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continued from page 32                                                products are picking up as our brand is
         NT, down 1% from the same period in                                   being further exposed and we continue
         2016), Turkey (1,461,000 NT, up 22%)                                  to deliver good results. After a solid 2016
         and Japan (790,000 NT, down 9%).                                      in the Middle East market, where we
                                                                               picked up several high value contracts in
         Gaylin installs 600t load                                             the offshore and construction sectors, we
         cell calibration machine in                                           have increased our stock holdings of on-
         Singapore                                                             the-shelf, new products and are now by
           Gaylin, a specialist supplier of lifting,                           far the largest stockist of load monitoring
         rigging and marine equipment, has re-                                 equipment in the region.”
         cently built and installed a custom 600t                                See Gaylin’s advertisement on the in-
         calibration machine at Singapore head-                                side back cover of this issue.
         quarters that calibrates tension and
         compression load cells to its full capacity.                          We rise by lifting others:
           Integral to the Gaylin Group of com-                                Dawes Crane moves
         panies’ (of which Rigmarine is part) be-                              memorial Phantom F-4 jet
         low-the-hook offering to offshore oil and                             fighter
         gas, renewables,  construction,  break                                  A crane operator from Dawes Rigging &
         bulk,  shipping  and maritime indus-                                  Crane Rental maneuvered the Link-Belt
         tries, is a full range of force measure-  Gaylin has installed a custom 600t calibration   crane into place. The weight of the plane
         ment, load monitoring and suspended   machine at Singapore headquarters.  was transferred from its display pedestal
         weighing load cell equipment sourced   lead-time, it had to rely on 24-hour   to the crane’s extended boom. The pedes-
         from UK manufacturer Straightpoint.  operation at Straightpoint in the UK,   tal’s bolts were released one by one. With
           In addition to Singapore, Gaylin has   combined  with  airfreighting  of  equip-  the last, the aircraft lurched free, and was
         facilities in Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam,   ment  and  onsite  calibration  to  fulfill   briefly “airborne” once again.
         China and Indonesia. Rigmarine hubs,   the commitment. Meanwhile,  after   This  moment  of  flight  was  perhaps
         meanwhile, can be found at its most re-  an 18-month project in the Caspian,   the most poignant nod to U.S. Air Force
         cently opened site in Aberdeen, in addi-  Rigmarine’s 1,800t,  six-point centre   Captain Lance P. Sijan. He was an ex-
         tion to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the   of gravity weighing system (also from   ceptional  young  man  who  was  lost  to
         Middle East. Most of these sites have   Straightpoint) has returned to the Mid-  his family and friends in the Vietnam
         calibration machines ranging between   dle East, where it will be held until its   War at the age of 25. But his story of
         50t and 300t depending on the location.  next assignment.             determination and dedication endures.
           In simple terms, calibration matches   Duncan said: “It seems like 500t load   For more than two decades, at 440th
         the readings of a load monitoring de-  cells are another order of the day with si-  Airlift Wing of the Air Force Reserve in
         vice, or other machine, with those of a   multaneous rentals in Aberdeen, Dubai   Milwaukee, Capt. Sijan had been hon-
         standard to determine accuracy. There   and South Korea all forming part of load   ored with a decommissioned, dedicated
         are  a  variety  of  purposes  and  require-  test  or  heavy  lift  configurations.  The   McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom jet
         ments for calibration of load cells be-  overall success rate in Korea has encour-  fighter—a  replica  of  the  plane  he  was
         yond standard process upon completion   aged  us  to  build  another  high  capacity   in when he went down. Then the 440th
         of manufacture. Companies may choose   calibration frame to serve the region,   moved to Fort Bragg in North Carolina.
         to calibrate as they receive stock, while   which will probably be 500t capacity and   It  was  important  to  Sijan’s  sister,  Ja-
         some  countries  or  regions  insist  that   similar to the new Singapore unit.”  nine Sijan Rozina, to keep Lance’s story
         calibration takes place as they arrive in   He added: “Day to day sales of standard    continued on page 36
         certain geographies or onsite. Load cells
         are also calibrated as they return from
         projects or during service procedures.  ALL-Dawes Moves Phantom Jet
           Mike  Duncan,  Managing  Director  at
         Gaylin, said: “Rentals are a key focus for
         Gaylin [and Rigmarine] with over 150
         tension load cell units alone available for
         hire across the group, with capacities of
         up to 1,000t. We also have a project cur-
         rently in the engineering phase that may
         see us increase this to 1,500t. While the
         technology is impressive in its own right,
         it’s the after-sale service and support, in-
         cluding local calibration, we can provide
         in partnership with Straightpoint that
         separates us [from competition].”
           A number of recent projects prove the
         point. Notably, Rigmarine recently de-
         livered eight 52mm Running Line Dy-
         namometers from Straightpoint, which
         measure tension on mooring lines,
         for a long-term rental on an offshore
         construction  vessel. Given the short
         34     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2017
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