machines
                  East Haddam, Connecticut, USA  •  1.800.874.7455             at its most recently  opened depot in
                                                                               Warrington—a year after collecting the
         continued from previous page         De Jong said: “Alternative lifting so-  keys for the facility in the northeast of
         HRSG-modules are the largest the com-  lutions also wouldn’t have been able to   England.
         pany  has  ever constructed.  This pre-  handle the weight of the generators so   A 60t fixed, horizontal test bed from
         sented a rigging challenge given the di-  we  had  to  be  innovative  and  combine   AJT Equipment Ltd. and a 100t Wor-
         mensions involved, principally because   our knowledge about the load[s] with   lifts jack tester were both delivered in
         slings would have needed to be rigged   Modulift’s  below-the-hook  expertise.   May as the machines,  which  will be
         at an acute angle from an existing lift-  The result was a mix of the old and the   utilized to generate and respond to de-
         ing  beam  to  connect  to  the  load’s  pick   new with an existing beam rigged above   mand, become immediate focal points
         points. The solution was based on uti-  the new beams beneath. The use of wire   of the 6,500 sq. ft. workshop.
         lizing the existing beam, beneath which   rope slings was also carefully planned to   Steve  Hutin,  Managing  Director  at
         eight 3.25m-long standard spreader   ensure maximum safety and efficiency.”  RSS, said: “We purchased the machines
         beams  would  be  rigged  at  a  90-degree   Chris Schwab, Account Executive at   outright so timing the investment was
         angle to the larger beam, in essence to   Modulift, said: “Siemens wanted to uti-  important. There would have been lit-
         widen the below-the-hook system.   lize the same pick points so we were   tle to gain in getting them delivered as

         48     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2018
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