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continued from previous page       a valve) in the sewer system.
         der at a Melbourne Water sewer pump   The contractor utilized a 55t capacity
         station in Australia recently.     overhead  crane  that spans  the  build-
           Melbourne Water supplies drinking   ing in addition to a 25t capacity mobile
         and  recycled  water,  while  managing   crane; each crane was connected to the
         the city’s water supply catchments,   load at two pick points. The overhead
         sewage treatment, rivers, creeks and   crane was rigged with grade 100 (grade
         major drainage systems. It is conduct-  10 in UK) chain slings that connected
         ing an ongoing maintenance program   at either  side  of  one  end  of  the  cylin-
         at one of its major pump stations in   der frame as it was  lifted vertically.
         the western suburbs. Integral to the   The  mobile crane,  meanwhile,  rigged
         project  was  removal  of  the  cylinder   with the same type of chain and longer,
         for overhaul at an offsite machine   synthetic slings, lifted from the bottom
         workshop.                          as it was raised beyond the level of the
           DRH provided the engineering con-  shaft entrance.
         tractor with all the required rigging   DRH supplied a set of Gunnebo grade
         equipment needed to lift and rotate   100 alloy steel master links for the main
         the cylinder out of position. Utilizing   hook of the overhead crane, rigged into
         an SP Wireless Loadshackle and Hand   a 55t shackle and then the 25t load
         Held Plus, it monitored the weight of   shackle with the two-leg chain sling.
         the cylinder as it was lifted from the   Johnson  said:  “We  were  chosen  as
         floor of a deep shaft in the center of the   a specialist supplier of the below-the-
         pump station.                      hook equipment, including a force mea-
           The cylinder weighed approx. 23t,   surement  solution  that  could  confirm
         while another two, weighing 13t, will   the weight of the load so we wouldn’t
         be removed at a later date. Ross John-  exceed the capacity of the rigging gear,
         son, General Manager at DRH, ex-   cranes  and  /  or  transportation.  The
         plained that the cylinders are similar   Wireless  Loadshackle was therefore
         to smaller, hydraulic units  that one   intrinsic to the custom package we as-  An SP 25t Wireless Loadshackle is integrated
         might see under a tip truck  or earth   sembled for the engineering contractor   into the rigging setup.
         moving machine—just much bigger, he   responsible for safe and efficient com-
         said. They open and close the gate (like   pletion of the lift.”        DRH  provides  a  comprehensive
                                              The Wireless Loadshackle is particu-  range of rigging,  hoisting  and load
                                            larly  suited to low  headroom applica-  measurement equipment across Aus-
                                            tions. Additional  features include its   tralia from Melbourne  headquarters.
                                            hard anodised aluminium electronics   It  frequently facilitates provision of
                                            enclosure and an internal chassis pro-  a wide range of kit to a diverse client
                                            viding  IP67  /  NEMA6  environmental   base including crane, construction, en-
                                            protection even with the battery cover   gineering, manufacturing, offshore and
                                            plate missing.                     service projects.

         DRH provided the engineering  contractor   The contractor utilised a 55t capacity overhead crane that spans the building in addition to a
         with the required rigging equipment.  25t capacity mobile crane.

         48     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2017
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