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continued from previous page       and tubing (up 19%), cold rolled sheets   released by the Global Forum on Steel
         ported that steel import permit applica-  (up 15%), sheets and strip all other me-  Excess Capacity:
         tions for the month of December totaled   tallic coatings (up 13%) and sheets and   “We are grateful and appreciative of
         2,473,000  net  tons  (NT)*.  This  was  a   strip hot dipped galvanized (up 11%).  the leadership and commitment of the
         13.6% decrease from the 2,861,000 per-  In  December,  the  largest  finished   U.S. government to address the global
         mit tons recorded in November and a   steel import permit applications for off-  steel overcapacity crisis and the mar-
         10.5%  decrease  from  the  November  fi-  shore  countries were  for South Korea   ket-distorting government policies and
         nal imports total of 2,762,000 NT. Im-  (179,000  NT,  down  16% from Novem-  practices that have driven it. The mas-
         port permit tonnage for finished steel in   ber  final),  Brazil  (99,000  NT,  up  1%,   sive build-up in steel capacity in other
         December  was  1,854,000,  down  14.6%   Japan (86,000 NT,  down  25%),  Ger-  countries,  which  has fueled historic
         from the final imports total of 2,170,000   many (84,000 NT, down 41%) and The   levels of unfairly  traded imports into
         in November. For the full year 2017 (in-  Netherlands (61,000 NT, down 45%).   the U.S., is the most critical issue fac-
         cluding December SIMA permits and   In 2017, the largest offshore suppliers   ing the steel industry today. The report
         November final data), total and finished   were South Korea (3,740,000 NT, down   of the Global Forum issued properly fo-
         steel imports were 38,149,000 NT and   1.9% from  2016), Turkey  (2,186,000   cuses  on  the  need  for  governments  to
         29,534,000 NT,  up  15.5%  and  12.1%,   NT,  down  9% from 2016) and Japan   eliminate market-distorting subsidies
         respectively, from 2016. The estimated   (1,509,000 NT, down 16% from 2016).  and other measures that contribute to
         finished  steel  import  market  share  in   * Monthly permit numbers provided   excess capacity and to ensure  a level
         December was 22% and is estimated at   to date may be understated, as entry   playing  field  between  private  sector
         27% for 2017.                      documentation  with  the  required  im-  steel producers and state-owned enter-
           Finished  steel  imports  with  large   port license number may be submitted   prises. However, these and the other
         increases  in December permits com-  up to ten days after imports have en-  policy recommendations presented by
         pared  to  the  November  final  included   tered U.S. commerce.      the  Global  Forum  will  only  be  mean-
         tool steel (up 52%), heavy structural                                 ingful if they are actually implemented
         shapes (up 42%), tin free steel (up 30%)  AISI Reacts to G20 Global   by governments.  Promises  alone will
         and mechanical tubing (up 11%). Prod-  Forum on Steel Excess          not solve the problems facing the global
         ucts  with  significant  2017  increases   Capacity                   steel industry; concrete actions by gov-
         include oil country goods (up 197%),   Thomas J. Gibson,  President  and   ernments must follow in short order.
         line  pipe (up 62%), standard pipe (up   CEO of the American Iron and Steel   At the same time, continued aggres-
         39%), mechanical tubing (up 30%), hot   Institute (AISI), issued  the  following   sive enforcement  of the full  range of
         rolled bars (up 23%), structural pipe   statement in  response  to the  report   U.S. trade laws, including Section 232

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