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es and strategy.”
           Ayling said: “Gary and his team have                            C. SHERMAN JOHNSON CO. INC.
         helped us put together and implement
         a strategic council, which is essentially
         a rolling five-year plan for the business.
         While the award was attributed to our
         performance in the previous calendar             ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE
         year, it is actually recognition for our
         achievements over a period of time and                                           Terminal Tuners™
         commitment to that plan moving for-         GREAT VIEW?
         ward. Gary and I share a belief in the
         importance of a business plan and this   DON’T BLOCK IT!
         award is testament to our tendency to
         deliver against one.”
           Action Coach gathered approxi-
         mately  60  representatives  of  busi-
         nesses of varying sizes from South-
         ampton  to  Bognor  Regis,  up  to  the
         Surrey border. Awards for Business of                                           Stainless Turnbuckles
         the Year (won by 2MV Logistics, a lo-
         cal freight transport company), Busi-
         ness Growth (£), Business Growth
         (%),  and  positive  results  against  the
         Engage and Grow programme, were
         also given out on the night.
           Mullins said: “Both within our com-
         munity and the general  business        Are you considering entering the lucrative
         environment  in  the  area,  [SP]  are  a   architectural cable railing market? Johnson
         standout example. Moreover, they are   Architectural Hardware is your source for the highest
         constantly strengthening their position   quality stainless cable rail fittings.
         in the load cell marketplace. It’s excit-
         ing to have a perspective as new prod-    High quality Cable Fittings, made in the USA,  have
         uct launches  drive growth and build   been our specialty for over 50 years. Johnson does
                                               not make cable assemblies — we refer jobs to you!
         more  value  for  their  clients.  Recent
         successes demonstrate how hard work     Give us a call today to find out how we can make
         and commitment pay off.”              your business more profitable by providing Wire   Full line of
           He added: “David [Ayling] has  per-  Rope Cable Railings to the commercial and home   electro-mechanical and
         sonally  developed as a true  leader,   construction trade.                        hydraulics swagers.
         building  his  team to really  look  after
         his customers. He should be recognised   CABLE RAILING FITTINGS  •  FULL-STRENGTH RIGGING FITTINGS
         for his own personal development and    FULL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  •  FIELD INSTALLABLE AND SWAGE
         dedication to learning.”                 FITTINGS  •  S/S TURNBUCKLES FOR MOST ANY APPLICATION
           Ayling concluded: “I was in atten-
         dance to claim the award but I did so     ALL 316 STAINLESS  •  1 X 19 STRAND CABLE BY THE SPOOL
         on behalf of the whole SP team, both
         here in the UK and in North Ameri-        Learn more at
         ca.  Without their  commitment to the
         cause and the plans we work with
         Gary to implement, we wouldn’t re-                    C. SHERMAN JOHNSON CO., INC.
         ceive such recognition, nor would the       East Haddam, Connecticut, USA  •  1.800.874.7455
         company be enjoying such an aggres-
         sive phase of growth.”
         Columbus McKinnon                  safety is of the utmost importance. To   3.  How  to Clean,  Lubricate  and In-
         Publishes Five-Part Blog           help promote the safe and proper selec-  spect Your Wire Grips.
                                            tion, use, inspection and care of wire
                                                                                 4.  How  to  Safely  Splice  and  Dead-
         Series Promoting Utility           grips and lever strap hoists, Columbus   End Wires in Utility Applications.
         Worker Safety                      McKinnon  has  published  a  five-part   5. Safely Using Wire Grips in Tandem.
         Series focuses on safe and proper   blog series for utility professionals.  With more than 140 years of indus-
         use, inspection and care of wire     Located on the company’s blog (blog.  try experience and well-known brands
         grips and lever strap hoists,  the  series  includes   such as Little Mule and Coffing Hoists,
           Columbus McKinnon  Corporation,   posts on the following topics:    Columbus McKinnon offers a large se-
         a leading designer, manufacturer and   1. 4 Steps to Select the Right Wire   lection of products developed specifical-
         marketer of material handling prod-  Grip for Your Application.       ly for the needs of the utility market.
         ucts, systems and services, knows that   2. How to Properly Inspect Your Le-  Our  portfolio of lineman’s products,
         in  the  power  and  utility  industries   ver Strap Hoist.                            continued on page 42

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