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         continued from page 20             in Saxonburg is not complete without   wire  rope workshop  is  the Saxonburg
         and was operated by hand. It was of   referencing his marriage in 1836 to Jo-  Museum.  Besides highlights  of the
         course, Roebling’s own invention. A cable   hanna Herting, the daughter of a tailor   Roebling years in Saxonburg, includ-
         could be completed in a week to ten days.   who emigrated from Mühlhausen.   ing a replica of Roebling’s wire  cable,
         Approximately  eight  men  were  needed   Six  children  were  born  to  the  Roe-  the Saxonburg  Museum  provides an
         to twist the cable and sixteen to eighteen   blings during their time in Saxonburg.   insight into the heritage of the people
         men to wind the cables onto reels.”   One of their sons was born in 1837 and   who founded and have lived in the Sax-
           Other histories over many decades   baptized  Washington  Augustus  Roe-  onburg area. And Main Street remains
         pointed out  his  substantial  construc-  bling. He lived in Saxonburg for the   lined with shops and businesses that
         tion accomplishments, including,  a   first  12  years  of  his  life.  Washington   share the same passion for preserving
         suspension  wire  aqueduct across  the   Roebling enlisted in the New Jersey mi-  the town’s history.
         Allegheny river at Pittsburgh, in 1844;   litia at the outbreak of the civil war. He   While the Borough of Saxonburg wel-
         the suspension  bridge across  Niagara   left the service with the rank of Colonel.   comes visitors at any time of the year,
         river,  begun  in  1852, and completed   Col.  Washington  Roebling’s  place   the weekend  of July 15-16 this  year
         in 1855; the suspension  bridge across   in history includes his role in the con-  brought the community and surround-
         the Ohio river from Cincinnati to Cov-  struction of the Brooklyn Bridge. His   ing areas together to celebrate both the
         ington, begun in 1856 and finished in   father, John, injured his foot during the   185th anniversary of the founding of
         1857; the bridge across the Allegheny   early  construction  of  the  bridge.  That   Saxonburg and the 175th anniversary
         at Pittsburgh, begun in 1858 and com-  injury  led to  lockjaw setting in.  John   of John Roebling’s wire rope patent.
         pleted in 1860. One history from 1895   Roebling died in 1869, never seeing his   For parade lovers, Saxonburg  hosted
         explained, “and last – the greatest and   grand bridge completed. But it was Col.   one on the morning of July 15. The pa-
         grandest of all – the East River suspen-  Washington Roebling who stepped in to   rade featured an historical theme that
         sion bridge, connecting New York and   become the Chief Engineer and super-  included bands, antique cars and farm
         Brooklyn.  This  is  the largest suspen-  vised the completion of the bridge.   equipment,  fire  equipment  and  floats.
         sion bridge in the world, and is a mar-  When one visits Saxonburg and Roe-  During the afternoon, the iconic Main
         vel of modern engineering skill. It was   bling Park, the Roebling legacy is not   Street was blocked off to have a street
         completed in 1883.”                only visible by the preservation of the   party that included German groups,
           The Roebling years in Saxonburg end-  wire rope workshop. The park includes   vendors and activities for all the family.
         ed in 1849 when he moved to Trenton,   another reminder of the Roebling’s im-  Following  the street party, a recep-
         New Jersey, to build a large manufac-  pact and ties  to the  town.  There  is  a   tion at the Saxonburg Museum led to
         turing plant to expand the wire rope   replica of the Brooklyn Bridge.   a dinner at the adjoining Cooper Hall.
         process. But the history of the Roeblings   Adjacent to the bridge replica and the     continued on page 24

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