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such as “Oil Prices Bound to Soar” were   to determine the course of action. They   facturing and technical support.
         typical. Industries  were  experiencing   purchased approximately 12.5 acres of   For  more information:  www.wireco-
         shortages of supplies and rising prices.   land on the east bank of the Blue River
         The lack of wire rope had become so   in Kansas City, Missouri, and on May
         acute  that drilling  and production  of   17, 1917, Black Steel & Wire Company  Fagioli uses Hydra-Side
         petroleum products were threatened.   became a reality.               HT500 to replace pipe
           Legend has it that a group of men   In 1927 a new management team re-  bending machine
         were playing poker at the Tulsa Club,   organized the company as Union Wire   Houston, Texas-based Fagioli Inc. used
         in the basement of the Tulsa Elks Club.   Rope. After the War, Union was still   its 500-ton capacity Hydra-Slide HT500
         One of the players was Henry Black   strong in the oil fields, but they began   heavy track hydraulic skidding system
         who was lamenting that he had no wire   to seek other types of business. This led   and other rigging equipment to remove
         rope  to sell.  He  suggested that they   to the development of shovel and drag   a 230,000-lb. pipe bending machine and
         supply the money and he would build   hoist ropes for the mining industry,   replace it with a spare system.
         them a rope mill. Black became the cat-  which  played  a large part  in Union’s   Fagioli accepted a scope of work to re-
         alyst for the oil men who gathered later   continued, steady growth.  move the existing machine from a pit,
                                              In 1958 Armco Steel acquired the as-  slide it to a loading area, load it onto
                                            sets of the Union Wire Rope Corpora-  a hydraulic trailer and repeat the op-
                                            tion, and in 1988 Union was acquired   eration in reverse with another pipe
                                            by WireCo WorldGroup, making Wire-  bender that was kept in storage for
                                            Co the largest wire rope manufacturer   replacement purposes. Both systems
                                            in the United States.              were identical in weight and measured
                                              Today, Union  remains  an industry   18 ft. x 10 ft. x 8 ft.
                                            leader in  oil  and gas, mining,  crane   Fellow Texas company, Cowboy’s
                                            and general-purpose ropes with techni-  Services Inc. (CSI), a Wallisville-based
                                            cal support unmatched in the industry.   heavy haulage specialist, won the con-
                                            The Union Cut-Off Program, which is   tract for transportation of the machines
                                            designed to calculate, log and track the   and sub-contracted  Fagioli  to  execute
                                            service life of Union drill lines is recog-  the replacement operation. All parties
                                            nized by contractors around the world   combined over three days of planning
                                            as the best in the industry.       and a further three days to complete
                                              Union Wire Rope – A century of   successful installation in the upgraded
                                            wire rope excellence in design, manu-
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