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Steel Imports Up 15% in 2017
         Finished Import Market Share
         Increased to 27%
            Based on preliminary Census Bu-
         reau data, the American Iron and Steel
         Institute (AISI) reported that the U.S.
         imported a total of 2,446,000 net tons
         (NT) of steel in December 2017, includ-
         ing 1,877,000 net tons (NT) of finished
         steel  (down  11.4%  and  13.5%,  respec-
         tively, vs. November final data). For the
         full year of 2017, total and finished steel
         imports are 38,121,000 and 29,558,000
         net tons (NT), up 15.4% and 12.2%, re-
         spectively, compared to full year 2016.
         Finished steel import market share was
         an estimated 22% in December and is
         estimated at 27% for full year 2017.
           Major  products  with  significant  in-
         creases for full year 2017 vs. 2016 in-
         clude oil country goods (up 196%), line
         pipe (up 63%), standard pipe (up 40%),
         mechanical tubing (up 30%), hot rolled
         bars (up 23%), cold rolled sheets (up
         16%), sheets and strip all other metal-
         lic  coatings  (up  14%) and sheets  and
         strip hot dipped galvanized (up 10%).
           In  December,  the  largest  volumes
         of finished steel imports from offshore
         were from South Korea (192,000  NT,
         down 10% from November final), Ger-
         many (105,000 NT, down 26%), Brazil   Charts courtesy of AISI. For more news about steel and its applications, go to their website at
         (96,000  NT, down 2%), Japan  (81,000
         NT, down 29%) and Turkey (58,000 NT,   ments to the previous month of October  ASME Extends Popular
         down 13%). For full year 2017, the larg-  shows the following changes: cold rolled   Design Standard to Additive
         est offshore suppliers were South Korea   sheets, up 1 percent, hot rolled sheets,   Manufacturing
         (3,753,000 NT, down 2% vs. the same   down 3 percent and hot dipped galva-  Society announces Y14.46
         period in 2016), Turkey (2,191,000 NT,   nized sheets and strip, down 4 percent.  Product Definition for Additive
         down 9%), Japan (1,504,000 NT, down                                   Manufacturing
         16%), Germany (1,405,000 NT, up 18%)   AWRF Announces 2018              In response to the growing use of
         and Taiwan  (1,245,000 NT,  up 15%).   Spring General Meeting         additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D
         Below are charts on estimated  steel   Dates:                         printing in global industries, The Amer-
         import market share in recent months   22 April, 2018 @ 8 am          ican  Society  of Mechanical Engineers
         and on finished steel imports from off-  25 April, 2018 @ 5 pm        (ASME) has developed a new geometric
         shore by country.                    Venue:  Scottsdale Omni Resorts,   dimensioning and tolerancing standard
         November Steel Shipments           4949 E.  Lincoln  Dr.,  Paradise Valley,   that applies to parts and assemblies de-
                                            AZ 85253 United States
         Up 10.3 Percent from                 Guests  can  start booking  by calling   signed in AM environments.
                                                                                 Titled  Y14.46-  2017  Product  Defini-
         November 2016                      888-627-3010  or through the group’s   tion  for  Additive Manufacturing,  the
           The  American  Iron  and Steel  Insti-  personal landing page. Please note   new standard is an extension of the
         tute (AISI) reported that for the month   the Hotel Room Cut-off date is Friday,   widely used Y14.5 standard which for
         of November 2017, U.S.  steel mills   March 30, 2018 Rate is $258.00+  years has provided engineers with the
         shipped 7,419,946 net tons, a 3.8 per-  For more information and appropri-  fundamental language for drafting
         cent decrease from the 7,710,777  net   ate links  go to the  AWRF website at   and designing  products  and systems.
         tons shipped in  the previous  month,      Y14.46  presents  definitions  of  terms
         October 2017, and a 10.3 percent in-  Here are a few things to keep in mind:  and features that are unique  to addi-
         crease from the 6,724,277  net tons   Pre/Post-dates  may  not  be  available   tive manufacturing technologies and
         shipped in November 2016. Shipments   through the link; please call 888-627-  includes recommendations for uniform
         year-to-date in 2017 are 83,558,470 net   3010 if showing no availability. If one or   specifications  in  product  definition
         tons,  a 5.3 percent increase  vs.  2016   more dates requested aren’t available,   data sets and related documents.
         shipments  of  79,360,096 net  tons  for   the web will show no availability for the   “Y14.46  meets the need of the fast-
         eleven months.                     entire stay; guests are suggested to call   growing additive  manufacturing and
           A comparison of November ship-   888-627-3010 to speak with an agent.                continued on page 34

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