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continued from previous page       weight we lowered sequentially by   synchronous  diesel  pump, also  sup-
         porter (SPMT) before moving them   the strand jack and crawler crane.”  plied by Hydra-Slide.
         half a mile to the shaft. There, a 700-  Once  on  the  shaft  floor  below,  the   Sever said: “The advantages of using
         ton  capacity hydraulic  gantry served   HT500, which can be used to move al-  the  “Up  ’N  Go”  skid  shoes  were  two-
         as a lift tower in conjunction with an   most all types of heavy loads, combined   fold. First, we were able to increase the
         800 metric ton capacity Enerpac strand   with  Hydra-Slide’s 250-ton capacity   capacity of  the  HT500 to 1,000 Tons
         jack atop 80-ft. girder beams spanning   JS250 “Up ’N Go” load shoes that are   [the total assembled weight of the bor-
         the 50-ft. diameter, 200-ft. deep shaft.  engineered as an add-on to the stan-  ing machine was 671 tons] and, second,
           Randy Sever, Executive Vice Presi-  dard HT500 track.  The  shoes  can be   they  offered  us  finite  final  placement
         dent  at  PSC,  said:  “The  main  shield   connected hydraulically with any num-  and alignment capabilities. The HT500
         or protective structure of the boring   ber of other units, increasing the sys-  and  “Up  ’N  Go”  load  shoes  added  ef-
         machine was the heaviest and low-  tem capacity to multiples of 1,000 ton   ficiency in setup, skidding, lifting and
         ered  onto  the  HT500  first.  Then  we   while  maintaining  equal load support   lowering operations.”
         lowered the cutter head that was   and weight distribution between all   The S.A. Healy-Salini  Impregilo
         mounted onto the main shield. The   points.  The  skidding  system and load   signed a contract to build the Dugway
         other 10 parts of varying sizes and   shoes were operated with a Hydra-Pac   Storage Tunnel,  which  is  4.5km-long,
                                                                               with a diameter of 8m. To that end, the
                                                                               boring machine  is already in  full  op-
                                                                               eration with tunneling well underway.
                                                                               The project is scheduled for completion
                                                                               in Q1 or Q2 2018.

                                                                               ALL Crane adds two
                                                                               Manitowoc MLC650s, four
                                                                               Grove GRT8100s
                                                                               Versatility and new tech highlight
                                                                               latest members of fleet
                                                                                 The ALL Family of Companies has
                                                                               strengthened its fleet by adding two ver-
                                                                               satile and popular Manitowoc MLC650
                                                                               crawler  cranes,  as  well  as  four  new
                                                                               Grove GRT8100 rough terrain cranes.
                                                                                 The large capacity MLC650 has a
                                                                               717 USt capacity and features the Vari-
                                                                               able Position Counterweight™ (VPC™)
                                                                               technology that automatically positions
                                                                               the crane’s counterweight to match lift-
                                                                               ing demands. ALL went in big with VPC
                                                                               technology in 2014 when it purchased
                                                                               ten of the smaller MLC300s, battle-test-
         The 496-ton main shield was lowered first.                            ing the then-new technology and acting
                                                                               as an incubator for improvements. Be-
                                                                               cause the counterweight is movable as
                                                                               needed, VPC helps reduce the crane’s
                                                                               operating footprint, minimizes required
                                                                               job site ground preparation, and reduces
                                                                               often by as much as half the matting re-
                                                                               quired to distribute the crane’s weight.
                                                                               In all, these reductions could save po-
                                                                               tentially thousands of dollars per month
                                                                               on longer-term rentals.
                                                                                 The MLC650 strengthen ALL’s fleet
                                                                               in critical industries, especially for en-
                                                                               ergy-related  projects,  including  refin-
                                                                               eries, petrochemical installations, and
                                                                               power plants, as well as infrastructure
                                                                               applications. The smaller footprint plus
                                                                               the Variable Position Counterweight
                                                                               system enable the cranes to easily move
                                                                               around a job site, and a VPC-MAX ca-
                                                                               pacity enhancing  attachment allows
                                                                               increased capacity for heavy lifts that
                                                                               would  usually  require  a  wheeled-type
                                                                               lift enhancer. The MLC650 maximum
         A 700-ton capacity hydraulic gantry served as a lift tower in conjunction with an 800 metric   capacity increases to 770 USt with the
         ton capacity Enerpac strand jack.                                     VPC-MAX installed.

         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2017
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