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End Fittings and Swivels For Wire & Synthetic Rope

                       Life Line Fittings on Ships    Stud Sockets at Zoo        Clevis Sockets for Barriers

                   Trusted by the U.S. military and used in the maritime,

            construction, architectural, utility, rigging industries and more.

          Electroline Fittings are remarkably easy to install in
          three simple steps:

          ❶ THE SLEEVE slips over the end of the rope.

          ❷ PLUG inserted to separate and hold the rope strands in the sleeve.

          ❸ The covering SOCKET.

          See an animated demo  of this at!

                                       The Electroline Difference

        ■   QUICK & EASY                                     ■   STRONG
           Onsite assembly in minutes                           Exceeds rated breaking strength of most ropes

        ■   RELIABLE                                         ■   VERSATILE
           Over 75 years of proven performance in many applications                 Many rope sizes in a variety of platings and finishes

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