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continued from page 32             petitive versus electric  tower cranes
         members who are suppliers to or cus-  on buildings under 160 feet in height,
         tomers of the steel industry. For more   but they do require a larger footprint
         news about steel and its applications,   and urban high-rise buildings usually
         view AISI’s website at  struggle with site space restrictions.
           Reprinted  from  the  American  Iron  and   Tower cranes require a smaller foot-
         Steel Institute,    print and allow us to provide lifting at
                                            much higher elevations when building
         Sims Crane Expands                 heights exceed 200 feet”.
         Capabilities with Purchase           All of Sims Crane’s new electric tow-
         of 11 Tower Cranes                 er cranes are manufactured in France
           Sims Crane & Equipment, Florida’s   by Potain and include  the  MDT  389
         premier  crane  rental  and rigging  ser-  L16 and MD 559 models.
         vice company, has entered the tower   “Sims Crane is committed to invest-
         crane sector with the purchase of 11   ing in the best possible equipment to
         new electric tower cranes for a total in-  support the construction  industry in
         vestment of $14 million.           Florida,” Sims  said. “Our  new  tower
           The  first  of  Sims’  tower  cranes  was   cranes exemplify that commitment.”
         erected at a construction site in Tampa   For more information, call Sims
         in  February.  The  other  10 cranes  are   Crane at 888-97-CRANE  (888-972-
         committed to other vertical construc-  7263) or visit
         tion projects.
           Sims Crane made the decision to ex-  Reid Gantry Makes Miracle
         pand into the tower crane sector to an-  Seal Rescue Possible
         swer client demand, according to Dean   The versatility of Reid Lifting’s Por-
         Sims II, Sims Crane Vice President of   ta-Gantry range  has  once  again  been   The 5,000kg working load limit (WLL) gantry
         Marketing.                         demonstrated, this  time during  the   system, from Reid, was utilised overnight to
                                                                               complete the rescue.
           “In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma,   heart-warming  rescue  of a seal pup
         many of our long time clients that rent   trapped by boulders on a South Wales   (RSPCA) inspector, said: “This was, un-
         hoist elevators and mobile cranes were   beach,  which  has  since  been  success-  questionably, the most technical rescue
         looking for another tower crane option   fully released to the wild.  I have ever been involved with as an
         and they trust Sims to provide that al-  The 5,000kg working  load limit   RSPCA inspector. The modular-type,
         ternative,” Sims said.             (WLL) gantry system was erected    specialist-lifting gantry was integral to
           With  high-rise  construction  surging   above the seal, nicknamed Miracle by   completing  this  rescue. We  now  know
         in  Florida,  tower  cranes  complement   volunteers, and levelled out on an un-  the boulders that had to be moved to ac-
         Sims Crane’s existing skilled personnel   even  surface  created by rocks  on  Ab-  cess the seal weighed approximately 3t.
         and material hoist elevator department.  eravon Beach in  Port Talbot. It was   I was also amazed how straightforward
           “The demand for  high-rise  residen-  utilized to remove boulders, originally   it  was  for  one operator to lift  such a
         tial buildings is being driven by Mil-  thought to be approximately 1,000kg in   heavy boulder utilizing this equipment.
         lennials’ preference for urban living as   weight, which was the linchpin to the   We’re very grateful to the RSPCA’s Llys
         well  as continued  relocations  to Flor-  whole rescue operation.    Nini branch, which kindly contributed
         ida,” Sims said. “The crawler cranes   Nic  de  Celis,  a  Royal  Society  for   funding towards the hire of the equip-
         in  our  existing  fleet  are  highly  com-  the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals   ment. The whole rescue was a real team
                                                                               effort, and something I am immensely
                                                                               proud to have been involved in.”
                                                                                 The rescue was a multi-organisa-
                                                                               tion  operation  involving  Lifting  Gear
                                                                               & Safety, from where the gantry was
                                                                               sourced;  the Royal National Lifeboat
                                                                               Institution (RNLI); British Divers’ Ma-
                                                                               rine Life Rescue; Sea-Lift Diving Ltd.;
                                                                               Associated British Ports (ABP); and
                                                                               Neath Port Talbot Council.
                                                                                 De Celis continued: “RSPCA animal
                                                                               welfare officer Andrew Harris and I led
                                                                               and coordinated the rescue,  with the
                                                                               specialist  support of  Sea-Lift Diving
                                                                               and a host of other agencies, to whom
                                                                               we’re so grateful. Alongside my RSPCA
                                                                               colleague [animal collection officer El-
                                                                               lie West] we were determined to bring
                                                                               the seal to safety.”
                                                                                 Bryan Waddell, Director at Sea-Lift,
                                                                               explained that mounting it on timber
                                                                               chocks levelled the gantry. The sur-
         A Sims Crane Potain 389 in Tampa, Florida                                              continued on page 36

         34     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2018
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