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         continued from page 20             and custom solutions,  and his strong   ily owned and operated business run by
         named  this section of the nature pre-  vision ultimately drove the company to   Jim Chant’s son, Philip Chant (Fig. 8).
         serve, Chant’s Woods.              become a leading manufacturer of test-  Phil has served as its President since
           Jim touched many lives. He was in-  ing machinery,  reeling  machines,  test   2000 and over the past seventeen years,
         telligent, pragmatic, generous, confi-  stands and other related rigging shop   Phil has been able to preserve his fa-
         dent, wise, caring, a willing advocate   accessories. He was not only an innova-  ther’s vision. He was fortunate to be
         for others, and went out of his way to   tor ahead of his time but also an iconic   able to work side-by-side with Jim for
         support the endeavors of others with-  figure in our industry.        over 35 years to learn the business from
         out judgment. He expected the best   Jim left behind  his legacy and to-  the ground up, to help cultivate its cor-
         from individuals, businesses, and   day, Chant Engineering is still a fam-  porate culture and to facilitate the com-
         government.                                                           pany’s growth to nearly 60 employees.
           Unlike many people, when he found                                   Chant has become a global manufactur-
         a problem he would take the initiative                                ing  facility  serving  customers  testing
         to address it trying to make a positive                               equipment needs worldwide.
         change. Jim would attempt to engage                                     Jim died peacefully at home on
         others  with  private chats,  and if nec-                             Thursday, June 15, 2017 at the age of
         essary finding and talking to supervi-                                89 and was  surrounded  by his  loving
         sors,  CEOs, writing letters to govern-                               family (Fig. 9). He was a unique, fun-
         ment  officials,  congressmen,  even  the                             ny little gentleman from England who
         President  of  the  United  States.  In                               loved engineering, his family, friends,
         these discussions, Jim often got results                              and employees and let his passion
         as he was always a gentleman, never                                   drive his  path to become an industry
         argued, and treated everyone with po-                                 icon and inventor. Of course, Jim was
         lite respect. He honored his word and                                 also  a great husband,  father,  mentor,
         expected others to do the same. He be-                                and friend to all who knew him and he
         lieved in the innate goodness in people                               will be greatly missed by all.
         and maintained a positive outlook and                                   “It  is  a  very  sad  time  and  we  all
         attitude throughout his life.                                         have a heavy heart as we mourn Jim’s
           Mr. Chant’s ability to talk to employ-                              passing.  He  has  touched  and  im-
         ees,  customers,  and  government  offi-  Charlton House  Doors. Photo taken  by  Jim   pacted  so  many  people  over  the  years.
         cials  on all levels,  clearly understand   Chant in 1950. He always believed “when one   Our  thoughts  and  prayers  go  out  to
                                            door closes, another opens”, quote by Alex-
         goals and testing needs, provide unique   ander Graham Bell.                           continued on page 73
         22     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2017
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