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continued from page 28             capacity amounted to 22,785 MW.    year  for  the  next  five  years.  By  2020,
         throughout Greece  and the number    Wind power alone covered 16.6% of   the United Kingdom is expected to have
         was  set  to  reach  2,587 wind  turbines   the total electricity demand in Spain in   more than 28,000 MW of wind capacity.
         before the end of 2010.            2010 (according to Red Eléctrica de Es-  In the Europe’s Premier Wind En-
           The system would have a nameplate   paña, the Spanish system operator) and   ergy Event, February 2013  wind was
         capacity of 3,372 MW of power from wind   continues as the third technology in the   evaluated  by Robert Clover from
         alone compared to 746MW at the end of   system, after nuclear power and com-  MAKE Consulting as the cheapest elec-
         2006. Greece chose to invest primarily   bined cycles. Wind energy’s installed ca-  tricity technology after 2020 meeting
         to wind power by 77%, while the rest of   pacity could meet the electricity needs   50% of electricity demand in Europe by
         renewable sources altogether comprise   of two thirds of Spanish households.   2050. According to Faith Birol, Chief
         the remaining 23% of production with   In 2010, the electricity sector reduced   Economist at the International Energy
         hydroelectric power being second with   its CO2 emissions  by 26% thanks to   Agency, without phasing out fossil fuel
         11%. Ireland also is in an excellent loca-  wind energy. Spain establishment of a   subsidies, the EU will not reach its cli-
         tion for wind power development.   stable regulatory framework as actual-  mate targets. The fossil fuel subsidies
           In fact, Ireland is perhaps the best   ly promoted a better understanding of   were half a trillion dollars in 2011.
         location in Europe for wind power as   the resource, and improved technology   As many have suggested, one of the
         it is situated  on the Western edge  of   that have afforded considerable cost re-  biggest challenges of wind  energy is
         Europe and is exposed to high winds   duction in terms of initial investment,   the lack of predictability of government
         from the both the Atlantic Ocean and   maintenance, and exploitation.  policies – not the lack of predictability
         the Irish Sea. Wind power capacity fac-  And  finally  there  is  the  U.K.  At  the   of wind power – this, according to Birol.
         tors incline to be higher in Ireland than   beginning  of  2013,  the  installed  capac-  Retroactive policy changes  have also
         anywhere else. By the end of 2014 the   ity of wind power in the United Kingdom   undermined investment in renewable
         installed capacity of wind power in Ire-  was 8,445 megawatts (MW), with 362   energy  projects.  The  European  wind
         land was 2,111 megawatts, generating   operational wind farms and 4,158 wind   industry  needs skilled  workforce.  The
         19% of Ireland’s electrical power.  turbines  in  the  United  Kingdom.  The   EU wind energy capacity in the end of
           Most wind farms in Ireland are locat-  United Kingdom is ranked as the world’s   2012 was 105.6 GW. Renewable energy
         ed in coastal regions and especially in   eighth largest producer of wind power.   represented 69% of new power capacity
         the West of Ireland. However, the Irish   One point eight GW of new wind pow-  in 2012, while fuel oil, coal and nuclear
         Sea is getting some attention and the   er  capacity was  brought  online  during   capacity saw negative growth due to
         first offshore wind farm in Ireland is lo-  2012, a 30% increase of the total UK in-  decommissioning.
         cated a few kilometers north of Arklow   stalled capacity. 2012 was a significant   Recent public opinion surveys about
         and 10 km out to sea and is known as   year for the offshore wind industry with   wind power at both the EU and the
         the Arklow Bank Wind Park.         four large wind farms becoming opera-  country level shows that wind energy,
           This  is set to expand in the future.   tional with over 1.1 GW of generating   being a clean and renewables energy
         Other proposals are an offshore wind   capability coming on stream.   source,  is  traditionally  linked  to  very
         farm on the Kish Bank, about 15 kilo-  Through the Renewables Obligation,   strong and stable levels of public sup-
         meters offshore from Ireland’s capital,   British  electricity  suppliers  now  find   port. About 80 per cent of EU citizens
         Dublin.  With another planned wind   themselves required by law to provide a   support wind power.
         farm at Clogherhead to be called the   proportion of their sales from renewable   North America has only just begun
         Oriel Wind Farm. The Codling wind-  sources such as wind power or pay a pen-  to scratch the surface of the potential
         farm, planned for the south Irish Sea,   alty fee. The supplier then receives a Re-  of  wind  power.  Interestingly enough,
         will have a capacity of 1100 MW with   newables  Obligation  Certificate  (ROC)   Texas and Iowa, as well as Washington
         330 turbines,  giving  a huge  boost to   for each MW·h of electricity they have   and California, are among the leaders
         wind generated power in Ireland.   purchased. Within the United Kingdom,   in promoting its development. But we
           Some other  countries  looking  into   wind power is the second largest source   have vast stretches of shorelines with
         expanding wind power developments   of renewable energy after biomass.   virtually unlimited, unending wind for
         are Lithuania, Romania, and Spain. In   Wind power is expected to continue   tapping. If and when  we realize this
         2011, Spain was even Europe’s leading   growing in the United Kingdom for the   truth, wire rope sling manufacturers
         producer of wind energy and ranked   foreseeable future – RenewableUK es-  and those involved with synthetics
         second only behind Germany in terms   timated in 2010 that more than 2,000   may just have a lot more work to do,
         of installed capacity. In 2012, domestic   MW of capacity would be deployed per   just to keep up with demand. WRN

         Wind turbines span the horizon in this photo taken at the ocean outside Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo © monap via iStockphoto.

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