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continued from previous page                                          basically five years before it tapers off. 3
         RSS completed  two load  tests on the                                   To learn more about the Section 179
         frame—one at the new  WLL and an-                                     Deduction and how it can help with fu-
         other with a proof load of 46t.                                       ture equipment purchases, visit: www.
           A 150t capacity mobile crane from PP                       . Dig into this site, as
         Engineering; four 35t, 12,000mm wire                                  they also have a handy TaxDeduction-
         rope slings; soft eyes for each end; and                              Calculator™ , to quickly help you eval-
         four 25t  alloy bow shackles  combined                                uate the equipment purchase price and
         to complete the lifts. Railway sleepers                               projected deductions you can take.
         were used to level the load for the tests.                              We recommend talking to your ac-
           Mick  Gill,  Senior Testing Engineer,                               countant, so you fully understand how
         explained that the lifting eyes were at                               these  Tax  Reform  Laws  can  benefit
         11,600mm so 12,000mm wires created                                    you and help you grow your business.
         a 60-degree angle. For the final test the                             All in all, this is great news for busi-
         total weight to be lifted, including the                              ness  owners.  It’s  definitely  the  right
         6t frame was 52t.                                                     time to start looking at new machin-
           RSS used the pitch trays and mov-                                   ery  to  make  your  business  more  effi-
         ing assemblies (pictured, grey) to be                                 cient or to replace machinery that is
         employed during retraction as test                                    on its last leg, limping by and long
         weights—so the frame was used as                                      overdue for replacement.
         intended onsite—to create a uniform-                                    “We have been building machinery
         ly distributed load. There will be 99                                 consistently for nearly 50 years. Our
         of these trays installed by the frame                                 customers trust us to deliver a ma-
         at White Hart Lane. Gill combined                                     chine that is safe and one that is built
         with Gary Coleman, Site Engineer at                                   to last. Customers also like that our
         RSS (both are based at the company’s                                  products are made in the USA as we
         Rotherham depot), to complete the                                     are held to some of the highest qual-
         10-hour project.                                                      ity  manufacturing  standards  in  the
           Steve Hutin, Managing Director at                                   world.”, said Phil Chant, President of
         RSS, concluded: “Tottenham isn’t my                                   Chant Engineering.
         team  but  this  is  a  truly  iconic  project   facturing industry, but it allows business   We are sharing a few things you need
         to be associated with; Mick and Gary   owners to finally be able to purchase that   to consider  when  making  new  equip-
         should be proud of their involvement.   long overdue new equipment and take a   ment purchases. (Fig. 1)
         When I’m watching matches on the tele-  major capital deduction on their taxes.  For more information about Chant
         vision at White Hart Lane next season   What this means for small businesses   Engineering, please visit www.chan-
         I’ll be thinking of the integral role RSS   on future equipment purchases? Own-
         played in keeping the project on track.”  ers can now deduct up to $1 Million in
                                                                               1   Stockton,  Gary.  “Will  Tax Reform Give  Small
                                            2018, which  is a substantial increase   Businesses Much Needed Relief?”: Experian, Busi-
         Understanding the New Tax          over the 2017 deduction amount. The   ness Credit Education, 2017.
         Laws and Why It’s the Right        reform bill also increases bonus depre-  2  Jacobson, Louis. “What’s in the final version of
         Time to Buy New Equipment.         ciation from 50% to 100%. 1        the tax bill?”: Politifact, 2017.
                                                                                Plastics  News  Staff. “Republican tax reform
           There has never been a better time to   First and  foremost, the  corporate  tax   brings optimism to the industry”:  Plastics News,
         invest in your business’ future. It’s a new   bill lowers the tax rate from 35% to 21%.    PN Daily Report, 2018.
                                                                       Image of 2018 Section 179
         year and we have some great new tax   Owners will have from 2018 to 2022 to   Example  Calculation compliments of www.crest-
         laws that will benefit not only the manu-  take advantage of the 100% depreciation,  and Tax Deduction Calculator™.

         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2018
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