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         for heavy equipment, such as loaders,
         as  well  as  for  fire  trucks  and  rescue
           St.  Pierre  tire  chain  sets  feature  a
         roller  grip design  for  effortless  cross
         chain replacement by hand; no tools
         are needed for  installation.  Unlike
         chain of years past, these wear evenly
         on all sides of the cross chain for longer
         chain life, no need for adjusters.
           Some of the tire  chain  components
         are custom made for us, some we man-
         ufacture  ourselves.  The  finished  sets
         are assembled in Worcester. They are
         made with  nickel  manganese  alloy
         and case hardened for greater wear
         resistance. These are able to handle
         high  impact  better  than  carbon  and
         boron chains, and they have square
         links which provide better traction.
         These prove themselves to be the best   The U.S. Navy marvels at the strength of St. Pierre’s anchor chain in this 1944 news item.
         in commercial use.
           As an active member of AWRF, St.   ence meeting this last spring in Sa-  ing loads in environments ranging
         Pierre has been an attendee at nu-  vannah, Georgia.                  from power plants to construction
         merous meetings over the years. “I   “This was a first for me as I’d never   sites. In addition to products related
         really enjoyed our last AWRF Confer-  been down to Savannah before. In ad-  to lifting, the line includes load bind-
                                            dition to a great meeting, we also en-  ers  and  chain  assemblies  for  heavy
                                            joyed the sights and history of Savan-  duty trucking needs.
                                            nah. We had time to take a side trip up   Other brands that they offer include,
                                            to Charleston,  South  Carolina  where   Lift-All Slings, Peerless Chain, Wireco
                                            we enjoyed  that lovely southern city   Wire  Rope, Yale Hoists,  Abell-Howe
                                            as well. That’s an area of the country I   Crane and Equipment, Budgit Hoists,
                                            would really like to experience and ex-  Chester Hoist, CM Loadstar Chain
                                            plore even more.”                  Hoists, Coffing Hoists, Mechanical and
                                              Companies  whose  products  they   Screw Jacks, and Rotating Joints.
                                            make available through their website   As with other medium to small busi-
                                            include rigging products marketed   nesses across the country, this is very
                                            under Crosby and CM Rigging – used   much a family affair. The brothers and
                                            extensively to lift, position, and se-  their sons/nephews all have their own
                                            cure  loads.  Part  of  that  firm’s  “com-  interests and directions in their lives,
                                            plete lifting system” when used in   but all are very proud of the legacy
                                            conjunction with hoists and cranes,    their father and grandfather has left
         St. Pierre Chain and Wire Rope today.  provide numerous options for secur-  for them to fulfill as well. WRN

         30     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2017
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