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         craft quality, grade XM-12 and meets
         exact specifications. The McMillan De-
         sign,  Inc.  is  the  only  manufacturer  of
         the  Sea  Catch  product.  It is  contract-
         ed to be made and assembled at Cut-
         ting Technology, Inc. and GMS Metal
         Works,  Inc.,  both  of  Auburn,  WA.
         Manufacturing  processes  follow  rigid,
         national-level standards of precision-
         jet cutting,  machining,  welding,  heat
         treating, and final assembly.
           Heat treating of the Sea Catch prod-
         uct also results in improved mechanical,
         fatigue and corrosion properties across
         the board. Final assembly of the product
         includes the light application of a lubri-
         cant  to  each  pin  such  as  AQUA  Lube,
         to protect the pin surfaces from pitting   Chevron USA using Sea Catch TR18RAM as emergency disconnect on mooring
         during extended marine use and aid in   line securing an ocean-going barge to stern of drill ship for well test flowback.
         smooth mechanical function of the de-
         vice. For higher capacity units, an NLGI   engineering  firm,  L3  MariPro,  Inc.  in   a highlight for our guests and adds to
         #2.5 grease with moly added and a tem-  Santa Barbara, California “A modifica-  the thrill factor on our swing.
         perature range from 0 to 425F is applied.   tion  we  made aboard the  ship  to  pre-  Also, the amount of force required to
         Customer may also request a lubrication   vents this from happening.   release the load is ideal for some of our
         material of their choice as well.    “The ¼” plates involved are remov-  younger  guests,  meaning they get to
           A recent launch of a U-Boat  Worx   able and still allow a small pry-bar to   experience the drop firsthand. We are
         private submarine was captured on   open the lever when rigging on deck.   more than satisfied with how well the
         film as shown above and on a brief You-  It works well, and our worries are   Sea Catch works and will continue to
         Tube video showing  how  a Sea Catch   over. The plates have enough clear-  use it at our operations. They have our
         was used to deploy the craft. This was   ance so that the Sea Catch can be ful-  thanks for making a great product.”
         provided courtesy of Roy de Boer with   ly closed, but lines or cables cannot   In December  2015, Bollinger  Ship-
         U-Boat Worx in The Netherlands.    lift up on the lever.”             yards, Inc. delivered the Joseph Napier,
           “On some of our jobs, we have been   “The Sea Catch TR3 was in action   the 15th Fast Response Cutter (FRC) to
         concerned  of accidental mechanical   releasing  our  giant swing,”  says Ron   the U.S. Coast Guard. The 154-ft FRC
         tripping of the Sea Catch from the nu-  Betts,  Treetop  Flyers  owner/operator.   was built with a stern  launch  system
         merous cables and lines we have when   “The device has proven itself to be ide-  that uses a Sea Catch Toggle Release
         lowering  items  to  the  seafloor,”  ex-  al for our intended use. The speed and   to deploy the vessel’s 26-ft cutter boat.
         plains Kirk Connally, with the marine   smoothness of load release is definitely   Coast Guard officials describe the FRC
                                                                               as an operational “game changer.”
                                                                                 Scripps physical oceanographer, Jen-
                                                                               nifer MacKinnon has been involved in
                                                                               Arctic research.  MacKinnon  also de-
                                                                               scribes the mooring deployment during
                                                                               ArcticMix, a research cruise, that has
                                                                               subsequently found incredible evidence
                                                                               of turbulence involved in the mixing of
                                                                               relatively warm waters with cold sur-
                                                                               face waters and ice in the Arctic Ocean.
                                                                                 From the YouTube clip of the launch
                                                                               of the data-gathering euquipment,
                                                                               viewers can watch a standard Sea
                                                                               Catch being  used  to release  this  load
                                                                               of research equipment  into the Artic
                                                                               Ocean. The simplicity and speed of the
                                                                               launch demonstrate  why the McMil-
                                                                               lan’s device is so popular – and useful.
                                                                                 From the long list of satisfied custom-
                                                                               ers – many included on their website – a
                                                                               virtual who’s who of exploration, work,
                                                                               and  research  firms  involved  with  the
                                                                               world’s oceans, it’s easy to see why find-
                                                                               ing the right solution to a problem can
                                                                               also really pay off in the end. And many
         SeaBED AUV Jaguar, operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to map underside
         of ice floes in the course of a cruise by the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Re-  users of this safe, labor-saving device are
         search Centre aboard icebreaker Aurora Australis.                     more than satisfied with that fact. WRN
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