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         Ticket holders for the dinner heard
         keynote speaker Roebling historian
         Clifford Zink who signed copies of his
         book,  The  Roebling Legacy,  at the
         South Butler Community Library dur-
         ing the afternoon.
           While  anyone  participating  in  the
         weekend activities was considered an
         honorary  “Saxonburger,”  there  were
         a number of dignitaries participat-
         ing as well. The expected participants
         included  a  delegation  of  officials  from
         Mühlhausen,  Germany,  Saxonburg’s
         “Sister City” and the native home of the
         Roeblings and many other earlier town
         settlers. Also invited was Kristian Roe-
         bling, the great-great-great grandson of
         John Roebling, who with his family is
         honored to visit where his family first
         emigrated and settled in this country.
           The  Borough  of  Saxonburg  in  west-  Fred Caesar, coordinator of the Saxonburg 185th/175th  anniversary celebration,  guides Kriss
         ern Pennsylvania may be considered   Roebling, the great-great-great grandson of John Roebling, and his sons, August and Chase, as
         by  some  as  “slightly  off  the  beaten   they approach the preserved Roebling wire rope workshop in Roebling Park in Saxonburg. John
         path” but once anyone this  summer   Roebling founded Saxonburg in 1832 and on July 16, 1842, he received a U.S. Patent for his
                                            improved wire rope twisting process which he developed inside the very building they were visiting
         followed  that path,  they  found  a  true   on the very date 175 years later. The workshop is on the National Register of Historic Places.
         treasure  worthy  of  their  time.  If  you
         made it, chances are you followed in   monwealth of Pennsylvania – but with   a small borough we have a lot to contrib-
         the footsteps of the Roeblings and oth-  a legacy that spans the world.   ute,” he said. “Not only to the common-
         ers who emigrated from Germany and   “Saxonburg  has  a  proud  heritage,”   wealth, but also the nation, for people
         left a mark  on  this  spot in  the  Com-  added Caesar. “And while we might be   who came here, and inventions.” WRN

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