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awards for Subsea Datalogging Tensile
                                                                               Link. The awards were held at a South
                                                                               Coast waterfront location in South-
                                                                               ampton during  the  Seawork  Interna-
                                                                               tional 20th Anniversary exhibition.
                                                                                 DLM  were  visited by seven  judges
                                                                               throughout the morning of the first day
                                                                               of the show and were asked to explain
                                                                               the product put forward in  the show-
                                                                               case award. Judges also visited other
                                                                               entries and then came together to de-
                                                                               cide on a winner, that was announced
                                                                               on the first evening of the show.
                                                                                 The  winning  product,  the  Subsea
                                                                               Datalogging Tensile Link is a robust
                                                                               link used for measuring tensile loads
                                                                               on subsea mooring lines, underwater
                                                                               deployments and other similar applica-
                                                                               tions.  Available  in  load  ranges  from  5
                                                                               ton up to 200 ton, the link measures and
         The pipe bending machine was raised 6 ft. out of a pit before being skidded over 60 ft. to   records the applied load using an inter-
         awaiting transportation.                                              nal data logger which was developed by
         continued from previous page       Simone,  Hydra-Slide  and  others  dem-  DLM electronic engineers.
         fabrication shop.                  onstrated the role collaboration has in   Chris Scrutton, Dynamic Load Moni-
           Edoardo Ascione, President and Man-  challenging heavy rigging applications.   toring Technical Manager, commented,
         aging Director at Fagioli Inc., said: “We   Without bringing together such varied   ‘The tensile link was custom built after
         already had plans to acquire a Hydra-  products and engineering expertise, this   a client  approached our  design  team
         Slide skidding system and securing the   project wouldn’t have been possible.”  wanting a robust product that would
         order [from CSI] was the tipping point   Ascione  also  confirmed  that  Fagioli   measure the tension on subsea mooring
         to proceeding with the purchase. Given   has two further  applications lined up   lines and have the capability to reach
         that we already had the contract, we   for the HT500, which he described as   water  depths of  3000m. Due  to their
         were reliant upon Hydra-Slide’s speed   “easy to set up and smooth to operate”.   project it was important that the link
         of  delivery  and  efficiency  of  service   He also anticipates placing additional   records the data for up to one year and
         to honor our commitments, which we   orders for hydraulic skidding systems   enables load readings to be recorded at
         gratefully received, allowing us to ac-  in due course.               a maximum rate of 1Hz. The informa-
         complish the challenging task in hand.”  For more information visit their web-  tion is stored as CSV file format which
           The HT500 is frequently chosen as   site:       is easily accessible using already exist-
         the  most cost-effective  and accurate                                ing PC software like Microsoft Excel.’
         tool for moving, loading or unload-  DLM wins Spirit of                 Martin Halford, DLM Managing Di-
         ing all types of heavy loads, including  Innovation Award             rector, adds, ‘We are delighted to have
         transformers, generators, compressors,   Dynamic Load Monitoring Ltd (DLM)   won this award. Our design team are
         pressure  vessels  and other machines   was named winner of Spirit of Innova-  always on hand to work with custom-
         where  a rigid,  load carrying  track  is   tion  award  in  the  category,  Marine   ers to find innovative solutions and we
         required.  In this case,  appropriate   Engineering and Construction at the   are constantly developing new products
         skid track sections were selected to ac-  European Commercial Marine  (ECM)   to add to our expanding product range.
         commodate the dimensions of the pipe
         bending machines and the travel dis-
         tances involved.
           The team also used four 200 ton ca-
         pacity Fagioli hydraulic climbing jacks
         and timbers to raise the machine 6 ft.
         out  of  the  pit before  commencing  the
         slide over 60 ft. Ascione explained that
         due to limited headroom, the combi-
         nation of climbing jacks and skidding
         equipment was the only viable solution
         to replace the machine. The HT500 has
         a total height  of only  8 in.  (205mm),
         saving jacking  time and suiting  the
         product to such confined spaces.
           CSI  chief  operating  officer  Keith
         “Bubba” Jannise and Simone Gabrielli,
         Operations Manager  at Fagioli Inc.,
         oversaw  the  project  in  combination
         with additional representatives of both                              DLM Wins Spirit of Innovation Award
         companies. Ascione concluded: “Keith,
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