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         3D printing marketplace,” said Char-
         la K. Wise, President of ASME. “The
         product definitions, specifications, and
         interpretations  in  the  Y14.46 docu-
         ments apply  directly to parts and as-
         semblies manufactured using an addi-
         tive manufacturing process.”
           AM, at one time limited to rapid pro-
         totyping and non-critical service compo-
         nents, today is changing the landscape
         of manufacturing, allowing engineers
         to design and fabricate high-quality,
         fit-for-use  products  ranging  from  gas
         turbine blades to customized prosthet-
         ics. Engineers applying additive manu-  One of ALL’s new Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1 All-Terrain Cranes.
         facturing in the design process report
         reduced  material  costs,  greater  manu-  “We’re always scanning the horizon   LTM 1450-8.1 is designed to achieve
         facturing  flexibility,  and  shorter  lead   of the industry anticipating customer   strong capacities without the need for a
         times, among other benefits.       needs in the months and years ahead,”   superlift, which saves time during setup,
           “As additive manufacturing prolifer-  said Hutton Strader, Business Develop-  reduces costly trailer loads, and allows
         ates, companies will need to meet safe-  ment Specialist for ALL. “It’s why we   for large jobs in confined spaces.
         ty, quality, and compliance standards,”   frequently pull the trigger on orders very   It all adds up an amazing mix of easy
         said Wise. “Y14.46  will be an essen-  early in the life of a new model. We want   transportability, fast set up, and lifting
         tial tool in helping companies address   to make sure we are serving our custom-  power. “Customers are going to love it,”
         those standards.”                  ers not just today, but in the future.”  said Strader.
           Y14.46-  2017  Product  Definition  for   The  LTM  1450-8.1’s  VarioBallast®
         Additive  Manufacturing  encompasses   system adds capacity when needed, but  Modulift Beams Lift Steel
         relevant AM details including design,   still allows the nimble AT to work  in   Coils at Argentine Port
         manufacturing, and quality engineering.   spaces where many other large cranes   Two Modulift spreader beams have
         The  voluntary  standard  provides  defi-  simply  will  not  fit.  There  is  great  po-  enhanced productivity, allowing two
         nitions,  symbols,  rules,  and  guidelines   tential for the machine on wind farms,   steel coils to be lifted at the same
         pertaining to the numerous geometric   refineries, chemical plants, as well as   time  at  the  Ingeniero  Buitrago  Port
         characteristics essential for drafting and   in setting up tower cranes.  in Argentina. The solution was de-
         designing products and systems.      “In addition  to its obvious power   vised by Rosario-based Ortiz Fischer,
           ASME has issued the new standard   and versatility, the LTM 1450-8.1   which designed a rig for loading fin-
         under  the “Draft Standard for  Trial   is  designed with  readily transport-  ished steel product to an undisclosed
         Use”  policy  furthering  ASME’s  invi-  able weights and dimensions,” added           continued on page 36
         tation to obtain public comment and   Strader. “The speed with which it can
         requests for revisions. This consensus   be delivered to a site  and assembled
         program, aiming to ensure the highest   maximizes uptime for all who use it,
         quality, will continue for three years.  positively  impacting  profitability  for
                                            our customers.”
         ALL Takes Delivery of New            The machine is ideal for a national
         Liebherr All-Terrain Cranes        crane rental company like ALL, where
         LTM 1450-8.1 package purchased     machines move from yard-to-yard and
         before debut at last CONEXPO Show  state-to-state based on market demand
           The ALL Family of Companies added   or a specific job site’s needs. “The new
         two 500 ton Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1 all-  1450 is accommodating for states with
         terrain cranes to their fleet. In keeping   strict axle load limits,” explains Strad-
         with ALL’s strategy of working with   er. “Boom sections two through six are
         manufacturers to obtain the newest and   completely removable, leaving just the
         best machines, the company ordered   first main boom section. Front and back
         these cranes before they had even made   outriggers can be removed as well. And
         their U.S. debut at last spring’s CON-  this model is Liebherr’s fourth mobile
         EXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas.    crane to feature the new Liebherr sin-
           With a powerful 279-foot  telescopic   gle-engine  concept, a feature  that not
         main boom and a full range of lattice   only allows for a stronger crane by re-
         jib attachments, this Liebherr AT can   distributing the saved weight for struc-
         handle jobs at — and often above — its   tural enhancements, but also reduces
         500-ton capacity. The  LTM  1450-8.1   engine maintenance literally in half.”
         was  manufactured to accommodate a   Finally, the LTM 1450-8.1 doesn’t re-
         variety of transport weight and ma-  quire a special trailer or a superlift. Lieb-
         chine  axle  configurations,  making  it   herr previously has utilized a super-lift   Slings were passed through the centre of
         one  of  the  most  road-friendly  8-axle   attachment for its large ATs, also known   each  coil before they were loaded onto an
         ATs on the market.                 as a Y-guy or superlift system. The new   awaiting vessel.

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