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continued from page 8              enga, who is still referred to as “Mr.   The foraminifera images are printed,
         works  in  Aachen.  His  resume  states   Wire Rope.”                 enlarged up to a meter by a meter,
         that he has 42 years of experience in   In his lab, Verreet has four scanning   and displayed on aluminum or behind
         the design, manufacture and testing of   electron  microscopes  (SEM’s).  “Don’s   acrylic glass. The final art is so beau-
         steel wire  ropes and reeving  systems.   definition of a major research institu-  tiful that Verreet has been invited to
         That consists of nine years as head   tion is one that has an SEM machine.   display his photographs in art galleries
         of R&D at Casar Drahtseilwerk  Saar   I have four.”                   around the world.
         GmbH, the largest German wire rope   Verreet uses them for his profession,
         manufacturer, and 33 years as an inde-  and his hobby. On his office walls are   Holding in his hands the oldest
         pendent consultant.                large, stunning photos of what appear   wire rope in the world
           A self-described perfectionist, Verreet   to be intricate sea shells. They’re actu-  Communicating via video app  from
         says he likes to work by himself. “You   ally  single-celled  sea  creatures  called   Germany,  Verreet  stands up  in  his
         make your own mistakes. It shapes you.”  foraminifera.                Aachen  office  and  grabs  a  sample  of
           Married  for  40  years,  he  and his   “There are many different foramin-  old, rusty rope about a foot long. “This
         wife Regine have two sons (40 and 39   ifera,” he says, pointing to a photo of   is one of only four pieces of the oldest
         years) and three  grandchildren.  “My   one with encircling rings. The rings are   wire rope in the world,” he says.
         younger  son  stopped working  for me   chambers, which the creatures expand   Wire rope was invented in 1834 in
         because I am too demanding. For me   in number over time, “in order to in-  Clausthal, Germany (about 4 ½ hours
         ‘good  enough is not good enough.’ I   crease the size of their living room.”   from  Verreet’s  office)  by  Julius  Wil-
         think that this thrive for perfection is   Verreet uses  the same tools and   helm Albert. A mining engineer, Al-
         what  you  need  in  our  industry  where   methods that he needs for rope analy-  bert sought to find a means of hoisting
         overlooking a little nasty detail might   sis. “People send me sand from beaches   that was better than his options at the
         lead to a catastrophe. This attention to   all over the world. I look at the sand   time:  hemp  rope  or  iron  chain.  Com-
         detail is of course especially important   under the microscope and when I find   bining the best aspects of both, he de-
         for people who, like me, work as a one   a foraminifera, it is so tiny that I have   signed a hand-twisted iron wire rope
         man show and who have nobody else to   to extract it from the sand using a wet   that consisted of three strands, each
         double-check their calculations.”  hair.” He puts them onto a specimen   with four 3.5mm wires.
           Verreet counts many in the U.S. in-  holder, peers at them with the scan-  Forming the rope was extremely labor
         dustry as friends, including Don Say-  ning microscope and takes images.               continued on page 12

         Here, in Norway, Roland Verreet stands next to the 6000t hook block
         on the deck of the Thialf, the largest floating crane in the world.

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