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continued from page 38             170km of subsea high-voltage direct   but where space or access is limited. A
         wire products and electromechanical   current  (HVdc) transmission  cables   total height of less than 2 in. (51mm)
         cable. The Distribution Center will fea-  under the Cabot Strait, in addition to   reduces  jacking  time and is ideal for
         ture three hydraulic press machines   overhead transmission  in Newfound-  the  environments  presented by the
         with  150t, 600t and 1500t capacity   land and Labrador and Nova Scotia.   Maritime Link project.”
         and in addition to providing unrivalled   TTR  has  two  LP400  low  profile  hy-  TTR offers a variety of transporta-
         technical  expertise, it will  stock  wire   draulic  skidding  systems  in  its  fleet,   tion,  heavy rigging  and project  man-
         rope ranging from 3/8” up to 3” diam-  in addition to a number of jacks and a   agement services.  Jenkins  referenced
         eter together with sling production ca-  500-ton capacity turntable.  another  project where  an LP400 was
         pabilities for just-in-time delivery and   The LP400s, capable of pushing loads   again used to skid a turbine weighing
         customized products.               up to 400 tons,  were  recently  called   in  excess  of 150,000kg approximately
           “The  Distribution  Center  signifi-  upon by deugro (Canada)  Inc. to sup-  15m before it was lowered onto exist-
         cantly strengthens  the Brazilian wire   port the move of seven ABB Canada   ing leg bolts in a cement foundation.
         rope industry through our technical   transformers  for  the  Maritime Link   Site personnel only had millimeters of
         expertise and global reach to meet di-  project  and  set  them  on  foundations   tolerance, he added.
         verse customer needs,” says Rui Faria,   at sites in both Nova Scotia and New-  Jenkins said: “Our client was not
         Senior Vice President South America,   foundland.                     only  impressed  at  the  efficiency  of
         WireCo WorldGroup. “Furthermore,     These low profile slide systems moved   the  Hydra-Slide  System  but  we  also
         we’re broadening the scope and range   four transformers (three weighing 160   saved  them  hundreds  of  thousands
         of wire  rope options  and value-added   tons and the other 203 tons) in Wood-  of dollars in unnecessary crane bills.
         solutions designed to enhance the op-  bine,  Nova  Scotia  and  three  160-ton   We  engineered  the  procedure  as  the
         erational efficiency of a wide range of   units  near Bottom Brook,  Newfound-  client had never used a skidding sys-
         Brazilian industries.”             land. Jason Jenkins, Vice President at   tem method for installations, having
           The WireCo WorldGroup Distribu-  TTR, explained that the Hydra-Slide   always used a crane.”
         tion Center is located next to Lank-  equipment was key to final positioning   He concluded: “We look forward to an
         horst Euronete Brasil, part of the Wire-  of  the  transformers  that had already   ongoing relationship with Hydra-Slide;
         Co WorldGroup, and an established   traveled by ocean vessel and road.  the support we have received from them
         supplier of synthetic fiber ropes to the   He said: “Ensuring the integrity of   has been second to none. From the time
         Brazilian offshore industry.       the load and minimizing risk of dam-  you arrive on site with a little box and
                                            age to the cargo is  paramount, as is   start  pulling  the  track  out,  clients  are
         Hydra-Slide equipment              the safety of all personnel involved and   always second guessing the capabilities,
         contributes to completion of       the public.” He added:  “We even had   but then once set-up and execution is
         East Canada mega-project           to write to the authorities to begin the   complete they are impressed and over-
           Hydraulic  skidding  systems  and   approval  process to get a few kilome-  whelmed  at  the  control,  strength  and
         other Hydra-Slide equipment supplied   ters of the Trans-Canada highway shut   stability of the systems.”
         and operated by fellow Canadian To-  down  so  we  could  transport  the  units   The  LP400 has  recently  been  re-
         tal Transport &  Rigging Inc.  (TTR),   up the  wrong  way of the  road! Once   placed by a newer model, the LP350,
         has been integral to progression of the   our  transport vehicles  had covered   with similar features and a series  of
         large-scale Maritime Link project that   large distances, the LP400s were used   design  improvements,  most  notably a
         will  enable the transmission  of clean,   for precise and final positioning of the   graphite-steel slide surface, also uti-
         renewable and reliable electricity from   heavy loads. They performed—as they   lized by Hydra-Slide’s heavy track
         Newfoundland  and Labrador to Nova   always do—perfectly in each case.”  range, replacing the ultra-high-mo-
         Scotia and beyond.                   Janine Smith, Vice President at Hy-  lecular-weight  polyethylene  (UHMW)
           The 500-megawatt  Maritime Link   dra-Slide, said: “The LP400’s patented   pads. The LP350 is  capable of push-
         project  is  part of  a  larger  strategy to   low-profile,  hand-portable  design  per-  ing loads up to 350 tons (310 tonnes)
         address the growing demand for re-  mits its use in most situations where a   and represents continued evolution of
         newable  energy.  It involves  building   high capacity skid system is required,   the low profile range that includes the
                                                                               XLP150 systems.
                                                                               A Century of Wire Rope
                                                                                 On April 20, 2017, Union Wire Rope,
                                                                               a WireCo WorldGroup Brand, proudly
                                                                               announced its 100th year as the indus-
                                                                               try leader in the design and manufac-
                                                                               turing  of wire  ropes and assemblies.
                                                                               Union  products deliver exceptional
                                                                               service and unmatched support world-
                                                                               wide. In addition to oil and gas appli-
                                                                               cations, Union Wire Rope products are
                                                                               used in construction, logging, industri-
                                                                               al, and surface mining.
                                                                                 Union has a rich history dating back
                                                                               to just before the United States en-
                                                                               tered World War I. Commodity prices
         TTR has two LP400 low profile hydraulic skidding systems in its fleet.  were steadily increasing and headlines
         42     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2017
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