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continued from page 39             presentation and storage of multiple
         nology  and  the  newest  generation  of   sensor signals and houses the system’s
         ultimate  strength  Dyneema®  fibers   key components, including screen with
         means  that DSM Dyneema  custom-   user  control  buttons  and battery sup-
         ers  can  continue  to  benefit  from  the   ply with  status display. The  battery
         protection of the unique products they   lasts for up to 24 hours but an addition-
         source from the company.           al power pack extends this to up to five
                                            days for applications where monitoring
         SP Launches Multi                  is required over longer time periods.
         Operation Survey System              Henry Wijgerse, owner of Tarka-Sys-
           Load cell manufacturer Straightpoint   tems  B.V.,  explained  that  the  product
         (SP) has teamed up with measurement   was to some extent conceptualized dur-
         equipment specialist  Tarka-Systems   ing his time at Maritime Research In-
         B.V. to add  to its extensive range a   stitute Netherlands (MARIN), which is
         product that can be left at a jobsite for   principally engaged in nautical research.
         a period of time and capture data from   He said: “I spent over a decade work-
         up to six monitoring devices.      ing on oil rigs and ships, and detected
           The Multi Operation Survey System   a need to provide the market with the
         (MOSS)  features  six,  4-20 milliamp   technologies  that we were using to
         (mA)  inputs that collect information   capture and then provide it with data.
         when  multiple types of data are re-  However, MARIN wasn’t interested in   Rope and Sling Specialists at LiftEx 2017
         quired, captured by load cells, ther-  product centric initiatives—it was a re-
         mometers, anemometers and other    search organization—hence the forma-  Steve Hutin,  managing director at
         technologies. The MOSS, boasting USB   tion of Tarka in 2011.”        RSS,  said: “Marketing and branding
         data storage capability, is typically ap-  Wijgerse  added: “[Two years later]   are becoming increasingly important to
         plied where data needs to be gathered   a customer from the salvage sector   us as we strive towards status as a tru-
         over a period of time, say, when condi-  wanted a solution  for gathering data   ly national lifting equipment company.
         tions are likely or known to change.  about a  stranded ship,  including  the   Before the second day of the show had
           Originally  designed for  the marine   draft, angle of wreck, water depth, and   finished in Telford, we knew we needed
         industry, where wind speed  and sea   how deep the vessel was in the sand,   to further enhance our profile both be-
         state might be  among variables,  the   so they could calculate the towing force   fore and during next year’s event.”
         product is provided in an IP67-rated,   required to complete a rescue. It wasn’t   Christine Littlewood, sales and mar-
         portable case,  mounted  on  which  are   called the MOSS at the time, but our   keting  manager  at LEEA, said:  “The
         the connectors (also IP67 rated) that   solution was the blueprint from which   LiftEx event team were delighted
         can be used while the case is closed, of-  future innovations have been based.”  to  gain  our  first  sponsor  for  the  2018
         fering  protection  from  the  elements—  Ayling concluded: “Since we’ve in-  event before this year’s show had even
         even snow and ice. The MOSS has also   troduced Mike Neal [product sales en-  ended. It’s a great barometer by which
         been successful in construction and in-  gineer] and Marcus  MacDonald [ma-  to measure the success  of the 2017
         frastructure  applications where  other   chine shop supervisor] to the company,   event. We’re looking forward to work-
         demands are placed upon it.        we’ve generated an increasing number   ing with Rope and Sling and helping
           David Ayling, Director at  SP, said:   of enquiries  for custom  products with   them to achieve their business goals as
         “It  is both compatible  with our range   autonomous logging, but it might not   one of our gold sponsors.”
         of  force  measurement products  and   be practical to leave a laptop, for ex-  RSS’s  debut was  well  received  in
         suited to use in many of the environ-  ample, exposed to the  elements.  The   Telford,  but  Hutin  said  the  quality
         ments where SP equipment is already   MOSS fills that gap in our offering.”  of the show and volume of visitors to
         commonplace. The SP brand is synony-  Custom versions are available upon   the exhibit meant they had to go big-
         mous with  technologically  advanced,   request.                      ger next year. “Based on the amount
         durable  equipment and we  look  for-                                 of  people  on  our  stand,  particularly
         ward to opening new markets for Tar-  RSS to Exhibit, Sponsor as      on the first day, it was apparent that
         ka’s innovative solution.”         LEEA Confirms Plans for            we needed, one, more floor space and,
           The  MOSS’s  case provides readout,  LiftEx 2018                    two,  a  greater  number  of  personnel
                                              After a successful debut the 2017 show,   to  greet  people.  Some  visitors  had  to
                                            Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS) has   come back three or four times before
                                            taken an expanded exhibit and signed   we had a chance to talk,” he explained.
                                            up as a gold sponsor, as LEEA confirms   Hutin has also promised to install a
                                            plans to take LiftEx 2018 to the MK Are-  coffee machine and retain the popular,
                                            na, Milton Keynes on 14-15 November.  refrigerated refreshments.
                                              In addition to taking a 6m by 4m   He added: “I’ve always attended Lift-
                                            exhibit (stand number I2), RSS has   Ex but as an exhibitor for the first time
                                            claimed one of the event’s top commer-  it gave me a completely different per-
                                            cial packages, which  includes  strate-  spective. I had dialogue with so many
                                            gic logo placement; digital and print   visitors on our stand I found it difficult
                                            advertisements; branding at the MK   to get around and see as many fellow
          Originally designed for the marine industry,   Arena  over  the  two  days of  the  expo;   exhibitors as I’d have liked. The show
          the MOSS  has  also  been successful  in   2,000 branded water bottles distribut-  ticked all the boxes and we’re excited
          construction and infrastructure applications.  ed around the show; and more.  about doing  it all over  again—albeit

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