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continued from page 16             clothing.” he said. “It was really cool to   Philadelphia were  transported over
         where flocked to Main Street for a pa-  see the traditional clothing.”  the  Allegheny  Mountains  on  railroad
         rade, food vendors, German music and   A special church service was planned   cars to access waterways on the other
         dancing, and antique car displays.  for  Sunday  morning,  July  16, at the   side of the mountains, so that the boats
           “We’re so pleased that so many came   historic  “little  church”  built  by  John   could continue to Pittsburgh.
         to be Saxonburgers today,” said Fred   Roebling at the head of Main Street.   The system of inclines and levels
         Caesar, the Saxonburg  resident  who   Other  noteworthy  anniversaries  in   that moved the boats and convention-
         organized the event.               2017 include John Roebling’s son, Col.   al railroad cars was a state-owned en-
           The day kicked off with the singing   Washington Roebling, born in Saxon-  terprise, the Allegheny Portage Rail-
         of the U.S.  and German  national an-  burg on May 26, 1837 – 180 year –  and   road. The railroad cars were pulled up
         thems. Teutonia Mannerchor  singers,   Col. Washington  Roebling last visited   and down the inclines by a long loop
         of  Pittsburgh,  sang  the  German  an-  Saxonburg in 1867  – 150  years; John   of thick hemp rope, up to 7 cm thick.
         them. “It’s a cool town,” said Fred Ruf,   Roebling’s brother,  Carl,  who  immi-  The  hemp  ropes  were  expensive  and
         a member of the Teutonia Mannerchor   grated to Saxonburg with him, died in   had  to  be  replaced  frequently.  Roe-
         and  a  native  of  Germany.  “I’ve  never   1837 and is buried in Saxonburg – 180   bling remembered an article he read
         been here, and if these are all the local   years; and Hotel Saxonburg was estab-  about wire ropes. Soon after, he start-
         people, you’ve got to only tip your hat,   lished in 1832 – 185 years.   ed developing a 7-strand wire rope at
         because they’ve got their act together.”  Banners on Main Street as well as   a ropework that he built on his farm.
           Erin Wojnar of Tarentum came with   print and social media communications   In 1844 Roebling won a bid to replace
         her  family, and liked  that the event   promoted the borough’s 185th anniver-  the wooden canal aqueduct across
         had Main Street all to itself.     sary  throughout  this,  year  including   the Allegheny  River with  the Allegh-
           “We  like  the  little  trucks  and  food   special events. Saxonburg’s Area Busi-  eny Aqueduct. His design encompassed
         vendors, and I like the road being closed   ness Association and Discover Saxon-  seven spans of 163 feet, each consist-
         down so you could actually enjoy it.”   burg are assisting. The reason for all   ing of a wooden trunk to hold the water
           Kathy  Fox  of  Slippery  Rock  enjoyed   the festivities started back on May 22,   supported by a continuous cable made
         the businesses’ proximity to Main Street.   1831, when John Roebling left Prussia   of many parallel wires, wrapped tight-
         “And I liked how all the stores are open,   with his brother Carl, and Johann Adol-  ly together, on each side of the trunk.
         so you can still go to quaint little stores.   phus Etzler, a technological utopianist.   This was followed in 1845 by building
         Food variety was excellent as well.”   At Roebling’s  workshop  in  Saxon-  a suspension bridge over the Mononga-
           Saxonburger, Max McAuley appreci-  burg, Pennsylvania – now adjacent to   hela River at Pittsburgh.
         ated the German flair of the event. “It   a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge – Roe-  In 1848 Roebling undertook the con-
         was really cool, especially all the people   bling started producing wire rope in   struction of four suspension aqueducts
         who came in costume and traditional   1841.  At that  time canal boats  from           continued on page 20
         Replica of Roebling’s Brooklyn Bridge with dedication plaque (inset).

         18     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2017
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