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         portantly,  he  will  be  remembered…”
         -George Andress, Chant employee (9+
           “He was a really patient, easy-going
         man,  always  very  respectful  to  every-
         one. He was extremely approachable, in
         fact you could talk to Jim about virtu-
         ally anything. You could tell him about
         problems on the shop floor or even ask
         him  for  advice.  If  he  saw  you  doing
         something wrong, instead of yelling at
         you, he’d offer helpful hints or positive
         constructive  criticism.  He  would  work
         side-by-side  to  show  you  how  things
         were done, get his hands dirty to men-
         tor us. In all the years I have worked
         here, I only saw Jim blow his lid once,
         and  it  was  actually  funny,  because   Johnsville Centrifuge. Photo Source: NASA -
         it  was  so  out  of  character  for  him.”   thought of that. The clearest engineering   “Everyone  who  worked  with  Jim,
         - Israel “Izzy” Guzman, current Chant   lesson I learned from Jim is to always   remember  Jim  as  being  a  brilliant
         employee (12+ years)               question what makes things “tick” and   engineer and respected by all in the
           “Although Jim’s area of expertise was   to ask questions or research the subject   industry.  A  few  will  remember  back
         Electrical Engineering, he had such a   until it is thoroughly understood. The   when Chant Engineering was a small
         strong grasp of all engineering disci-  clearest personal lesson I learned from   startup  company,  with  fewer  than
         plines. At times, he could discuss a me-  Jim  is  that  it  is  possible  to  operate  a   15 employees, Jim made it a point to
         chanical engineering problem with me   successful business while treating oth-  make  every  employee  feel  like  part  of
         with  such  simple  approaches  to  it,  to   ers with respect, honesty and patience.”   his  family.  This  became  more  diffi-
         the point where I would leave slightly   - Rob Schuyler, Chant employee and   cult for Jim as the company grew and
         embarrassed,  wondering  why  I  hadn’t   Jim’s son-in-law (12+ years)  grew, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.
                                                                               So, for every employee on their birth-
                                          Jim  pictured with his  son,  Philip Chant.  Phil   day,  Jim  made  sure  that  the  entire
                                          followed  in his father’s footsteps  and is the   company  would  gather  in  the  engi-
                                          current President of Chant Engineering.  neering  office  for  a  surprise  birthday
                                                                               cake  and  Jim’s  personal  rendition  of
                                                                               “Happy Birthday”. At first, Jim made
                                                                               this a nice surprise for all. But, eventu-
                                                                               ally everyone caught on to Jim’s little
                                                                               surprise. No matter how hard he tried,
                                                                               he could only fool his engineering staff
                                                                               for  so  long.  Such  fond  memories.”
                                                                               - David Patrick, Retired Chant Em-
                                                                               ployee (25 years)
                                                                                 In 1996,  Chant manufactured their
                                                                               largest test machine, a 5 Million Lb.
                                                                               Capacity Horizontal Test Bed.
                                                                                 In 1999, Jim decided to add a second
                                                                               product offering when he acquired
                                                                               Hull Industries, a leading plastics
                                                                               and  composite  processing  manufac-
                                                                               turer founded in 1950. As an affiliate
                                                                               company  of  Chant  Engineering,  Jim
                                                                               loved a challenge and had the fore-
                                                                               sight to understand Hull Industries
                                                                               would become a complimentary prod-
                                                                               uct  line  to  design  transfer,  compres-
                                                                               sion,  deflashers  and  other  plastics
                                                                               molding equipment.
                                                                                 For over twenty years, Jim and his
                                                                               wife  Barbara were  also  very  involved
                                                                               with their  local New Britain Borough
                                                                               community. They recently donated
                                                                               land to expand the nature preserve
                                                                               in New Britain Borough and in recog-
                                                                               nition  of their donation, the Borough
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