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continued from page 36             facture DNV GL certified slings in all
         global steel overcapacity and unfair   three locations: Houston, Texas, as well
         trade,” said Gibson. “Bob’s prior experi-  as New Iberia & Sulphur, Louisiana.
         ence at the USTR, on Capitol Hill and   The DNV GL TAC was issued to
         as a trade attorney in private practice   Southwest Wire Rope on 6/13/2017 and
         gives him a unique understanding of   is valid through 6/12/2021.
         how to tackle these issues. AISI and our   “We are excited by the opportunity
         member companies are grateful to have   this presents our customers across the
         Bob confirmed and stand ready to work   Gulf Coast,” said Eric Davis, President
         with him on key trade policy issues for   of HWC Heavy Lift Division, “because
         steel and manufacturing as a whole.”  the nature of our DNV certification al-
                                            lows us to manufacture these types of
         Southwest Wire Rope                offshore lifting slings faster than any-
         achieves DNV Gl 2.7-1 & 2.7-       one else – which gives our customers a   in medicine and aerospace.
         3 Certification for offshore       decisive advantage in a highly competi-  Today, Atkins & Pearce’s advanced,
         lifting sets                       tive market.”                      high-capacity footprint generates an
         This certification positions         For more information go to their web-  annual output of just over 10 billion
         Southwest Wire Rope as a DNV       site at           feet or  enough  narrow  technical  tex-
         GL certified manufacturer of the                                      tiles to wrap the Earth 76 times.
         largest wire rope diameter for     Atkins & Pearce celebrate            Atkins  &  Pearce  is  most  known  for
         offshore lifting slings in the US.  200 years                         its long history of delivering depend-
           Southwest Wire Rope, a Heavy  Lift   This summer, more than 21,012   able high quality textile components.
         Division of HWC (NASDAQ: HWCC),    industrial textile machines and    They are viewed as a technology enabler
         has received its DNV GL Type Approval   more than 250 dedicated employees   across a wide range of technical textile
         Certificate  (TAC)  to  design,  manufac-  will power Atkins & Pearce past   platforms and are counted on for their
         ture, test, tag and certify lifting sets for   the Bicentennial mark of their   vast textile know-how wherever industry
         Offshore  Containers (DNV 2.7-1) and   manufacturing in America.      intersects with high performance fibers.
         Portable Offshore Units (DNV 2.7-3).  Atkins  & Pearce,  North  America’s   “We strive to be viewed not as a suppli-
           DNV is the premier accredited regis-  expert in braiding and other precision   er of parts, but as a highly reliable long-
         trar and classification society for offshore   engineered textiles, is about to weave   term partner willing to commit capital,
         lifting in the world. A vast majority of off-  its ways into its third century of U.S.   expertise and excellence in execution.
         shore companies require (or at least pre-  manufacturing.               By doing this we materially enhance
         fer) DNV certification for offshore lifting   Atkins  &  Pearce’s  commercial  our customer’s ability to achieve their
         needs. What sets Southwest Wire Rope   achievements span across the Machine   growth strategy  faster and with less
         apart from its competition in this space   Age,  the  Industrial  Age,  the  Atomic   risk.”  – Jeb Head, Atkins & Pearce-
         boils down to three key factors:   Age, and the  Space Age, meaningful   Owner and President
           • The TAC covers wire rope sizes up   advances  in  many industries  would   Atkins & Pearce’s limits in convert-
         to 3-1/2" (89 mm) with a Working Load   not have been made over the past 200   ing  fibers  is  hard  to  define;  however,
         Limit of 92 metric tons  (applicable to   years without Atkins & Pearce provid-  the primary markets they support are:
         DNV 2.7-3) , the largest wire rope size   ing  some critical  textile component.   • Electrical Motor and Generator
         in the US; and,                    From the Model A to today’s most ad-  Manufacturing
           • Southwest  Wire  Rope  will  design   vanced automobiles, from the earli-  • Automotive Manufacturing
         & manufacture slings for DNV 2.7-1 &   est long-distance telegraph to today’s   • Aerospace Design & Production
         DNV 2.7-3 without requiring DNV GL’s   technically  complex satellites, Atkins   • Sports & Recreation
         approval, resulting in shorter lead times   & Pearce’s textile embodiments are as   • Industrial Motive Power
         and lower costs for customers; and,  near as your favorite armchair and as   • Protective Sleeving Solutions
           • Southwest  Wire  Rope will  manu-  far forward as the latest advancements   • Custom Wicking Systems
                                                                                 • Precision Yarn Packaging
                                                                                 • High Strength/Lightweight
          Southwest Wire Rope
                                                                                  Textile Systems.
                                                                               WireCo WorldGroup
                                                                               establishes distribution
                                                                               center in Brazil
                                                                                 WireCo WorldGroup has established
                                                                               a new Distribution Center in Quei-
                                                                               mados, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as part
                                                                               of the company’s strategy to bring its
                                                                               industry-leading wire  rope products
                                                                               to the Brazilian mining, ports, indus-
                                                                               trial  cranes,  construction,  and  fishing
                                                                               markets. WireCo WorldGroup is the
                                                                               world’s  leader in  manufacturing,  en-
                                                                               gineering,  and distributing wire rope,
                                                                               synthetic rope, specialized assemblies,
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         38     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2017
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