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ranging  from  .65-ton  capac-
                                            ity to the TR18 with a 77.11-
                                            ton capacity. Since 1994 Sea
                                            Catches have played signifi-
                                            cant roles in safer releasing
                                            operations  in  many  indus-
                                            tries around the world. Some
                                            units  have  exceeded  5,000
                                            cycles and are still in service.
                                              Sea Catch’s Model TR7
                                            is  an  especially  good  fit
                                            for many industries  and
                                            situations. The Sea Catch
                                            toggle release is a device
                                            designed exclusively for the
          (E&E).  DSM’s  strategy,  named  Vision
         continued from page 18             safe release of a line or ob-
          2010  -  Building  on  Strengths,  focuses
         most innovative design in quick release   ject  under  load.  The  unit’s
          on  accelerating  profitable  and  innova-
         history. This is a device designed exclu-  multi-purpose design offers
          tive  growth  of  the  company’s  specialties
         sively for safe release under load, the   a combination of features
          portfolio. Market-driven growth,
         Sea Catch Toggle Release. Key to its   never seen before in a quick
          innovation  and  increased  presence  in
         success are the combination of a proven   release, including multi-di-
          emerging  economies  are  key  drivers  of
         toggle linkage principle, low friction,   rectional releasing, on and
          this strategy. The group has annual
         computer-generated parts and a great   off load releasing, as well
                                             Wooden  bridge  at  River  Camp  by  St.  Joe  in  Panama  City,  Florida  using  stainless  steel  cable.
          sales  of  over  EUR  8  billion  and  employs
         deal of thought on what jobs it may be   as a hitch-pin safety lock to   Crew of Haaland Diving, Inc. prepares ROV for
          some 22,000 people worldwide. DSM
         a good fit for.                    prevent inadvertent release        deployment with the help of Sea Catch TR3.
                                                                               Bridges  of  Tallahassee,  Florida  are  the
          ranks among the global leaders in
                                            driven markets, such as automotive,
           These include such tasks as when a
          many of its fields. The company is  for maximum safety.              recipients of the Ultra-tec Cable
                                             energy, electronics and industrial
                                              Parts crafted from aero-
         sea plow was launched safely in the At-  filtration. The company operates in  Railing Design Award, according to
          headquartered in the Netherlands,
         lantic; a flowline bundle installed safely   space-grade  stainless plate  are found   ed. The TR7 takes a pair of 5/8’’ sized
                                            more  than  45  facilities  worldwide  with
          with  locations  in  Europe,  Asia,  Africa
                                                                               Raymond Kechely, vice president of
         on the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico; a   in  the  unit,  along  with  an  ability to   shackles  and is rated for an incred-
          and  the  Americas.
                                                                               The Cable Connection the manufac-
                                            headquarters in Newark, Delaware,
         telescope  “crashes”  safely  during  film-  make easy connection  to common   ible 7,042 pounds. The release lever is
          About  W.L.  Gore  &  Associates,  Inc.
                                                                               turer of Ultra-tec
                                            USA. For more information, visit
                                                                                                   cable railing
         ing of a Batman/Robin movie; the safe   shackles,  a lack  of any springs,  and   closed,  which  in  turn  pushes  the jaw
            W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., a
                                                      ® user-friendly size – 3.7
         lowering of Oceanographic equipment   an amazingly                    shut,  subsequently  encircling  the  pin
          technology solutions provider with
                                              Dyneema is  a  registered  trademark
                                                                                 The  award  was  given  for  the  design
         for NOAA; tug/barge operations are now   inches  by 6.5 inches.  And this equip-  of the shackle and locks over the center
          nearly  $2  billion  in  sales  and  more  than
                                             of  Royal  DSM  N.V.
                                                                               and  fabrication  of  a  wooden  bridge  at
         safer for Great Lakes Dredge and Dock   ment is the world’s only quick release   like a pair of vice-grip pliers.
