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         two  powerful  engines,  the  main  and
         tail rotors and transmissions,  a cock-
         pit, and a cargo hook winch system.
           Skycranes found use in construc-
         tion all the way back in 1972, when
         the Chesapeake Bay Bridge connect-
         ing Maryland and the Eastern Shore
         was being built to bring concrete and
         other supplies to the construction
         site. And in 1993, an Erickson aerial
         Skycrane – ordinarily used for haul-
         ing lumber in Oregon – was used to
         remove the “Statue of Freedom” from
         the top of the Capitol dome in Wash-
         ington, D.C. The statue was placed on
         the ground while it was being cleaned
         and  restored  before  being  gently  re-
         turned  to the  top of  the  dome,  once
         again with a Skycrane.
           Fast-forward to 2017. Now  helicop-
         ters are fairly commonplace in all sorts
         of situations. Our world is complicated,
         fast-paced and with construction needs
         and feats unimagined just decades ago.
         Helicopters have moved beyond giving
         tourists a bird’s eye view of scenic at-
         tractions and attempting to douse fires
         in mountainous areas.
           In addition  to scores of helicopter
         operators, there are firms that supply   A Royal Marine rigid inflatable boat dangles from a Chinook helicopter during a hazardous
         the  needed lifting  equipment.  For  ex-  ‘Underslinging’, a method of quick extraction and insertion of waterborne personnel. The
         ample, Barry Cordage Ltd., established   daring procedure involves the helicopter lowering strops and coming down to just above
         in  1978, designs,  manufactures  and   sea level at which point the boat and crew will push through the down draft under the
         distributes  an  extensive  range  of  tex-  helicopter and attach the lines to the boat. The helicopter will then lift the boat with crew
         tile-based products and systems across   still in it clear of the water once clear and the boat is airborne, the crew will be individually
                                              winched up into the helicopter. © Crown Copyright 2009
         the globe, with helicopter external load
         equipment  being  a  significant  part  of   external load industry, Barry con-  below. A utility tower often is sited on a
         their product offering.            tinuously  innovates  its  products  and   rough, steep slope or the edge of a river
           With 20+ years in the helicopter   designs  through  R&D,  flight-testing   where  construction  equipment would
                                            and feedback from end-users. In ad-  easily sink into the soft ground.
                                            dition to cargo-nets and custom sling   Helicopter synthetic longline sys-
                                            assemblies for airborne geophysical   tems become increasingly vital with
                                            surveying equipment, Barry contin-  each passing year.
                                            ues to develop a range of product for    Early helicopter inventors most like-
                                            utilities work. Workers, in addition to   ly never dreamed that their vertical
                                            being up at nerve-wracking heights   aircraft  would  eventually  find  use  in
                                            also must be fearless and safety con-  such primary areas of construction as
                                            scious of the live wires in their midst.   power lines, foundations, concrete tow-
                                            For example, the Barry DEW Longline   ers and equipment, pipelines, rooftop
                                            (Dielectric-Even-Wet) is the most ad-  air conditioners, chillers, HVAC units,
                                            vanced helicopter longline available.   ducting. In the area of steel construc-
                                            This ultra-high strength load bearing   tion, helicopter vertical lift proves es-
                                            synthetic rope is completely shrouded   sential for columns,  trusses,  girders,
                                            in  a  proprietary  thermoplastic  extru-  roofing,  ski  lifts  –  including  towers,
                                            sion resulting in a long line that is   tramways, cement and equipment – as
                     Synthetic longline with re-
                     mote hook supporting con-  dielectric even in humid conditions.    well as cell phone and other broadcast
                     struction site. Photo courtesy   These specialized longlines, developed   communication towers.
                     of Barry Cordage Ltd.  to be used on 735 kV in wet or dry con-  The helicopter has come along way
                                            ditions, remain dielectric and are easy   since the invention of the flying Chi-
                                            to inspect and maintain.           nese top, 2,000 years ago. As we watch
                                              Much of the work done by helicopters   those amazing toys rise and fall out on
                                            involves  moving utility tower compo-  the lawn, we can only start to imag-
                                            nents into place, stacking the erector-  ine how vital helicopters and the lines
                                            set style sections one on top of the other   they must carry continue to be in to-
                                            – sometimes without workers directly   day’s world. WRN

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