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continued from page 26             construction as well. A huge temporary   ship, Jumbo Javelin had the amazing
         had any idea what the bottom was like.   storage area had to be set aside for the   ability to transport nine elements at a
         The bottom of the sea, based on a geo-  nacelles,  blades,  and towers.  The  sea   time out to the wind farm site. A special
         logical study, included over 30 meter,   is an especially risky place to work, so   cement  was  added  to  the  foundations.
         about 90 feet, of soft mud. This created   safety had to be a top priority.   Up to seven complete turbines could be
         a challenge for the 111 foundations and   Wire rope and synthetic lines proved   shipped out to the site at a time.
         their installation vessels.        essential for the work and for the   Weather-permitting, a complete tur-
           The  enormous  weight  means  that   safety training. The safety training   bine could be erected in just 10 hours.
         the vessel actually had to stand on   was required before workers  could go   Those 6,000 boulders did not go to waste;
         firm ground during installation of the   out to the job site out at sea. A num-  they were re-located to sites through out
         wind turbine bases. The project group   ber of comprehensive courses, for both   the nearby sea to create artificial reefs.
         ended up changing some of the planned   employees and suppliers  were  taken   Soon lobsters and other creations were
         turbine positions due to issues arising   by those  involved.  These  involved  the   found settling in the newly created un-
         with  some  of  the  locations  selected.   learning of all procedures.   derwater ecosystem. During the course
         Those involved with the construction in   Work  on  the  sea  floor  soon  demon-  of the work, hotel vessels actually ac-
         turn had to change some of the planned   strated the value of consistency  with   commodated technicians working on the
         turbine  positions;  but  this  had to  be   geologic sediments. Boulders were dis-  job out at sea, providing cruise ship-like
         done so that all the turbines still would   covered through the work of a French-  housing and hot meals. In the end, this
         have optimum wind conditions.      Canadian team’s analysis. The 15 most   impressive development by Dong Ener-
           Interestingly,  the  wind  farm  from   critical foundation locations were in-  gy will supply power to 400,000 people
         above  has  the  shape  of  a  fish  tail  or   vestigated  right down to the bedrock   for the next 25 years.
         megaphone. And this development has   below the seafloor – some 90 in a num-  As of 2013, the installed capacity of
         effected both the sea and the harbor.   ber of cases. Scans were made at a cost   wind power in Estonia was 269.4 MW.
         The old customs house now monitors   of $60,000 dollars per scan.     Roughly 1466.5 MW worth of projects
         traffic in the water, around the turbines   Huge cast iron hooks and wire rope   are currently being developed and three
         and prior to that tracked the wind farm   some three to four inches  thick  was   major offshore projects with total ca-
                                                           used to move the    pacity of 1490 MW are being planned.
                                                           foundations.  The   Estonia opens to the sea and has a flat
                                                           monopiles for the   territory, offering a very high potential
                                                           foundations – after   for the development of wind energy.
                                                           being plugged up at   According to a survey carried out by
                                                           the ends so that they   the Estonian Ministry of the Environ-
                                                           will be able to float –   ment, 95% of the respondents considered
                                                           are towed by tugs out   wind power as the most environmentally
                                                           to the wind farm site.   friendly way to produce energy. Germa-
                                                           The 600 foot high in-  ny too, as with its high amount of solar
                                                           stallation vessel was   development, has gotten on board with
                                                           originally built for   wind power in big way.
                                                           the erection  of the   Wind power plays an important role in
                                                           Great Belt Bridge.   Germany’s renewables portfolio. October
                                                           But in  this case is   2014 saw the installed domestic capacity
                                                           just as suitable for   as amounting to 35,678 megawatts, of
                                                           use in the installa-  which offshore contributed 616 MW.
                                                           tion of the wind farm   In  2014,  wind  generated  more  than
                                                           foundations.  Each  51 terawatt-hours of electricity and con-
                                                           400 ton foundation is   tributed about 9.7% to the nations total
                                                           pulled up vertically   net-generated  electricity.  This  is  1.3%
                                                           with  a  huge  crane   more than the year before. December
                                                           while  at the  same   2014  was  the  best  month,  generating
                                                           time operators made   8.9 TWh and on par with record-break-
                                                           sure  that only  one   ing month of December 2011.
                                                           half  of one  degree of   More than 21,607 wind turbines are
                                                           deviation occurred.   located in the German federal area and
                                                            The time it takes to   the country has plans to build more
                                                           drive the pile down 75   wind turbines. As of 2011, Germany’s
                                                           feet or more into the   federal government is  working  on  a
                                                           seabed is only two to   new plan for increasing renewable en-
                                                           four hours. Two ves-  ergy commercialization, focusing  par-
                                                           sels worked about   ticularly on offshore wind farms.
                                                           two years scooping up   Wind  power  in  the  tiny  country  of
                                                           boulders from the sea-  Greece  was due to expand  by 352%
         A crane lifts the blade assembly for attachment. At the Gries, close   floor where the foun-  by 2010 to meet the European target
         to the Nufenen Pass in Switzerland, at 2.500m altitude, the Gries   dations needed to be   of 20% coverage of energy needs from
         wind farm is the highest wind farm in Europe. A first wind turbine   situated; some 6,000   renewable  sources.  Previously,  there
         was erected in 2011 and another three turbines were constructed   rock chunks were re-  were  1,028 wind turbines  installed
         in 2016 to form the first complete wind farm in Canton Wallis.
         Photo courtesy of SwissWinds Development GmbH (  moved.  The  Dutch   continued on page 30
         28     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2017
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