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         51,491,101 net tons for seven months.           AWRF/Chant Hurricane Relief Fund
           A  comparison  of  July  shipments  to   Please help us by making a donation. Every penny counts!
         the previous month of June shows the                                   As you are aware, the coastline of
         following  changes:  hot dipped galva-                               Texas and Louisiana has been dras-
         nized sheets and strip, down 3 percent,                              tically affected by the catastrophic
         cold rolled sheets, down 4 percent and                               Category 4 Hurricane  Harvey. Flor-
         hot rolled sheets, down 6 percent.                                   ida, Georgia, and South Carolina are
                                                                              also devastated after Hurricane Irma
         DLM get adventurous                                                  swept through the region. And now
           Chant’s business  partner, DLM  has                                the Caribbean (Puerto Rico) was hit by
         delivered a custom built 14t Telemetry                               several hurricanes with Maria deliver-
         Tensile link to an adventure park with                               ing the final blow.
         the  fastest zip  wire  in  the  world  and                                  We want to help
         the longest in Europe. The park will be                                    and hope you do too.
         using the link to measure tension on   Rescue organizations are saying not to send, food and water right now, but
         wire rope. The link, which is assembled   that raising $dollars$ is the best way to help and what the people of Texas and
         at the start of the zip wire,  is imple-  Louisiana need most at this time.
         mented  as a safety factor to measure   Chant Engineering Co. Inc. located in New Britain, PA has partnered with
         the peak load that can be applied to the   the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) association to help their mem-
         zip line. Using  internal  strain gauges   bership across the affected states as some of their homes and businesses may
         the link will measure the load and then   have been flooded with water or severely damaged.
         wirelessly transmit this information   Harvey and Irma are two of the largest hurricanes to hit the continental
         across a distance of up to 2.4 miles to a   U.S. in decades. There are too many affected cities to list. Of course, there are
         display at the end of the zip line.  other places that have been hit by tornados and who will be recovering from
           DLM  Tensile  link  pictured below   the damage and loss of life for a long time to come.
         was built with a Peli case display and   Donation Link:
         transmitter box to house the long range
         telemetry electronics. The unique fea-
         ture  of  this  product  compared to  our   of the load cell in use!”  project in Calcasieu, Louisiana recently.
         standard 14t telemetry tensile  link  is   DLM specialize in custom building   The full scope of work included remov-
         the range that stretches over 2.4 miles   not only load cells but also load moni-  al and replacement of five exchangers;
         in comparison  to our  standard 200m   toring  and  electronic  systems  to  cli-  two were atop a 51 ft.-high structure el-
         range. The product underwent numer-  ent’s exact requirements.  Our  multi   evation and removed by crane, while the
         ous range tests locally here in the New   skilled  engineering  team consists  of   smallest unit was moved using skates.
         Forest before it was delivered to the   electronic, mechanical and systems en-  The  HT300  was  used  to  slide  the  old
         park last week.                    gineers with over 40 years of combined   exchangers, weighing 49,000 lbs.  and
           Mike Sprague, Operations Manager   designed experience in a multitude of   59,000 lbs., a distance of 60 ft. before re-
         at  DLM  comments  “The  customer  first   industries  including  lifting, offshore,   peating the process in reverse with the
         came to us with a brief spec of what they   oil and gas, subsea and industrial.  replacement units that weighed 58,000
         needed to achieve, following which we set                             lbs. and 66,000 lbs.
         about adapting one of our standard prod-  B&G Crane uses Hydra-         The standard HT300 package comes
         ucts to ensure the load could be read on   Slide System for exchanger   complete with load-bearing track, four
         a Peli case display up to 2.4 miles away.   replacement               skid shoes, push cylinders and all con-
         It is really exciting to see our load cells   B&G Crane Service LLC utilized a   necting  hardware.  The  load-moving
         being used for different applications, be-  300-ton  capacity  Hydra-Slide  HT300   solution needs minimal clearance and
         ing able to solve the clients’ problem and   heavy-track hydraulic skidding system   has a total height of only 7 in. (180mm).
         deliver a first class product to their speci-  and other equipment to remove and   Additional skid track sections  were
         fication. We can’t wait to see the pictures   replace two heat exchanger units for a   supplied by Hydra-Slide on  short no-
                                                                               tice to extend the 50 ft. of double track
                                                                               that B&G had available. They connect
                                                                               with a simple lug and pin set and could
                                                                               have been leap-frogged to slide longer
                                                                               distances, if a requirement arose.
                                                                                 The equipment combined with other
                                                                               lifting technologies,  including two Li-
                                                                               ebherr mobile cranes—a 100t capacity
                                                                               five-axle LTM 1100-5.2 and a 500t ca-
                                                                               pacity  eight-axle LTM 1500-8.1.  B&G
                                                                               also  utilized  a J&R Engineering  Lift-
                                                                               n-Lock  1400 series  hydraulic  gantry
                                                                               and two Scheurle self-propelled modu-
                                                                               lar transporters (SPMT), of six and 12
                                                                               lines respectively.
                                                                                 Mark  Morris,  Rigging Superinten-
                                     DLM Tensile link
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         34     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2017
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