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bigger and better—in 12 months.”   Rope and Sling Completes           an  artificial  surface  underneath  that
           Littlewood concluded: “The feedback so   Key Load Tests for         will be used for NFL games. SCX Spe-
         far from last week’s event has been very   Tottenham’s New Stadium    cial Projects’ concept features rails for
         positive. There was a buzz on the show   Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS)   the retractable pitch, hidden safely be-
         floor  and  plenty  of  great  content  and   has completed load tests on three lift-  neath its surface. The real turf pitch will
         learning opportunities. Activity ahead of   ing frames for mechanical handling   roll into the stadium in three sections;
         next year has been excellent with 48 com-  specialist SCX Group, which has been   each weighs over 3,000t and is driven
         panies  already  signed  up  as  exhibitors,   selected to provide a retractable pitch   by 68 powerful electric motors that will
         key sponsorships sold and lots of interest   for Premier League football team Tot-  roll it along rails on 168 wheels. These
         in outstanding commercial packages.”  tenham Hotspur’s  new  stadium on   wheels were tested in-house by RSS in
                                                       White Hart Lane, Lon-   10t  increments up to 85t, employing
                                                       don.  One  of  the  afore-  the company’s 120t Enerpac hydraulic
                                                       mentioned frames will be   press, complete with gauge.
                                                       used there during instal-  The  whole  pitch,  which  is  split
                                                       lation of pitch trays.  lengthways,  can  be rolled  out in  just
                                                         The new stadium (the   25 minutes. Once parked alongside the
                                                       Northumberland Devel-   central  section,  the  side  sections  will
                                                       opment Project),  sched-  move inwards.  When  the sections  are
                                                       uled for completion later   in  position,  hydraulic  actuators  open
                                                       this year in time for the   flaps so the touchline can be raised up
                                                       2018-2019  season, will   to pitch level. Then, tunnel ramps are
                                                       boast nearly 62,000 seats   raised  before  the  flaps  are  closed  and
                                                       and  includes  nine  floors.   the stadium is ready for action.
                                                       Spurs  have agreed a  10-  RSS, a lifting and rigging equipment
                                                       year  partnership  that   supplier, was presented with a scope
                                                       will see NFL Interna-   of  work  by SCX  to  test  three  frames,
                                                       tional Series (American   one of which (pictured, yellow) was to
                                                       football) matches played   be used for installation of pitch trays
                                                       at the new stadium.     at the  White  Hart Lane  construction
         Trays and moving assemblies were used as weights so the frame   Integral to the multi-  project and needed to be uprated from
         was used as intended onsite to create a uniformly distributed         27t to 35t working  load limit (WLL).
         load. The total weight to be lifted the second time, including   purpose design is a re-
         the 6t frame, was 52t.                        tractable grass field with            continued on next page

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