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all done in-house. Irizar Forge develops   wide  leadership  in  mooring,  lashing   zar Forge, Van Beest acquires a strong
         its tailor-made solutions  for  offshore   and lifting equipment for the onshore   and well respected company in the lift-
         and onshore  application in  industries   and offshore Engineering, Procure-  ing and mooring industry. It will not
         such as oil & gas, construction, marine   ment and Construction (EPC) industry   only expand  our market position but
         transport, industrial processing, nucle-  and Original Equipment  Manufactur-  will also increase the manufacturing
         ar, mining, hydro and steel.       ers  (OEM).  Richard Meer,  Member of   footprint of Van Beest through the ad-
           This agreement is a major contribu-  the  Board of  Directors  of  Van  Beest,   dition of a world-class  production fa-
         tion to the Van Beest mission of world-  comments: “With the acquisition of Iri-  cility.”  Maria  L.  Irizar,  CEO of Irizar
                                                                               Forge,  adds:  “In  a  volatile  market  in
                                                                               which having greater scale is a signifi-
                 Irizar 350t. HOOKBLOCK                                        cant advantage, we are excited to have
                                                                               found the right partner to achieve that
                                                                               scale. Thanks to synergies in manufac-
                                                                               turing, innovation and market access, I
                                                                               am confident that together we will cre-
                                                                               ate new opportunities for our custom-
                                                                               ers and, in the process, further grow
                                                                               our business”.
                                                                                 For more information about  Irizar
                                                                               Forge, please see
                                                                                 For more information about Van
                                                                               Beest, please visit

                                                                               Loadshackle monitors
                                                                               sewer pump station
                                                                               cylinder removal
                                                                                 Dynamic Rigging Hire (DRH) sup-
                                                                               plied a 25t Wireless Loadshackle from
                                                                               Straightpoint and other  rigging  gear
                                                                               for removal of a large hydraulic cylin-
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