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         project is also useful to the people actu-
         ally bringing the design to life.
           Drone  use for emergency response
         services, particularly when it comes to
         medical needs, presents new  opportu-
         nities for life-saving measures.  Using
         drones to get eyes on a difficult situa-
         tion, or to deliver medical supplies to
         stranded victims,  could  enhance  the
         ability of  emergency  response  physi-
         cians to offer care in difficult situations.
           Drone use in getting eyes on disaster
         scenes  quickly has been going on for
         some time. “Why not integrate medi-
         cal intervention as well?” asks Dr. Italo
         Subbarao, Senior  Associate Dean at
         William Carey University  College of
         Osteopathic Medicine. “Why can’t we
         use them to deliver telemedical pack-  Site plans, hand tools, and other physical objects that needs to be rushed out to the middle of
         ages? Not just bandages and blood, or   a construction site can easily be delivered in record time by way of a drone carrier, especially
                                            when the site is across a lake! Photo courtesy of Flytrex (
         even a defibrillator, but on-site medical
         expertise, to give people on the scene a   nificant ways, increasing efficiency.  lations, and the technology offers a
         real medical intervention capability?”  Similar to farmers’  use  of  drones to   unique ability to identify species in
           Engineering  firms  utilize  drones  on   monitor crops and animals, the tech-  hard to reach places.
         in-depth projects  like  oil  pipelines,   nology can keep tabs on ecological en-  Media coverage may be drone-friend-
         transmission  cables and maintenance   vironments. UAVs are discrete and can   ly. Previously, aerial shots were avail-
         inspections.  Engineering  firms  are  a   monitor animal populations without dis-  able only  to large  news  corporations
         common  profession  that has  applica-  turbing them. This type of monitoring of-  that could  afford a news  helicopter.
         tions globally. Road construction  and   fers important insights into conservation   Now, local journalists and small-scale
         maintenance,  airport planning,  and   efforts, migration tracking, habitat man-  media outlets can easily capture aerial
         infrastructure projects may all benefit   agement and flood assessment, which is   footage for news coverage. In addition,
         tremendously. When performing sur-  particularly useful on the coasts.  drones can get into tighter areas, lower
         veying work, use of drones and sensors   Drones also provide data  on the   to the ground  than a news  helicopter
         can expedite the job of surveyors in sig-  health of vegetative and animal popu-       continued on page 12
          A contractor inpects the progess of a John Deer bulldozer from above without having to phyically walk the site.
          Photo courtesy of Kespry (

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