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                                                                                     With unparalleled engineering
                                                                                    and manufacturing capabilities,
                                                                                     Columbus McKinnon delivers
                                                                                       intelligent hoists and rigging
                                                                                      products that make good on
                                                                                         our company’s promise –
                                                                                      to help our customers move,
                                                                                            lift, position or secure
                                                                                        materials easily and safely.

                                                                                     Over 140 years of experience,
                                                                                          deep customer intimacy
                                                                                       and forward-thinking vision,
                                                                                           drive our development
                                                                                         of innovative products for
                                                                                           tomorrow’s workforce –
                                                                                         from first-in-class manual
                                                                                     hoists and rigging products to
                                                                                     cutting-edge powered hoists.

                                                                                           CALL TO SCHEDULE
                                                                                       A DEMONSTRATION OF
                                                                                         THE CM ADVANTAGE.

                                                                             Series 602 Ratchet Lever Hoist  Super Strong Shackles

           The patent-pending CM  Tornado 360˚
           ratchet lever hoist, featuring the Sidewinder                    Hurricane 360˚ Hand Chain Hoist  ShopStar VS Electric Chain Hoist
           lever handle.

                                              800.888.0985 •
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