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70 ton vertical WLL lift with a polyester roundsling?
             It can be done with EPP21 from Filtec Precise!

             Filtec Precise’s innovative roundsling, EPP21,

             gives new meaning to polyester roundsling:
                 • Much faster fabrication times                            “We get much higher
                 •  Increase sling efficiency up to 15%                    efficiency that allows
                  in 45+ ton (#13 and up) slings                           us to make a smaller,
                 • Higher breaking strengths                              lighter poly roundslings
                 •  Less overall yarn use saving weight and                  up to 75 ton WLL.“
                  possible reduction in jacket widths                             Fred Ambli
                                                                              Vice President, R&D
                                                                              Lift-Pro International,
                                                                                  Duluth, MN

             Learn more about EPP21’s Enhanced Chemical Finish at
    or by calling Jim at (910) 653-5200
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