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         Harrison. “The need in Florida is huge,
         and this donation will allow us to as-
         sist people and communities we might
         otherwise not reach, but who need help
         now.  We are grateful for Apex Tool
         Group’s assistance.”
           Additionally,  on September  1, Apex
         Tool Group  opened the doors to its
         350,000 square  foot  currently  unused
         warehouse  in  Garland,  Texas,  allow-
         ing disaster services nonprofit Trusted
         World  to  take  over  the  facility  for  a
         herculean  “sort,  store,  stage  and  ship
         effort for Hurricane  Harvey victims,”
         said Michael  Garrett,  CEO,  Trusted
         World. “Apex Tool Group donated the
         use of its space and utilities to give
         Trusted World one of the largest di-
         saster staging sites in our history, now
         bustling with hundreds of Dallas-Fort
         Worth volunteers managing deliveries,
         inventory, and shipments bound for ar-  Apex Tool Group associates at the company’s Apex,  North Carolina distribution center
         eas directly hit by Hurricane Harvey.”  are proud to be shipping thousands of demolition and construction tools to the Houston
           About Apex Tool Group LLC        Community ToolBank to be used in recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey.  Just some of the
           Apex Tool  Group,  LLC,  based in   50-plus pallets of tools can be seen behind our associates, with the Harvey relief tool shipment
         Sparks, Maryland, manufactures lead-  representing an in-kind donation valued at $110K. Apex Tool Group’s total in-kind donation to
         ing hand tool brands including GEAR-  Harvey and Irma relief organizations is $340K.
         WRENCH®,  Crescent®,  Wiss®,  and   zation committed to providing the best   ity,” Sims said. “With millions of Flo-
         Lufkin® and is one of the largest world-  resources, for free, to people or organi-  ridians still without power, we want to
         wide producers of industrial hand and   zations that are providing services on   make our cranes available for this mas-
         power tools, tool storage, drill chucks,   someone  else’s  behalf.  Trusted  World   sive power restoration effort.”
         chain,  and electronic  soldering  prod-  is a global organization working to   Call Sims Crane at 888-97-CRANE (888-
         ucts. Apex serves a multitude of global   connect supply with need. In the U.S.,   972-7263) or visit
         markets, including automotive, aero-  we work with local agencies to provide
         space, electronics,  energy, hardware,   the supplies needed to ensure their cli-  Van Beest acquires Load
         industrial, and consumer retail. Learn   ents receive what they need to live and   Solutions, manufacturer of
         more at     work in their community. Learn more   Tycan® chain
           About Houston Community ToolBank  at
                                                                                 The Van Beest Group, manufacturer
           The Houston  Community ToolBank                                     of Excel® chain accessories and Green
         is  a  nonprofit  tool  lending  program   Sims Crane making cranes   Pin® wire rope accessories, has ac-
         serving other nonprofits (and disaster   available for Irma recovery   quired Load Solutions, based in Rådal,
         response groups) by putting high-qual-  efforts                       Norway. Load Solutions is the manufac-
         ity tools in the hands of thousands of   Sims Crane and Equipment, Flor-  turer of an innovative high performance
         volunteers who are leading recovery ef-  ida’s premier crane and equipment   chain made of Dyneema® fiber and sold
         forts,  repairing  homes/roofs,  restoring   provider, has more than 80 cranes de-  under the brand name Tycan®. Tycan®
         public spaces, and more. This 501c3   ployed  across the state and has more   is eight times lighter than steel chain
         nonprofit works to guarantee that ev-  cranes in reserve to assist with Hurri-  yet just as strong. By using Tycan® cus-
         ery volunteer is equipped with the tools   cane Irma recovery efforts.  tomers  can  achieve  greater  productiv-
         they  need to get the  job  done.  Learn   Sims Crane is working with various   ity, reduced costs and a safer working
         more at
           About ToolBank USA               power companies throughout  Florida   environment for their staff.
                                                                                 The product portfolio of Load Solu-
           ToolBank  USA  establishes  Tool-  in counties that were hit the hardest by   tions is highly complementary to that
                                            Irma including Broward, Miami-Dade,
         Banks around the U.S. and provides   Pinellas, Lee and Duval counties.  of the Van Beest Group and will allow
         support to these affiliates who improve   Dean Sims II, Sims Crane Vice Presi-         continued on page 42
         their communities by equipping vol-  dent of Marketing, said that the com-
         unteers with tools. This 501c3  orga-  pany reserved a block of cranes specifi-
         nization delivers high-quality tools to   cally for  disaster relief  and that they
         nonprofits and their volunteers. Based   are being used primarily in power res-
         on  the  successful  Atlanta Community   toration, cell tower repair and replace-
         ToolBank,  each  ToolBank  transforms   ment, and the clearing of downed trees
         their  community through  the lending   and other debris.
         of  tools  to  charitable  organizations.   “We prioritized our cranes for power
         Learn more at
           About Trusted World              and utility work to help get  people’s
           Trusted World is a non-profit organi-  homes up and running  with electric-

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