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23%), Japan (785,000 NT, down 10%),
                                                                               Taiwan (660,000 NT, up 68%) and Ger-
                                                                               many (602,000 NT, down 2%). Below are
                                                                               charts on estimated steel import market
                                                                               share in recent months and on finished
                                                                               steel imports from offshore by country.
                                                                               AISI releases June SIMA
                                                                               imports data
                                                                               Import market share 29% in June
                                                                                 Based on the Commerce Department’s
                                                                               most recent Steel Import Monitoring and
                                                                               Analysis (SIMA) data, the American Iron
                                                                               and Steel Institute (AISI) reported that
                                                                               steel import permit applications for the
                                                                               month of June totaled 3,502,000 net tons
                                                                               (NT)*. This was a 3.7% decrease from the
                                                                               3,637,000 permit tons recorded in May
                                                                               and a 2.0% increase from the May pre-
                                                                               liminary imports total of 3,434,000 NT.
                                                                               Import permit tonnage for finished steel
                                                                               in June was 2,724,000, up 5.8% from the
                                                                               preliminary imports total of 2,574,000
                                                                               in May. For the first six months of 2017
                                                                               (including June SIMA permits and May
                                                                               preliminary  data),  total  and  finished
                                                                               steel imports were 19,243,000 NT and
                                                                               14,775,000 NT, up 22.5% and 15.2%, re-
                                                                               spectively, from the same period in 2016.
                                                                                 The  estimated  finished  steel  import
                                                                               market share in June was 29% and is
                                                                               27% year-to-date (YTD).
                                                                                 Finished steel imports with large in-
                                                                               creases in June permits vs. the May
                                                                               preliminary included reinforcing bars
                                                                               (up 190%), standard rail (up 30%), heavy
         Preliminary steel imports          structural shapes (up 40%), cold rolled   structural shapes (up 30%), sheets and
         increase 11.6% in June             sheets (up 32%), hot rolled sheets (up   strip all other metallic coatings (up 26%),
         Finished import market share YTD   29%), mechanical tubing (up 25%), oil   hot  rolled  sheets  (up  23%),  structural
         at 27%                             country goods (up 19%), hot rolled bars   pipe  and  tubing  (up  20%),  mechanical
           Based on preliminary Census Bureau   (up 12%) and plates in coils (up 11%).    tubing (up 15%), cold rolled sheets (up
         data, the American  Iron  and Steel In-  Major  products  with  significant  year-  12%) and oil country goods (up 11%).
         stitute (AISI) reported that the U.S. im-  to-date (YTD)  increases  vs.  the  same   Products with significant year-to-date
         ported a total of 3,868,000 net tons (NT)   period in 2016 include oil country goods   (YTD)  increases  vs.  the  same  period
         of steel in June 2017, including 2,941,000   (up 248%), cold rolled sheets (up 41%),   in 2016 include oil country goods (up
         net tons (NT) of finished steel (up 11.6%   sheets and strip all other metallic coat-  237%), cold rolled sheets (up 36%), stan-
         and  12.8%,  respectively,  vs.  May  final   ings (up 36%), standard pipe (up 35%),    dard pipe (up 33%), sheets and strip all
         data).    Year-to-date  (YTD)  through  six   line pipe (up 32%), mechanical tubing   other metallic coatings (up 29%), line
         months of 2017, total and finished steel   (up 29%), hot rolled bars (up 28%),   pipe (up 29%), mechanical tubing (up
         imports are 19,641,000 and 15,024,000   sheets and strip hot dipped galvanized   27%), hot rolled bars (up 24%), sheets
         net tons (NT), up 25.0% and 17.2%, re-  (up 26%), tin plate (up 17%) and wire   and  strip  hot  dipped  galvanized  (up
         spectively, vs. the same period in 2016.    rods (up 10%).            24%) and tin plate (up 15%).
         Annualized total and finished steel im-  In  June,  the  largest  volumes  of  fin-  In  June,  the  largest  finished  steel
         ports in 2017 would be 39.3 and 30.0   ished steel imports from offshore were   import permit applications for offshore
         million NT, up 19.0% and 14.1%, respec-  from South Korea (388,000 NT, up 18%   countries were for South Korea (381,000
         tively, vs. 2016.   Finished steel import   from May final), Turkey (328,000 NT, up   NT, up 16% from May preliminary),
         market share was an estimated 30% in   113%), Taiwan (163,000 NT, up 126%),   Turkey (319,000 NT, up 107%), Japan
         June and is estimated at 27% YTD.  Japan (125,000 NT, down 9%) and Ger-  (139,000 NT, up 10%), Taiwan (132,000
           Key  finished  steel  products  with   many (116,000 NT, down 21%).  For   NT,  up 84%)  and Germany (123,000
         significant  import  increases  in  June   the first six months of 2017, the largest   NT,  down  13%).  Through  the  first  six
         compared to  May  include  reinforcing   offshore  suppliers  were  South  Korea   months of 2017, the largest offshore
         bars (up 84%), sheets  and strip all   (1,928,000 NT, down 1% vs. the same pe-  suppliers were South Korea (1,921,000
         other metallic coatings (up 61%), heavy   riod in 2016), Turkey (1,470,000 NT, up      continued on page 34

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