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The RSM PRO ~ High Speed Production Roundsling Machinery by Strider~Resource

              The RSM PRO is the industries most efÞcient roundsling fabrication system. Combining two innovative,
             labor saving machines loaded with features conceived from years of hands on experience, the RSM PRO
                         by Strider~Resource delivers unmatched power, production and performance.

            Complete turn key system - Including onsite installation, commissioning and hands on fabrication training.

             Strider~Resource provides you with everything you need to know on how to fabricate the highest quality
              roundslings in the most efÞcient manner. Every detail is covered in our training, system guides and after
               sales support, so that you and your staff have full conÞdence in your procedures and our machinery.
            Explore our advanced lifting industry solutions, including Modern Forward Compatibleª Test Machines,
            Calibration Services, Annealers, Universalª Swagers, and Overload and Anti-Collision Protection Systems.

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         LGH Celebrates First Year            Ian Parkinson,  Chairman of LGH,   the last 47 years,  LGH  has  gained a
         Back in UK                         said: “Since its launch in 1970,  LGH   breadth of experience across a variety
           Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) celebrated   has grown into a multinational compa-  of complex jobs, and learned new appli-
         (this past December) a year since  re-  ny. Though absent from the UK mar-  cations for new and existing products.”
         turning  to the  UK  lifting  and rigging   ketplace for  the last 10 years,  LGH’s   He added: “LGH is a brand best suit-
         marketplace. It completes 12 months   operations in North America and Eu-  ed to highly regulated markets with a
         with three facilities,  in Manchester,   rope continued to expand and thrive   strong emphasis on health and safety;
         London and Aberdeen, after reaching   with LGH being in the top 50 U.S.   this has given LGH a strong platform
         a series of milestones throughout 2017.  hire companies for several years. Over   for its re-launch back into the UK mar-
                                                                               ket. Not only has demand exceeded
                                                                               expectations, compliance  and accredi-
                                                                               tation issues have been achieved well
                                                                               ahead of schedule under Colin Naylor
                                                                               [managing director]. To have resur-
                                                                               rected the brand under the same fam-
                                                                               ily ownership, and even at the group’s
                                                                               former  headquarters  in  Atherton,  un-
                                                                               der  a strong  new  management team,
                                                                               has been a great accomplishment.”
                                                                                 Two  widely  reported highlights  of
                                                                               the year are the acquisition of the Ab-
                                                                               erdeen, Scotland-based hire division of
                                                                               JD  Neuhaus,  making LGH  the  larg-
                                                                               est hirer of air hoists in Europe; and
                                                                               achieving  the  Bronze  accreditation
                                                                               from  the  Fleet Operator Recognition
                                                                               Scheme  (FORS),  a  voluntary  organi-
                                                                               zation that promotes best practice for
                                                                               commercial vehicle operators.
                                                                                 However,  Colin Naylor pointed to
                                                                               others,  including  publication of the
         LGH’s Colin Naylor, managing director (left), and Ian Parkinson, chairman.            continued on next page

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