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Steel Imports Down 16%
         Between May and June
         Finished Import Market Share
         YTD at 25%
           Based on  preliminary  Census  Bu-
         reau data, the American Iron and Steel
         Institute (AISI) reported today that
         the U.S. imported a total of 2,480,000
         net tons (NT) of steel in June 2018,
         including  1,843,000 net tons (NT) of
         finished steel (down 15.5% and 24.6%,
         respectively, vs. May final data).  Year-
         to-date  (YTD) through  six months of
         2018,  total  and  finished  steel  imports
         are 17,869,000 and 13,999,000 net tons
         (NT), down 9.3% and 7.1%, respective-
         ly, vs. the same period in 2017.  Annu-
         alized total and finished steel imports
         in 2018 would be 35.7 and 28.0 million
         NT, down 6.3% and 5.3%, respectively,
         vs. 2017.   Finished steel import mar-
         ket share was an estimated  22% in
         June and is estimated at 25% YTD.
           A  key  finished  steel  product  with  a
         significant import increase in June com-
         pared to May was sheets and strip all
         other metallic coatings (up 11%).  Major
         products  with  significant  year-to-date
         (YTD) increases vs. the same period in
         2017 include hot rolled sheets (up 24%),
         plates in coils (up 21%), line pipe (up
         14%) and mechanical tubing (up 11%).  Charts courtesy of AISI. For more news about steel and its applications, go to their website at
           In  June,  the  largest  volumes  of  fin-
         ished steel imports from offshore were   tion and the Commentary. The design   doc/steel/store/20180420-Major-
         from South Korea (208,000 NT, up 89%   manual consists of two volumes and is   Changes-in-AISI-D100.pdf
         from May final), Japan (129,000 NT, up   available for purchase as a set at AISI’s   AISI’s  codes  and  standards  work
         7%), Vietnam (120,000 NT, up 61%),   online Steel Store at https://shop.steel.  is conducted under the Construction
         Germany (111,000 NT, down 21%) and   org/c/41/manuals-and-design-guides.  Market Council  of the Steel Market
         Taiwan (93,000 NT, up 20%).  For the   The Cold-Formed Steel Design Man-  Development Institute (SMDI), which
         first  six  months  of  2018,  the  largest   ual, 2017  Edition is available  in both   increases and defends the use of steel
         offshore  suppliers  were  South  Korea   printed (AISI D100-17) and electronic   by developing innovative materials,
         (1,740,000 NT, down 10% vs. the same   formats (AISI D100-17E) and includes   applications and  value-added solu-
         period in 2017), Japan  (741,000 NT,   the following:                 tions for customers in the automotive,
         down 7%), Germany (660,000  NT, up   • Volume I covers dimensions and   construction  and packaging markets.
         10%), Turkey (647,000 NT, down 56%)   properties, beam design,  column  de-  SMDI investors include: AK Steel Cor-
         and Taiwan (560,000 NT, down 16%).   sign,  connections,  supplementary in-  poration, Algoma, ArcelorMittal, Nucor
         Below are charts on estimated  steel   formation, and a bibliography of perti-  Corporation and SSAB  Americas.  For
         import market share in recent months   nent test methods.             more information on SMDI’s Construc-
         and on finished steel imports from off-  • Volume II contains the North Amer-  tion Market program, visit
         shore by country.                  ican Specification for the Design of Cold- Follow SMDI Construc-
           Reprinted  from  the  American  Iron  and   Formed  Steel  Structural  Members,   tion on Twitter @BuildUsingSteel.
         Steel Institute,    2016 Edition and the Commentary.     AISI serves as the voice of the North
                                              The design manual was developed   American  steel  industry  in  the  public
         AISI Publishes Cold-Formed  under  the  direction  of  AISI’s  Educa-  policy arena and advances the case for
         Steel Design Manual, 2017          tion  Committee.  In  this  edition,  new   steel in the marketplace as the pre-
         Edition                            design  examples  have  been  added  to   ferred material of choice.  AISI also
           The American Iron and Steel Institute   further illustrate the Direct Strength   plays a lead role  in  the  development
         (AISI) has published the Cold-Formed   Method provisions and newly added   and application of new steels and steel-
         Steel Design  Manual,  2017 Edition,   provisions  in  the  Specification.  A  de-  making technology. AISI is comprised
         which is to be used in conjunction with   tailed list of the added examples and   of 21 member companies, including in-
         AISI  S100-16,  North American Speci-  other major changes are provided in   tegrated and electric furnace steelmak-
         fication for the Design of Cold-Formed   the online document “Major Changes   ers, and approximately  120  associate
         Steel Structural  Members,  2016 Edi-  in  D100-17”:           continued on page 34

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