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The RSM PRO ~ High Speed Production Roundsling Machinery by Strider~Resource

              The RSM PRO is the industries most efÞcient roundsling fabrication system. Combining two innovative,
           labor saving machines loaded with features conceived from years of hands on experience, the RSM PRO by
                           Strider~Resource delivers unmatched power, production and performance.

            Complete turn key system - Including onsite installation, commissioning and hands on fabrication training.
             Strider~Resource provides you with everything you need to know on how to fabricate the highest quality
             roundslings in the most efÞcient manner. Every detail is covered in our training, system guides and after
               sales support, so that you and your staff have full conÞdence in your procedures and our machinery.
                 Explore our advanced lifting industry solutions, including The One Press¨ Swaging System,
              Universalª Swagers, Modern Forward Compatibleª Test Machines, Calibration Services, Wirelock¨,
                    Sahm-Splice Annealers, and Gigasense Overload and Anti-Collision Protection Systems.

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         spare line. Modulift slings and shackles   are fitted with forged open and closed   They were lifted using a 121t capacity
         completed the below-the-hook solution.  sockets,  spooled onto seven transpor-  Liebherr LHM 420 onto transportation
           The 129mm mooring lines, with a fi-  tation /  installation reels,  and have a   provided by ISS. They travelled by road
         nal diameter of 151mm and a minimum   packed piece weight of circa 40t. In ad-  to Blythe and then to Lerwick by sea.
         breaking load of 1,713t, boast an over-  dition to the beams, the order included   Offset centres of gravity were accommo-
         all length of 145.5m  pin to pin. They   rigging for reel handling.   dated by Modulift’s below-the-hook rig
                                                                               to accommodate the COG scenarios on
                                                                               the dual reels during installation.
                                                                               Crane & Rigging Workshop
                                                                               Examines how to
                                                                               Successfully use Synthetics
                                                                                 What are the effects of bending on
                                                                               synthetic  fiber  ropes  and  slings,  and
                                                                               how do they differ from steel wire and
                                                                               round slings? Find out at the Crane &
                                                                               Rigging Workshop, Sept. 26-28, in Lou-
                                                                               isville, KY. Speakers Dennis Sherman,
                                                                               Samson Rope Technologies, and Brooks
                                                                               Nunley, Cortland Company, will address
                                                                               reduction factors and bending fatigue
                                                                               properties of fiber ropes in various lift-
                                                                               ing applications. Tony Fastuca, ASC Py-
                                                                               thon America, will moderate the discus-
                                                                               sion. The Workshop, conducted yearly
                                                                               in September, is THE crane and rigging
                                                                               event of the year. Bringing together in-
                                                                               dustry owners, sessions have an empha-
                                                                               sis on safety, regulatory and consensus
                                                                               standards, training, equipment mainte-
         The Modulift beam was required to lift the dual reels that contained two mooring lines. An
         additional spreader beam and rigging was required for the spare single reel. The two MOD 70   nance, as well as current issues affecting
         spreaders were supplied at 3.11m-wide with custom length struts.                      continued on next page
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