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         continued from page 28               Modern single elevators carry a price   the use of wire rope cables in well over
         Executive of the  elevator  division of   tag of between $400,000 and $600,000   150 years. “Rather than operating like
         ThyssenKrupp feels, that in time, Multi   per shaft.  Despite the Multi  not be-  a yo-yo, it hovers each cab vertically or
         – the name given to this new innovation   ing on the market yet, ThyssenKrupp   horizontally with magnetic fields,” ex-
         – ultimately would add to the speed and   feels, “the saving in reduced footprint   plains business and technology writer
         efficiency of elevators as well as to the   for  super-tall and mega-tall buildings   Christopher Alessi.
         way buildings are constructed.     is enormous and pays off easily.”    “Floating up a tower might make
           At rival  Kone,  one  chief  executive,   But supplanting an installed elevator   some elevator riders skittish,  but the
         Henrik  Ehrnrooth feels that to date,   system could run millions of dollars – in   average passenger is ‘absolutely igno-
         these kinds of ideas haven’t been com-  some building they could even prove im-  rant’ about how elevators work,  said
         mercially viable. While Schindler’s for-  possible. Developers eschew risk. One   Mr. Trabucco with the Council on Tall
         mer chief, Silvio Napoli feels horizontal   equity analyst with Credit Suisse pre-  Buildings,  adding, ‘enticing  riders
         concepts with  elevators “are not that   dicts, “this will be a very niche market.”   shouldn’t be hard if the system is fast’.”
         new for the industry.                Whole buildings may end up needing   ThyssenKrupp continues to develop
           “Competitors were working on this   to be designed around  the  ThyssenK-  elevator  safety  attributes  in  coordina-
         years ago but found problems.” Prob-  rupp system. The analyst adds,  “Evo-  tion with building developers as well as
         lems included high energy consumption.   lutionary technology such  as Kone’s   consultants. Says one spokesperson: “We
         Otis  in  the  1990s  even  came  up  with   carbon-filter  rope  may  have  a  bigger   will employ multi-step braking systems
         a system running both vertically and   impact on the industry.”       on all Multi elevators. This is to handle
         horizontally; but its intricate system of   According to Kone, their synthetic   all possible scenarios of operation.”
         pulleys  and  cables  proved  too  complex   belts – already in use – prove much light-  Just as Roebling saw the seeming lim-
         to install, as pointed out by Dario Tra-  er than traditional steel cables, therefore   itless possiblities of replacing much more
         bucco, resesarcher with the Council on   its system uses up less energy and costs   unreliable hemp rope with wire rope. His
         Tall  Buildings  and  Urban  Habitat,  a   less to maintain. Kone’s UltraRope al-  first chance to put his ideas to work came
         nonprofit standards organization.  lows elevators to double the maximum   with work his earliest project, central
           One  expert,  an  elevator  consultant   shaft heights of today, which reach some   Pennsylivania’s  Portage  Railway  and
         feels that ThyssenKrupp’s greatest   1,640 feet (500 meters). Longer shafts   Canal. Were Roebling still on the scene
         challenge comes with “developing a   cut  down  on  the  demand  for  elevator   today, he might not be too surprised at
         working system that would be cost-com-  transfer  lobbies  on  the  upper  floors  of   the  rise  of  technologies  replacing  even
         petitive,” as well as convincing develop-  buildings, thus increasing rental space.  his amazingly strong wire rope, even in
         ers they should take the risk of using its   Yet the Multi, by ThyssenKrupp also   the elevator – an invention appearing
         unequaled and copyrighted system.   represents  the  first  interruption  from   just twelve years before his death. WRN

         30     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2018
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