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Wire Rope Vital in Construction of One of the World’s Widest Bridges ... 8
The Tappan Zee Bridge undergoes a long overdue and much needed overhaul to bring back the days of glory it once knew, as well as ensure safe passage across the Hudson River.
By Peter Hildebrandt

The Brooklyn Bridge Splices ... 16
Designing metal structures five or six times stronger than needed to overcome metal fatigue in one of the world’s most famous bridges.
By Don Sayenga

Flying over Manhattan on the Roosevelt Island Tramway ... 26
Celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, this favorite method of transportation, for New Yorkers and tourists alike, is the first aerial tramway used for mass transit in the United States.
By Barbara Spencer

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Caldwell Lifting Solutions
Suncor Stainless
All Material Handling
SlingMax Rigging Solutions
wire rope, cable and fittings products
Chant Engineering
Ken Forging
Campbell Chain & Fittings
Wirop Industrial
Bilco Group

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