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Mullard added: “True to  their name,   less compression load cells for centre of
                                            Euro-Lift is a Russian business with a   gravity calculation of heavy loads, and
                                            strong European focus and an interna-  the new digital product for measuring
                                            tional outlook. The company has invested   tension on static lines—the Clamp On
                                            in the best IT systems to underpin quality   Line Tensiometer (or COLT).
                                            manufacture and order fulfilment. From   In conclusion,  Mullard said: “In the
                                            quotation  to  receipt  of  PO,  factory  floor   medium term and once we have spent
                                            manufacture and dispatch, everything is   time developing and promoting SP in
                                            traceable and well organized.”     the region, I believe Euro-Lift will be
                                              He anticipates that Straightpoint’s   in  a strong  position  to stock  product
                                            most popular product,  the  Radiolink   locally,  available immediately. They
                                            plus load cell, will be well received by   have also expressed an interest in cali-
                                            Russian industries,  but added  that   bration and service of Straightpoint
                                            there is “great potential” for the wire-           continued on next page

                                                                           C. SHERMAN JOHNSON CO. INC.

         David Mullard leads a product demonstration
         at Euro-Lift in Russia.                          ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE
         and below-the-hook components.                                                   Terminal Tuners™
           Euro-Lift will add  Straightpoint’s
         range of force measurement, load mon-       GREAT VIEW?
         itoring and suspended weighing load
         cell  equipment to its  range  of  qual-  DON’T BLOCK IT!
         ity lifting and rigging hardware that
         includes  shackles,  chain,  wire  rope,
         clamps and other related equipment,
         which it supplies to oil and gas, pow-
         er  generation,  machinery,  metallurgy
         and construction professionals from its                                         Stainless Turnbuckles
         base in the south west of the country.
           David Mullard, business development
         manager at Straightpoint, who recently
         returned from Tolyatti, said: “Euro-Lift
         represents a great fit with SP; they are
         an organised and dynamic team with a
         clear, long-term growth strategy. The
         company is committed to quality prod-
         ucts and trusted  brands.  Importantly,     Are you considering entering the lucrative
         they are also an established company   architectural cable railing market? Johnson
         with a core focus on lifting safety.”  Architectural Hardware is your source for the highest
           Top of the agenda during the recent   quality stainless cable rail fittings.
         visit was training as Euro-Lift took de-
         livery of a small stock of demonstration     High quality Cable Fittings, made in the USA,  have
                                               been our specialty for over 50 years. Johnson does
         products to introduce the technology   not make cable assemblies — we refer jobs to you!
         to customers.  Mullard  alluded to the
         importance  of  giving  new  distributors     Give us a call today to find out how we can make
         and, in turn,  end users  the ability to   your business more profitable by providing Wire   Full line of
         get a sense of quality through hands-  Rope Cable Railings to the commercial and home   electro-mechanical and
         on interaction with equipment.        construction trade.                          hydraulics swagers.
           He said: “Euro-Lift’s general manag-
         er [Garik Mardoyan] understands the     CABLE RAILING FITTINGS  •  FULL-STRENGTH RIGGING FITTINGS
         market, the customers and the competi-  FULL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  •  FIELD INSTALLABLE AND SWAGE
         tive landscape. The team knows who to    FITTINGS  •  S/S TURNBUCKLES FOR MOST ANY APPLICATION
         reach, how to engage in dialogue with
         them, and can support that activity       ALL 316 STAINLESS  •  1 X 19 STRAND CABLE BY THE SPOOL
         with tailored literature in the local lan-
         guage. A local partner like this provides
         elevated  service  levels  in  tune  with   Learn more at
         market trends that satisfies customers
         and grows a business—that approach is                 C. SHERMAN JOHNSON CO., INC.
         intrinsic to Straightpoint stratagem.”      East Haddam, Connecticut, USA  •  1.800.874.7455

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