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GEARWRENCH®, Crescent®,
                                                                               Wiss®, Lufkin® tools donated
                                                                               to Harvey, Irma Relief; Texas
                                                                               warehouse loaned to disaster
                                                                               recovery effort
                                                                                 $340K in In-Kind Donations Made
                                                                               to ToolBank USA, Houston ToolBank,
                                                                               Trusted World Nonprofits Premier hand
                                                                               tool  businesses  GEARWRENCH®,
                                                                               Crescent®, Wiss®, and Lufkin® are
                                                                               donating  $220,000  in  tools  to  help  re-
                                                                               build  communities  impacted  by  Hur-
                                                                               ricanes Harvey and Irma. In addition,
                                                                               parent company Apex Tool Group, LLC
                                                                               has donated the use of a 350,000 sq. ft.
                                                                               warehouse for two months – valued at
                                                                               $120,000  -  to  disaster  relief  nonprofit
                                                                               Trusted World as a sorting and stag-
                                                                               ing headquarters for Harvey donations
                                                                               from around the country.
                                                                                 Thousands  of  demolition  and  con-
         B&G utilized a 300-ton capacity Hydra-Slide HT300 heavy-track hydraulic skidding system.
                                                                               struction  hand tools were  shipped
                                                                               from the company’s Apex, North Caro-
                                                                               lina distribution center to the Houston
                                                                               Community ToolBank, a nonprofit that
                                                                               is an affiliate of ToolBank USA. “Our
                                                                               associates as well as our businesses are
                                                                               committed to building today’s commu-
                                                                               nities, building tomorrow’s skills, and
                                                                               rebuilding in times of need,” said Jim
                                                                               Roberts, CEO, Apex Tool Group. “While
                                                                               our own facilities were not impacted by
                                                                               the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey
                                                                               or Irma, putting our tools and resourc-
                                                                               es in the hands of local nonprofits will
                                                                               help accelerate clean up and restora-
                                                                               tion efforts.  Our  donations, combined
                                                                               with  the  efforts  of  many  volunteers,
                                                                               will help restore these communities as
                                                                               quickly  as possible.  Our  thoughts  are
                                                                               with all who have been impacted  by
                                                                               these catastrophic events.”
                                                                                 In  Houston,  as  soon  as  floodwaters
         The new exchangers were installed in the same position as the older units.
                                                                               receded  “thousands  of  volunteers  be-
         continued from page 34             mented in the planning stages to allow   gan using our tool inventory to clean
         dent at  B&G  Crane,  explained that   for elevated work on false work plat-  up, repair, and rebuild neighborhoods
         the  first  stage  of  the  project  was  re-  forms, which were essentially barge   devastated by Hurricane Harvey,” said
         moval of the existing exchangers  us-  ramps created by fabricating hand   Erika Hornsey,  Executive Director,
         ing  the  LTM  1500-8.1.  He  added:  “At   rails  to  OSHA  specifications.  Morris   Houston Community  ToolBank. Apex
         that point, grating from the elevation   explained that the solution prevented   Tool Group’s donation – approximately
         was opened up to allow rigging to be   potential fall and drop-related acci-  $110,000  in  tools  -  will  “ensure  that
         lowered through the existing floor. The   dents from height.          even more community groups can help
         exchangers were then blocked up with   “The  safety  mantra  on  the  project   residents  get back on  their  feet from
         cribbing to allow installation of the   aligned well with the Hydra-Slide   the storm’s devastation.”
         Hydra-Slide tracks before they were   equipment,”  Morris  continued.  “Safe   Atlanta-based ToolBank  USA  also
         lowered onto the skid shoes.”      and controlled movement of the loads   received an equal donation of demoli-
           Once the exchangers had been skid-  on the elevated platforms not only pro-  tion and construction tools to be used
         ded clear of the site, the LTM 1100-5.2   vides for smooth operation and mini-  by its mobile relief  efforts in  commu-
         lifted them onto the SPMTs, for trans-  mal labor intensity, but also gives cli-  nities impacted  by Hurricane  Irma.
         portation to a lay-down area. Morris   ents added confidence in our execution   “After  natural  disasters,  we  send  a
         said:  “The  process  was  completed  in   of work. We have used the Hydra Slide   semi-trailer of tools and equipment to
         four, 12-hour shifts, which included all   equipment on several projects over the   affected areas. Once on the ground,
         the required  rigging,  setup,  removal   last four years since I have been with   we spend weeks partnering with local
         and installation work.”            the company and I look forward to ap-  qualified  nonprofits  and  their  volun-
           Extra safety measures were imple-  plying it on many more.”         teers,” said ToolBank USA CEO Alan
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