          7,000 associates, specializes in
                                                                               River  Camp  by  St.  Joe  in  Panama  City,
                                              All other trademarks are the
                                                                                 The  device  is  now  firmly  locked  and
         Company as are submarine acoustic   using the toggle linkage principle as an   Florida.  The  bridge  was  built  in  2005
                                             property  of  their  respective  owners.
          fluoropolymer innovations that
         testing operations for the US Navy.  in-line release mechanism. And each   the seven thousand plus pound load can
          improve  the  quality  of  life.  Over  its  47-
                                                                               using stainless steel cable as the
                                             Cable  Railing  Design
           And in fact quick releases also have to
                                                                               railing  in-fill.
          year history, Gore has applied its  Sea Catch model is designed to be used   then be applied to the shackles them-
                                             Award  announced
         be specific. Movie special effects, purse   with a specific common shackle size.  selves. When the time comes to release
          world-renowned expertise with
                                                                                 According  to  Kechely,  the  award  is
         seine operations, rescue launch deploy-  Typically, one  shackle  connects  to   the load, the lanyard is pulled – opening
                                                                               given  for  the  design  of  the  railing  in
                                              Goddard Specialty Construction of
          membranes, fibers and laminates to
         ment, and equipment weighing 20 tons   the jaw end and one of the same size to   the release lever – which in turn brings
                                                                               relation to its setting and for the
          thousands  of  products  in  performance-
                                             Peachtree City, Florida and Nature
         each pose very different challenges. Sea   the rear end of the unit. The one at the   the toggle linkage back over the center
                                                                               appearance  and  quality  of  fabrication
         Catch meets those hurtles with models   jaw end will be released when activat-  line; the load is safely released from
                                                                               of the  railing. The  Cable  Connection
                                                                               the device. Safety is an important part
                                                                               supplied  the  tensioners  and  mounting
                                                                               of this innovative link’s design. As the
                                                                               devices  for  the  cable.  Nature  Bridges
                                                                               company points out on their website,
                                                                               built the bridge. Goddard Specialty
                                                                               “safety occurs with a Sea Catch release.”
                                                                               Construction  installed  the  cables.
                                                                                 As mentioned above, all Sea Catch
                                                                                 “Thin,  yet  strong  stainless  steel  cable
                                                                               parts are longitudinally cut from aero-
                                                                               was  the  perfect  choice  for  this  project,”
                                                                               space-grade 15-5 PH stainless  steel
                                                                               explained Brian Fischer of Goddard
                                                                               plate. Its Rockwell hardness is between
                                                                               Specialty Construction. “You hardly
                                                                               34 & 42 after heat treat. Precipitation
                                                                               see the cable, so the view is unim-
                                                                               hardening  (PH) stainless  steels  are
                                                                               paired.”  Brian's  partner,  Don  Goddard,
                                                                               chromium-nickel alloys. 15-5 PH stain-
                                                                               added,  “The  Cable  Connection  had  all
                                                                               less steel offers a combination of high
                                                                               the  right  stainless  steel  tensioners  and
                                                                               strength and hardness, good corrosion
                                                                               fittings  that  enabled  us  to  install  the
                                                                               resistance  plus  excellent  transverse
                                                                               cable  quickly  and  at  a  very  reasonable
                                                                               mechanical properties. 15-5 is the fer-
                                                                               cost.  We  are  proud  of  this  project  and
                                                                               rite-free version of 17-4 stainless steel.
                                                                               thrilled  to  receive  the  design  award.
                                                                               Both are used in the production of Sea
                                                                               Catch products  and both are  widely
                                                                               NEMA  calls  for  Vietnam
                                                                               used in  the aerospace, chemical,  pet-
                                                                               admission  into  the  WTO
                                                                               rochemical, food processing, paper and
                                                                               as  soon  as  possible
                                                                               general metalworking industries.
                                                                                 Pins  are turned from 15-5 stainless
                                                                                 NEMA, the National Electrical
                                                                               Manufacturers  Association,  has  hailed
         Sea Catch TR7 being tested for Swedish Navy’s rescue and tow operations. Hitch pin in safety   steel  round  stock.  All  material is  air-
                                                                                                continued on page 22
         position, attached to the release lanyard enabling removal remotely.  the  recent conclusion of negotiations
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